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Marketing Vs. Advertising Essay

Media Planning

Today almost all people watch the television, listen to the radio, and browse on the internet, read newspapers and magazines. The said activities have in common; all of them are in the form of media. This is why many companies design and plan carefully their media planning so that to advertise their product to their costumers.

There are important factors to consider in making a media plan. Some of these are; Which ones work best for brand or client to reach them? And how many should someone use? What is the reach? What is Cost per Thousand (CPT)? Is the client getting right TRP or the print vehicle is suitable for the target audience?

Media planning is the design of the activities that is based on the objective of a company. The main purpose of media planning is to design a new activity or develop existing activity that will promote the product of a company through the use of media as a advertising medium.

In a media planning, the first step is to define the objective of the company. The objective must be realistic so that the target can be attained with the specified time schedule. Different companies have different objectives. Some wants to increase their profit and revenue, some wants to increase their market share, some wants to increase the market value of their products and others wants to promote the sales of their products. The objective varies also on the member of the company that utilizes the media plan. Example is the owner of the company, manager of the company or     director or chairman.

Before starting generating the media plan, important factors must be considered to effectively generate a media plan. Some of the factors are:

  1. The target segment
  2. The budget available
  3. Media preferences by management
  4. Local media conditions
  5. Networks
  6. Time Period for response
  7. The methods of analysis
  8. The product or service offered
  9. The political and cultural climate
  10. The personality and experience of the planner

After this, the planning team which is responsible for the implementation of the media plan must be made that will implement the media plan. No strings attached from the planning team and the management of the company so that to minimize the conflict of desire on the part of the management.

Marketing and Advertising object

As part of the media plan, marketing and advertising objects are some of the most important materials needed in a media plan. There are some differences between marketing and advertising. Marketing is a group of activities that involves a systematic, planning, analysis of the processes and implementation of activities that will benefits the consumers and the producers, while advertising is the activity that promotes the product of a company to the consumers.

Before making the Marketing and Advertising materials, the company must define first who are the costumers or possible consumers of the product or service to be given, if these are children, teenagers or adults. Through the media, the marketing strategy can be implemented with ease. Also, the objective of the marketing plan must be done with the aid of the media plan. An effective way of implementation must be done to maximize the resources allotted to the media plan.

Nowadays Marketing and Advertising materials are made through media. In preparing on the materials needed for the marketing and advertisement, there are important characteristics that must be present in the material. First, the material to be used for the advertisement must include the name of the sponsor. Let’s take a look one of the most popular beer product in the world and how the marketing and advertising system of the said company is. In a television commercial, the promotion of Budweiser can be seen.

Also the name of the sponsor which is also the name of the product is shown in the commercial and popular establishments like malls; markets, and bars. The reason why posters and teasers of Budweiser are posted in the said places is because there are many people who go the said places. This will strengthen the promotion of the given product by familiarizing the product to the consumers. Also this will depend on the performance of the company when it comes to quality.

This implies that if the name of the company is known internationally, there is a big chance that this company will be chosen by the consumers. Like in the Budweiser product, the name is standout when compared to some locally made beer. Even though there is a chance that Budweiser sells higher compared to the local beers, there is a big possibility that Budweiser will be hosen by the consumers because the name of the beer had been established to the consumers. Consumers know that Budweiser has better quality taste than on the local beers.

Another important characteristic of the advertisement is the name of the product or service. The name must be catchy, unusual, and has good impression so that the consumers may identify first the product that has catchy name over the other products. In the Budweiser commercial, the name of the beer was pronounced differently that it catches the attention of the viewers to check the taste of the beer. In an advertising campaign, the use of models is necessary.

This will strengthen the market value of the product. Celebrities can be hired when promoting a product. The model to be used must be equipped with the right attitude and performance. Sexy models are usual when promoting liquor products and cigarettes. This will create an impression to the buyers. Though the target buyers of Budweiser maybe both men and women, still men will take the highest number of consumers. This is why Budweiser hire sexy models that will promote their products.

