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Medical Assistant Written Communications

The process of reading the document and checking for accuracy
Components of a business letter
DATE Line, Inside address, salutation, subject line, body of letter, complimentary closing, keyed signature, reference initials, enclosure notation, copy notation, post scripts, continuation page heading
keyed signature may be the only initials used if the same person compose and sign the letter reference initials are used the name of the individual composing the letter should be in uppercase letters with a medical assistant initials in lower case
at least four lines below the complimentary closing may be lengthened to six line if the key is a short letter
second line below the body of the letter only the first letter of the first word of a complimentary closing is uppercase
second line below salutation paragraphs will be flush with the left margin in full block letter style or indented 5 spaces when using modified block letter styles
keyed on the second line below the salutation starting at the left margin flush with the left margin indented 5 spaces or center the patient’s name or subject may be used on the subject line
flush with the left margin on the second line below the inside address a colon follows the salutation should refer to the receiver of the letter using the title and the last name
INSIDE Address
keyed flush with the left margin, may be 2,3,4 lines.
keyed 2-3 lines below the letterhead
2-3 lines below reference initials.
1 Enc.
2 Enclosures
Enclosures (2)
1-2 lines below reference initials.
Notation “c” (copy) or “pc” (photocopy) followed by name of person receiving copy
Bcc is a BLIND COPY send to individuals without recipients knowledge
P.S. 2-3 spaces below reference initials and enclosure
Expresses an afterthought or to make a strong significant point
There should be at least a 1 inch space at the top of each page of the continuation in the letter plain paper matching the color weight size and quality of the letterhead should be used
Letter styles
Full block
modified block, standard
Modified block, indented
simplified letter style
A database of frequently used form letters
Form letters
Individualized letters using the current date receiver’s name and mailing address may not be perceived as a form letter by the recipient
Form letters that may be written by the medical assistant
Letters to think the provider
letters emphasizing patient criteria for care directed by the provider
letters announcing new insurance or a hmo accepted
letters to order supplies or subscription
letters acknowledging speaking engagement
letters to announce vacation schedule or other clinical closures letters to announce new staff
letters to remind patience of payment due of a collection procedures
Full block letter
Most time efficient for ambulatory care setting because the medical assistant does not have to excessive motion to tab indentions or to place addresses complimentary close or keep signature this style is suggested when desiring a contemporary looking efficient letter
Modified block standard
All lines begin at the left margin with the exception of the dateline complimentary closure and key signature which usually begin at the center position or a few spaces to the right of the center
Modified block indented
Paragraphs may be indented 5 spaces same as the standard modified except that the subject line and paragraphs also indented
A type of paper of good quality at least 20 to 24 pounds. With a watermark
Choose a shade of white cream or grey
Legible when paper is held into the light
Style and design are usually chosen by the provider and may include specially designed a logo for the practice will include the practice name address or post office box city state zip and a telephone number with area code and may also include a fax number or email address may be placed at either side or in the center of the paper
Second sheet
Medical assistant should order additional plain paper of the same stock as the letter head to be used for second page sheet will vary from clinic to clinic if providers normally dictate long letters this must be taken into consideration when ordering quantities
Optical Character readers (OCR)
The machine used by the US Postal Service in order to read an organized letters
Suggested that machine printed address with uniform left margin to conform to standards eliminate all punctuation in the envelope addressed with the exception of a hyphen in the zip code + 4 the OCR prefers all uppercase characters dark ink on a light background using uppercase letters is the suggested method in preparing a quete address there should be a uniform left margin on all lines of the address the lower right edge should be kept free of any marks this area will contain the barcode whether it is pre-applied or printed
Type of envelopes
Number six 34 and number 10 are the envelopes used most often
a window envelope may also be used especially when mailing statements
Preparing envelopes
Moisten envelopes with a sponge with a dominant hand seal the flap with the non dominant hand push the envelope aside will the next class is closed
Mail merge
Permit sending a form letter with envelopes to hundreds of recipients in a matter of minutes
