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Marketing StudyJams!


            StudyJams! is an educational program designed by Scholastic made by available by the company online for students through its partnerships with parents, teachers, educational institutions, and libraries. The design and content of StudyJams! were appropriately arranged for 3rd to 6th graders, with consent and approval by their parents, teachers, educational institutions they belong to, and libraries. In this case, the students are only part of the company’s target market. The real target market of StudyJams! is the parents, teachers, educational institutions, and libraries. Scholastic has incorporated real life examples that students will be allowed to experience, especially in the field of Mathematics and Science where learning is supposed to be interactive and modeled. Scholastic also boasts of the quality of content of StudyJams! as it is aligned with the educational standards of learning upheld by the State.

             Moreover, StudyJams! has received recognition as an Official Honoree of the Webby Awards in 2008, and with a seal of approval from the National Parenting Center this year. (StudyJams! by Scholastic, 2008) StudyJams! chooses to concentrate on attracting users by making education interactive, piquing the interest and curiosity of the students. StudyJams! has incorporated the concept of learning and entertainment with the

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aid of music and artistry.  Scholastic took advantage of the youth’s high interest in music, most especially in its digitally accessible form, by incorporating downloadable music. Students enrolled in the program are allowed to accumulate points in exchange of free downloadable music. (Scholastic Offers Online Program, 2008) The program also has a karaoke embedded on it. (DMEF Collegiate ECHO Direct/Interactive Marketing Challenge, 2008)

            Aside from the interactive and musical aspect of StudyJams!, it also considers not only the learning process and the entertainment of students, but also the aspect of learning improvement and development. StudyJams! provides an efficient assessment and evaluation tool that follows the existing, as well as learned, skills and abilities of students throughout the process. (Scholastic Offers Online Program, 2008) The best thing about it is that assessment and evaluation reports are corresponded most especially to parents in order for them to track down how well or substandard their children are doing.  This particular feature of StudyJams! allows improvement because it provides reports on what subjects or topics students excel at, and what areas of knowledge they should work by continuing knowledge and fortifying study skills and habits.

            The launch of StudyJams! makes it a leader in providing online educational programs for students because of its unique and appropriate strategies for facilitating learning. It has gained an advantage over its competitors because of the design and content of StudyJams!, as well as the unique selling point it targets. Everyday Mysteries, for instance, is an online educational program that targets students in any grade level. Everyday Mysteries is an online educational program wherein students can learn answers to a wide variety of questions that are useful during their continuing academic education. (Everyday Mysteries, 2008) However, learning is only limited to programmed instructions provided with answers. It does not provide a comprehensive resource center for students to explore any topic they would want to know about.

            Other sites are offered for free, but without the luxury of being able to track down answers or to map out the sequence of topics that should be learned. This will cause a disorganized course of learning because other online educational programs offer just the specific topics to be learned but not the entire list of lessons that complement and supplement one another. For the unique selling point of StudyJams!, marketing does not only target parents alone, but the organization targets to reach a wider market by including teachers, educational institutions and libraries. StudyJams! is the first in the field to provide an online educational assistance program for teachers, educational institutions and libraries. Clever Minds, which is a major competitor for StudyJams!, for instance, only targets the parents of young children.

            Another advantage of StudyJams! is Scholastic’s experience in providing quality educational materials and resources for any individual of school age. Scholastic is an international business organization that publishes educational resources and materials in the form of books and media. Scholastic has access to a wide variety of educational resources that could be the credible and reliable resource for providing quality education in their StudyJams! division. The market is not new to them, although it is their first educational program offering, because the organization’s success and expertise is on education and learning. (New Homework Help Web Site Takes Fun, Multimedia Approach to Kids’ Toughest Subjects, 2008) The aforementioned position of StudyJams! in the market urges clients to purchase what the organization offers for the youth.

