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MGMT 304 Chapter 4 questions

Which of the answers below is NOT one of the four tasks involved in the planning stage of the three-step writing process?
Composing the message
When using the three-step writing process, you should generally set aside your time as which of the follow?
50% for planning, 25% for writing, and 25% for completing
Which of the following answers is the most critical step in the completing business messages and presentations process?
Proofread the final product to ensure high quality in spelling and mechanics.
Which of the following is NOT one of the tasks of the writing stage of your business messages?
Define your purpose
After you have defined the specific purpose of your message, you should ask questions to test the purpose of your message. All of the following are questions you should ask, EXCEPT which one?
Is the visual aid effective for your audience?
Which answer is NOT in the list of steps to conduct a thorough audience analysis?
Determining audience needs and demographic distrbution
Why is it so important to define your purpose and profile your audience carefully before you write your business message?
The level of detail, tone, and specific words will differ from one situation to the next.
In profiling your audience for a message on “gun control,” which factor is most important?
Group membership
When planning business messages, which is the most important step for you as the author of the message?
Defining your purpose and profiling your audience
Which answer best describes some of the steps to assist you in adapting to your audience while gathering information?
Consider the audience’s perspective, listen to the community, and ask your audience for input
Which of the following answers is NOT correct regarding the necessity to provide the required information in your message?
Omitting information that could be damaging to your message is an ethical dcision
What factors do not come into consideration when you are searching for quality information share with your audience?
Selecting of your medium
What is your best plan of action after realizing some of the information you provided to your audience was incorrect?
Contact the recipients of the message immediately and correct the error
After media richness, which of the following is NOT a factor to consider when choosing the medium for your message?
Whether you are more in the mood to use IM, email, or a wiki to send your message
Which of the following is an example of the perfect time to employ a face-to-face interaction?
You have a one-on-one meeting scheduled to discuss an employee’s performance
Which is not a disadvantage of using a written medium for your message?
Reaches geographically dispersed audiences
Which of the following is not an advantage of using oral media?
Restricts participation to those physically present
Which of the following mediums is best suited for a message that includes statistical reports and procedures, is considered formal, and is extremely lengthy?
Written media
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of visual media messages?
Requires technical skills to design
Which of the following is NOT a way in which good organization of your information helps your readers or listeners?
It appears confused and helps your audience form inaccurate conclusions
When presented with a large project, which of the following is NOT a technique to generate creative ideas and find a common thread for the message?
Twenty questions
Which of the following options is NOT one of the tasks involved in organizing your message?
Facilitating feedback
Which of the following options is NOT something you should use as details to back up your main points?
Creating as many main points in your presentation as possible
Which of the following is NOT a good reason for creating outlines when preparing business messages or presentations?
It is most effective to start with the supporting points and evidence and then move upward to the main idea
Which of the following answers is NOT something to consider when choosing between the direct approach and the indirect approach?
If audience members have different levels of understanding of the topic, aim your message at the most influential decision makers
In which step of the writing process does proofreading for typos, spelling errors, and mechanical problems occur?
All of the following EXCEPT ___ are elements in the planning phase of the three-step writing process
adapting to your audience
All business messages have a(n) ___. which is to inform, persuade, or collaborate.
general purpose
Which of the following questions will NOT help you test the purpose of a business message?
Do you have the time to write it?
When you are analyzing your audience, you must ____ in order to address the concerns of the key decisions makers.
identify your primary audience
Similarities and differences in culture, education, organizational rank and status, and motivations pertain to the ____
composition of your audience
All the following EXCEPT ___ are informal methods of gathering information.
conducting surveys
Business communicators can use the ___ to ask who, what, when, where, why, and how questions to test the thoroughness of a message.
journalistic approach
The attributes of quality information are based on ____.
accuracy, ethics, and pertinence
Most business audiences respond BEST to information that _____.
has been filtered and prioritized to meet their needs
You should do all of the following EXCEPT _____ when gathering information to include in your message.
consider your perspective
In business communication, a medium is defined as ____.
the form through which you choose to communicate a message
The concept of ____ pertains to a medium’s ability to convey a message through more than one informational cue, facilitate feedback, and establish personal focus.
Media richness
Which of the following will have the LEAST effect when you are choosing the best communication medium for a business message?
Your personal preferences
Which one of the following is the “leanest” communication medium?
Posters and signs
An advantage of electronic media is
safely reaching the masses
Good organization is essential to a business message because it
saves times for both you and your audience
In business communication, the topic of a message is ____; the main idea is
the overall subject; a specific statement about the topic
Use the ___ when your audience will be receptive to your message
direct approach
The ____ of a business message should focus on two things: what you want your audience to do or think and why they should do so.
main idea

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