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MGMT 306 OM Chapters 3-4 Quizzes

the three phases involved in the management of large projects are:
planning, scheduling, and controlling
which of the following does NOT belong to the planning phase of project management?
monitoring resources.

Which DO belong in the planning phase?
-team organization
-goal setting
-defining the project

the project organization may be less helpful when:
the job is familiar to the existing organization.

it IS helpful when:
-work tasks can be defined with a specific goal and deadline
-the work contains complex interrelated tasks requiring specialized skills
-the project cuts across organizational lines

which of the following is the 3rd level in work breakdown structure?
subtasks in major tasks
Gantt charts are:
planning charts used to schedule resources and allocate time
which of the following is NOT part of project controlling?
sequencing and allotting time to all project activities

which IS part?
-shifting resources to where they are needed most
-using a feedback loop to revise the project plan
-close monitoring of resources, costs, quality, and budgets

the critical path of a network is the:
longest time path through the network
how is the EF computed?
ES + Activity time
which of these time estimates is NOT used in PERT?
standard time

which IS:
-pessimistic time
-most likely time
-optimistic time

what is the shortest duration required to complete an activity?
crash time
which of the following is a limitation of PERT and CPM?
there is the inherent danger of placing too much emphasis on the critical path
among the following, critical path and slack time analysis MOST help:
pinpoint activities that need to b closely watched
what is the most popular example of specialized software for managing projects?
microsoft project
computerized PERT/CPM reports and charts do not include:
probability estimates for on-time completion

-they DO include:
detailed cost breakdowns for each task
-variance reports
-cost distribution tables

the latest finish of an activity is:
Min (LS of all immediate following activities)
which of the following is a direct responsibility of the project manager?
making sure that the people assigned to the project receive the motivation, direction, and information needed to do their jobs
which column in Microsoft Project defines the precedence relationships among the activities?
the most realistic estimate of the time required to complete an activity is referred to as
most likely time
which of the following is used for computations in CPM?
normal time
which of the following is not a technique that allows managers to plan, schedule, and control projects?
factor rating method

which are techniques?
-Gantt charts

which of the following is an advantage of PERT and CPM?
straightforward and not mathematically complex
which of the following activities are NOT part of project scheduling?
make sure all necessary activities are finished in proper sequence and on time

which ARE part of project scheduling?
-decide how long each activity will take
-compute resources needed at each stage of production
-chart separate schedules for personnel needs by type of skill and material needs

which of the following is NOT true about Gantt charts?
Gantt charts qeduately illustrate the interrelationships between the activities and the resources.

which IS true:
-they are planning charts used to schedule resources and allocate time
-they are low cost mean of helping managers make sure that activities are planned
-they also can be used for scheduling repetitive operations

the forecasting time horizon that would typically be easiest to predict for would be the
short range
a forecast that projects a company’s sales is
a demand forecast
collaborative, planning, forecasting, and replenishment
which of the follwing statements is NOT true?
when excess capacity exists, costs can decrease

which IS true?
-when capacity is inadequate, customers can be lost
-when capacity is inadequate, market share can shrink
-when excess capacity exists, cost can increase

which of the following is the FIRST step in a forecasting system?
determine the use of the forecast
which of the following forecasting steps comes directly after determining the time horizon of the forecast?
select the forecasting model(s)
which of the following is a quantitative forecasting method?
exponential smoothing

qualitative methods?
-market survey
sales force composite
jury of executive opinion

which forecasting model is based upon salespersons estimates of expected sales?
sales force composite
what is a data pattern that repeats itself after a period of days, weeks, months, or quarters?
which forecasting method considers several variables that are related to the variable being predicted?
multiple regression
a tracking signal
is a measurement of how well a forecast is predicting actual values
which of the following statements is NOT true about the forecasting in the service sector?
detailed forecasts of demand are not needed

which IS true about the service sector?
-forecasting in the service sector presents some unusual challenges
-demand patterns are often different from those in non service sectors
hourly demand forecasts may be necessary

when using exponential smoothing, the smoothing constant
can be determined using MAD
a measure of strength of the relationship between two variables is referred to as
coefficient of correlation
a consistent tendency for forecasts to be greater of less than the actual values is called a ________ error
which of the following is the FINAL step in a forecasting system?
validate and implement the results
a forecast that addresses the business cycle by predicting planning indicators is
an economic forecast
which of the following is not a time-series model?
linear regression

what IS a time series model:
-moving averages
-naive approach
-exponential smoothing

which of the following is a qualitative forecasting method?
Delphi method
the goal of CPFR is to:
create significantly more accurate information that can power the supply chain
which of the following is NOT true regarding forecasting?
forecasting is exclusively an objective prediction

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