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Marketing – Swot & Pest Analysis

Target segment Positioning statement/value proposition 0 Banning will produce the a Craft beer with Great taste locally made and with natural ingredients 0 Price range: In line with existing craft beers 0 We will also have a good working conditions and relationship with our employees Product description v The beer is clear and very light yellow in color. The taste is dominated by pale malts and a mild amount of sweetness and with hints of corn. Beer contents include honey, hazel nuts, corn v Banning will be sold in 1 liter brown bottles and h liter cans that will spot the profile off bull bear on the label v Banning will be easy to drink with lots of different foods such pizza’s bugger’s and etc. V The attributes of Banning were chosen because they distinguish our brand from other brands.

We are looking at being better and bring awareness to our customers that our beer is good for all. Pricing strategy & demand strategy 0 Banning will be looking at maintaining quality or service differentiation and also adopting a skimming policy 0 Banning Craft beer will price its beer having in mind that our customers know the value they can drive

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from consuming our beer relative to competitors beers. Banning Craft beer is anticipating on selling 6 pack units, with sales estimate (pack units) of 150,000. 0 Banning Craft beer plans to sell its units through wholesaling and retailing in the State of Illinois. 0 We anticipate that 150,000 customers will buy our beer which is 20% of our target market 0 Banging’s fixed costs are $1 54,000 and Variable costs $1 , 140,000. Sales are projected to be $1. 12,000 Our breakable point is $616,000 for 6 packs 0 Banning will sell its 6 pack Craft beer at $10. 08 at wholesale, and $12. 51 at retail. 0 Banning Craft beer will be involved with value based pricing. Distribution plan v Banning craft beer will be focused on supplying craft beer in the state of Illinois v We will distribute our beers to liquor stores, bars, restaurants and sports events v Beer consumption in Chicago stood at 31. 3 gallons per year, which indicates a huge

Marketing – Soot & Pest Analysis By Millennialism potential tort growth Promotional plan n in this market v Banning Craft beer has an objective of increasing our beer sales between 15-20% in the six month period v Since research has found that there will be a 2% increase in the Craft

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