            Therefore, the clients of StudyJams! are interested to participate and subscribe to its educational program offering because of its unique features that differ with other available resources online. For instance, its reputable image because it is aligned with State standards will urge parents, teachers, academic institutions, and libraries to subscribe to StudyJams! because content is of high quality. Moreover, StudyJams! assists them to guide the learning and development process of children or students because it provides feedback of information that are instrumental in determining what areas of Mathematics and Science that they need to work on in order to improve performance, knowledge, and skills.

            With this in mind, perhaps majority of the market segment of StudyJams! are mostly composed of parents and teachers, followed by educational institutions and libraries. This is based on the fact that StudyJams! is a second academic institution available online that assists or tutors students to concepts or ideas that they need to understand in order to excel in Mathematics and Science. Moreover, the market segment is divided to be composed of parents, teachers, educational institutions, and libraries because they are advocates and media of learning and development. People look to them to consider the importance of education and provide all means necessary for students to achieve their fullest potential.

            In a family where both parents are working, not having enough time to help their children with homework or to answer questions that puzzle them, StudyJams! becomes the answer to these problems. The educational program acts as a tutor to their children. For teachers, StudyJams! is a perfect teaching and learning companion. It makes learning interactive and gives teachers the liberty to rely on online communications media to reinforce learning. Psychologically, parents and teachers believe that learning and knowledge acquisition is not heavily reliant on activities that take place inside the classroom. Moreover, parents and teachers who have faith in the power of StudyJams! believe in independent education wherein students are able to acquire study skills and alternatives to enhance their knowledge and skills. Scholastic (Offers Online Program, 2008)

            Clever Island is another subscription-based online educational program. The subjects that the program covers include Reading and Phonics, Mathematics, Arts and Creativity, and Science. It offers its services to children from age 3 to 8. Clever Island claims to be a leader in providing educational assistance to children, harboring the best results in terms of productivity and work outputs. According to Clever Island, it provides children the ability to learn independently and at their own level of readiness. Moreover, it caters to interactive learning, real life or simulated experiences, and the acquisition of new and valid knowledge or information. (What is Clever Island, 2008) Like StudyJams!, Clever Island allows parents to track down the learning growth of their children. (Market Wire, 2000)

            The primary target of Clever Island is parents. Since it targets parents, one small segment of the market (which means Clever Island is a small business or enterprise), it requires the incorporation of niche marketing wherein offerings are exclusive, if not limited – being provided only by one or two organizations themselves. Clever Island has managed to do so by providing additional services that cannot be found in StudyJams! Primarily, it promises to parents that their growing need to enhance the learning of their children will be accomplished by the company. Since it covers a wider area of knowledge, parents will be urged to pay subscription fees for wider coverage of educational subjects and topics instead of just two subjects, such that in StudyJams! This idea builds the demographics and psychographics of the target market – such that parents are being influenced to subscribe to Clever Island in order to ensure that their children are able to learn deeply. Parents also do not have the time to tutor or assist their children, that is why they pay for subscription in order to fill in the tasks that they cannot accomplish at a cheaper prices because it is comprehensive covering not just only two subjects.

            Perhaps the driving motivation of Clever Island to choose appropriate incentives and marketing techniques is the growing competition over subscription-based online educational programs. Nothing stirs up the market than competition, and the fear of losing subscribers to them. To stay in the competition, Clever Island needs to adapt to trends in the market. For small business owners such as Clever Island or StudyJams!, doing so requires the identification of some factors that they should consider in order to maintain their position in their market is to focus on their needs. Small business owners need to focus on increasing revenue to provide for better services and wider coverage. For instance, Clever Island raised 5 million dollars for its online educational program by investing in banks and other areas that helps it increase revenue and expand. (Naraine, 2001) Other consideration for  small business owners includes employee motivation, harnessing the assistance and support of stakeholders – especially that Clever Island operates education which is an essential part of life, and such. (Spors, 2008) Moreover, small businesses such as Clever Island need to obtain an independent source of funds that will finance the company once it fails to overcome setbacks or failures in the business. (Uchitelle, 2008)


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