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MGMT 301 – test 4

Which of the following statements about leadership and management is true?
Management and leadership are complementary systems of action.
True or False: According to John Kotter, leadership is about coping with complexity.
False, John Kotter suggests management is about coping with complexity, and leadership is about coping with change.
_____ is the extent to which a person is able to influence others so they respond to orders.
Acknowledging an individual’s contributions at a monthly department meeting is an example of using ______ power.
Medical knowledge possessed by doctors results in their ______ power.
Which of the following is considered a “soft” tactic used to influence others?
Ingratiating tactics
Which of the following is a key positive leadership trait?
Which of the following is not a possible explanation for the limited number of women holding executive leadership positions?
Women typically do not aspire to be CEOs.
True or False: Behavioral leadership approaches attempt to determine the distinctive styles used by effective leaders.
In the University of Michigan Leadership Model, managers exhibiting ______ behavior paid more attention to employee satisfaction and making work groups cohesive.
According to the Ohio State model, ______ is leadership behavior that organizes and defines what group members should be doing.
initiating structure
Which of the following statements about the contingency leadership model is correct?
It considers whether the task-oriented or relationship-oriented leadership style is most appropriate.
A manager that has poor leader-member relations with subordinates that perform unambiguous, easily understood tasks should use a(n) ______ leadership style.
In the ______ leadership model, a leader makes desirable rewards available in the workplace and clarifies how followers can obtain them.
True or False: A laissez-faire leader takes complete responsibility for the performance of his or her employees and the direction of the organization.
False, Full-range leadership suggests that leadership behavior varies along a full range of leadership styles, from take-no-responsibility (laissez-faire) “leadership” at one extreme, through transactional leadership, to transformational leadership at the other extreme.
Competent ______ leaders are not mediocre; they are badly needed but best in stable situations rather than rapidly changing ones.
______ leadership helps employees pursue organizational goals over self-interests.
Which of the following statements about leader-member exchange leadership is false?
In this theory, subordinates are treated equitably in any type of exchange.
______ leaders focus on providing increased service to others, meeting the goals of both followers and the organization, rather than to themselves.
True or False: Followers seek and admire leaders who create feelings of significance, community, and excitement.
True or False: The transfer of information and understanding from one person to another is known as dissemination.
False, Communication, the transfer of information and understanding from one person to another, is an activity that you as a manager will have to do a lot of. One study found that 81% of a manager’s time in a typical workday is spent communicating.
The telephone you use to speak to another person is an example of which part of the communication process?
When a cook cannot read a ticket written by one of the waitstaff who has poor handwriting, this is considered ______ in the communication process.
Which type of communication is highest in media richness?
Open floor plans with cubicles instead of offices help to reduce ______ barriers to communication.
Jargon is terminology specific to a particular profession or group.
A stereotype consists of ______ beliefs about a certain group of people.
Which of the following is an example of nonverbal communication?
Shrugging when asked a question.
Which of the following communication styles would women use more often than men?
Indirect when telling others what to do.
Organizations in which line supervisors deliver official information to their middle managers are using which type of communication?
Committees, task forces, and matrix structures promote ________ communication.
True or False: The unofficial communication system of the informal organization, a system of gossip and rumor, is known as the grapevine.
______ helps to reduce the problems of distortion that inevitably occur with formal communication flowing up a hierarchy.
Management by wandering around
Texting while participating in a group conference call is an example of
Those who lack self-motivation are not well suited for videoconferencing at work.
False, Although telecommuting represents an attempt to accommodate employee needs and desires, it requires adjustments and is not for everybody. People who enjoy the social camaraderie of the office setting, for instance, probably won’t like it. Others lack the self-motivation needed to work at home. Videoconferencing is the use of visual and audio links to help people share with one another.
Identity theft is considered to be a violation of
Be careful with jokes and informality in ______; nonverbal language and other subtleties are often lost so jokes may be taken as insults.
Which of the following is an attribute of good listeners?
They recap what the speaker has said.
The top-down system is designed to help you improve your
Being an effective writer means
keeping it simple; use short words, sentences, and phrases.
True or False: Productivity is defined by the formula of outputs divided by inputs for a specified period of time.
The purpose of the management function of controlling is to
ensure that performance meets objectives.
Which of the following is not a reason why control is needed?
Control allows one to maintain authority over employees.
The first step in the control process is to
establish standards.
A company that determines the acceptable number of consumer complaints it will expect for the upcoming year has set a
control standard.
Management by ______ is a control principle that states that managers should be informed of a situation only if data show a significant deviation from standards.
The CEO and senior managers at Ford review the performance of the company’s suppliers to determine which should be kept as part of their ______ control of the organizations.
The six areas of control are physical, human, informational, financial, structural, and
True or False: Prescribed control attempts to elicit employee compliance using strict rules, a rigid hierarchy, well-defined job descriptions, and other administrative mechanisms.
False, Bureaucratic control is an approach to organizational control that is characterized by use of rules, regulations, and formal authority to guide performance. This form of control attempts to elicit employee compliance, using strict rules, a rigid hierarchy, well-defined job descriptions, and administrative mechanisms such as budgets, performance appraisals, and compensation schemes (external rewards to get results).
A(n) ______ is a visual representation of the balanced scorecard that enables managers to communicate their goals.
strategy map
A company that works to create a culture that encourages rank-and-file employees to make suggestions and question the status quo, and also measures employee growth is developing which perspective of the balanced scorecard?
Innovation and learning perspective
True or False: Among the mechanisms that contribute to measurement-managed companies’ success are that top executives agree on strategy and the organizational culture emphasizes teamwork and allows risk taking.
A budget is a formal financial
______ budgeting allocates increased or decreased funds to a department by using the last budget period as a reference point.
True or False: A balance sheet summarizes an organization’s financial results, its revenues and expenses, over a specified period of time.
False, The income statement summarizes an organization’s financial results, its revenues and expenses, over a specified period of time such as a quarter or a year.
An organization that is examining its return on investment (ROI) is using
ratio analysis.
The PDCA cycle is part of
Deming management.
The two core principles of TQM are
uniform focus on delivering customer value, and continuous improvement of work processes.
______ focuses on problem solving and performance improvement, or speed with excellence, of a well-defined project.
Lean Six Sigma
Control systems operate best when they are made acceptable to the organization’s members who are guided by them, so they should be all of the following except which?

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