Compose the document and for each field where you want a new name or address select insert merge field select the name of the field you want to enter and then print the letters
Memorandom or memo
Permit messages to be sent quickly and without labor intensive preparation side margin 1 inch heading 2 inches from the top of the page to include words dates to from and subject we should be bold face and capitalize
the body of the memo may begin at the left margin or 10 spaces so the next text starts directly beneath the typed heading
no salutation is required in a memo
Robert’s Rules of Order newly revised
The process by which most meetings operate
Reading and approval of the minutes
reports of officers board and standing committees
reports of special committees
special orders
unfinished business and general orders
new business
date and time of next scheduled meeting
List the specific items that the group plans to discuss at the meetings
A written record of what transpired during a meeting
the first paragraph of the minute should be contain:
the kind of meeting
name of the group or association
date time and place
who officiated the meeting and names of members present or absent
whether the previous meeting minutes were read and approved
body of the minutes should include a paragraph discussing each subject matter almost certain to be recorded including exact wording of the motion name of the person making the motion person second day
if a guest speaker the speakers name title and the subject of the presentation the
last paragraph should contain the next meeting date time place and time of a permit for this meeting the person recording the minutes to sign them copy all the minutes to be maintained in a notebook designed for that purpose
Incoming mail
Mail should be sorted by type before opening incoming mail includes telegram that certified or registered letter personal letter email check from patient insurance forms invoices medical journals newspapers magazines and advertisements regarding equipment and supplies
Once organize and categorize it should be sent to the appropriate personnel in the clinic
Properly opening letters
Use a letter opener to open all mail before testing out the contents and reading the document after removing the contents
stamp the date it was received write the address on the letter
when I colored reply envelope is set with the statement to the patient forms return in these envelopes can speed up sorting process
look into the envelope to make certain that all contents have been removed attach the letter to the envelope with a paperclip preferably on the left side reply promptly to all requests answering letters according to date of arrival in emergency situations need to be managed immediately
Outgoing mail
Before placing postage on outgoing mail way that items to be mailed using a manual or electronic scale
Format for efficient mail processing
Certified registered and special delivery marketing to be placed below the sand or approximately 9 lines from the right top edge of the envelope personal or confidential notation should be keyed in all caps three lines below the return address
Zip + 4
Consist of the basic 5 zip code digits followed by a hyphen and for additional digits
abbreviation for the state and US possession and use official Postal Service abbreviation for street suffixes directionals and locators
International Mail
Special services such as insurance recorded delivery registered mail restricted delivery return receipt special delivery cash on delivery mail and certified mail are available
aerograms or airmail letter
4 Major letter styles
Full Block, Modified block, simplified, and modified indented block
Body of the letter
part of the letter begins on second line below salutation unless a subject line is used.
Mail Merge
a computerized feature that allows you to send the same letter, to many different people in a database
insert space
Boldface type
” Let it stand”
Move right
move left
insert colon
align type horizontally
Italic type
paragraph indent
invoices for supplies and equipment are given to
magazines for reception are
placed in reception area
insurance forms
directed to insurance clerk
patient payments
distributed to bookkeeper
medical journals
placed on providers desk
personal or confidential letters
given to addressee unless authorized to open
optical character reader
capital letter
Roman type
lower care letter
wrong font
when addressing an envelope, the proper way to list the state is
to cap it using the 2-letter abbreviation
incoming mail includes
e-mail, insurance forms, medical journals, letters from patients
MA, with providers permission may sign letters such as
supply orders or subscriptions, notification of collection procedures and reminder of payments
when addressing an envelope
address should be machine printed with uniform left margin, punctuation eliminated, dark ink on light background using uppercase
Types of envelopes used
#10 and #6 3/4
Periodical is the new classification for
second class mail
fastest mail is
Express mail
most secure mail service
registered mail
most secure mail service
registered mail
[ move left

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