Though somewhat the hiring fee is high, this will be compensated because many consumers will buy on the given beer product. The theme of the advertising material must cope on the culture of the society where it will be promoted. There are societies that are conservative in nature and there are some liberated. The Budweiser promotion activities must be often seen on cities rather on conservative places. It is important to remember that the theme will influence the attitude of the possible buyers.

The media vehicle(s)

In a media planning, there are many forms of information transfer. Example of these are; wall paintings, billboards, street furniture components, radio, cinema and television ads, web banners, shopping carts, web popups, skywriting, human directional, magazines, newspapers, town criers, sides of buses or airplanes, musical stage shows, subway platforms and trains, the opening section of streaming audio and video, posters, and the backs of event tickets and supermarket receipts. In order to discuss efficiently the media vehicles, the above shown must be classified in to groups.

The first group will constitute the television advertisement; the second group will be the radio advertisement, the third will be the internet and lastly is the group for hardcopies material like newspapers, magazines and journals. Let start the discussion on the most prominent form of media advertisement, the television. Since the invention of television, almost all household have television in their houses. The advertisement through the television is one of the most efficient form of advertisement because due to the frequent exposure of people on television.

The TV commercial is generally considered the most effective mass-market advertising format and this is reflected by the high prices TV networks charge for commercial airtime during popular TV events. The advertisement of the product with the use of television must be viewed by possible consumers on the most strategic and appropriate time of television viewing. And this depends on the kind of product. Example, if the product that must be promote is a coffee brand, the most appropriate time is in the mourning because this is the time when people use the said product.

Also, the theme of the television commercial must be in accordance to the nature of the product. In the coffee product, the appropriate theme is a happy family drinking coffee in the mourning before going to the office and school. Next group to be discussed is the use of radio as a form of advertisement. When the practice of sponsoring programs was popularized, each individual radio program was usually sponsored by a single business in exchange for a brief mention of the business’ name at the beginning and end of the sponsored shows.

However, radio station owners soon realized they could earn more money by selling sponsorship rights in small time allocations to multiple businesses throughout their radio station’s broadcasts, rather than selling the sponsorship rights to single businesses per show. This practice was carried over to television in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Radios are popular in the music industry. In promoting a music album or a song, the use of radio is the most efficient. This is because radios are made to inform the people on the latest news and to entertain people by providing music.

Thus when promoting a product like a song, radio is the most appropriate way. With the fast pace on the development of technology, new and faster way of promoting a product is achieved with the use of World Wide Web or simply the internet. Because people are know familiar to the use of internet and it is now consider as a basic necessity in many business plans in a company especially on the developed countries, advertisement in this form is efficient. Advertisement can be done by putting the name of the product to a web page where many people use to visit that particular web page.

Many companies place their messages or company logos to different web pages so that to familiarize the consumers on the product of the given company.  In this form also, companies were able to market their product. This is known as e-market. The product is bought to the internet and payments are done through the internet also. And lastly, the form of advertisement that is considered the most traditional is the use of newspapers, magazine and journals. There are two major objectives why newspapers, magazine, and journals are made, first is to inform the people on the news and issues happening in a country and second is to advertise the something, this can be in the form of product or service.

The advertisement in these kinds of papers is very efficient because still many people buy these materials in the market. When this is done, people have the chance to see the product that is being advertised. Almost all kinds of products can be seen in a newspaper, journal or magazine.

The reach, coverage, and frequency

In a media plan, the reach, coverage, and frequency of the advertisement must be stated in the plan so that efficient use of the resources to come up for the media plan is achieved. The reach will define the scope of the advertisement. This can be in local areas only, in the whole country or in the whole world. This is very important because when a product is locally made and has the potential market in a country or even around the world, this can be first advertise to the whole country before going internationally.

Likewise, if a product is known to all countries, this means that the product is used around the world, it is better to advertise the product on almost all the countries around the world. This is to familiarize the consumers on the nature and name of the product. The coverage of the media plan refers to the scope and limitation of the advertisement. This means that if the product is only intended to a certain group of people or society, if the possible consumers are teenagers, adults or children. Also, part of the advertising material must consist of themes where the group of individuals can relate to the product.

The frequency of the advertisement means the number of times when will it be seen in the television, newspapers, journals, magazine, and internet or heard in the radio. The frequency of the advertisement must depend on the most appropriate time. Example of this frequency is when a company is promoting a chocolate product.

The most appropriate time of the year to promote the product are, Christmas season, Valentines day, Mothers and Fathers day, or any other occasions that is being celebrated.  The chocolate product must be advertised in the newspapers, journals, magazine in which the theme is about a family or couple that gives a gift to other member of the family in celebration of the given occasions.

Costs and measurements

As part of the media plan, the Costs and measurements will determine the total cost incurred in the marketing and advertisement activities. The media plan must set a maximum cost that is allowable in promoting the product. If the allowable cost for the implementation of the advertisement activities is reached, measurements must be done to lessen the impact of the cost. Other important benefits why Costs and measurements are part of a media plan, this is to determine whether the media plan is effective or not in attaining the objective of the media plan. Records on Costs and measurements will also determine if the benefits and profits incurred in the advertisement can compensate the losses or cost on the advertisement activities.

Support Media

Support media pertains to the support given by the technical support team of a company. The support is like a help when a consumer finds technical problems in the product. While the product is being used by the consumers, it is important to maintain the product to the consumers so that if the consumer wants to avail again a product, example a basketball shoes, the product will have a big chance to be chosen again by the consumer.

In doing so, it is important to deal on the problems associated in the use of the basketball shoes of the consumers. Technical support must be given to the consumers to strengthen the advertisement of the product. This can lead also to the promotion of the shoes by the consumer to other possible consumer because the quality of the product and trust of the costumers were established.

Public Relation

Because the possible costumers belong to the public sector, this public sector must be dealt with proper manner. Publicity provides a method of introduction to public, stockholders, employees, or other pertinent publics, or specific demographic of an organization. When working with the publicity or advertisement of an organization, one must be aware of any adverse publicity or relationships that may have created or bruised the image. The most important factor to be considered when public relation is implemented is the public interest, convenience, and necessity.

The activities included the development of extensive public relations planning and management, acting as a media liaison, the preparation of news releases for biographies, speeches and magazine articles. The media is a powerful tool that reaches an abundant number of populations quickly. There are many strategies that must be understood to be efficient in promoting the product of a company. Strategy such as that positive nurturing may bring profound results. Through the use of media, companies can promote public relation by making activities that will benefits mostly the public sectors.

Examples of these activities are expert witness, sponsorships, volunteer events, fiestas, and book drives of a book company. Using the resources or surplus of the company which are books to promote the activities like book donation will be success in terms of the book donation. Also cost cutting was achieved because only surplus were used for the event. This will promote positive impression to the company. Also, it is important to have constant communication with the public to gain the loyalty of the public sector to the company.

Advertising Campaign (Budweiser)

In advertising Budweiser, the following will be implemented as part of the advertising plan.

  1. The target segment- The target of the advertising campaign is the people from all the countries in the world. The age is limited to above 13 years old.
  2. The budget available- the allowable budget will be $1 000.000.
  3. Media preferences by management- The media to be used is mostly in the television, radio and internet. Small amount only will be printed in newspapers, magazines and journal due to the conservative nature of the said papers. Brand name will be printed in the many establishments like malls, restaurants, and bars.
  4. Time Period for response- the advertising campaign will only be around 2 years.

A monthly report will be done to the benefits or profit gained by the company. This will evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. (Lake)


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Lake, Laura. “Marketing Vs. Advertising: What’s the Difference?” 2007.

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