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MGMT 3140 Chapter 1

Which of the following is one of the ongoing challenges that characterize the current business landscape?
Technological Change
The change from a local to a global marketplace is?
Which of the following is true of globalization?
A company’s talent can come from anywhere
Which of the following statements is true about the Internet?
It drives down costs
_____ management is the set of practices aimed at discovering and harnessing an organization’s intellectual resources—fully utilizing the intellects of the organization’s people.
Which of the following statements is true of collaboration?
Collaboration is an important process of knowledge management
_____ is the introduction of new goods and services.
_____ is defined as the excellence of a product.
Which of the following is true of services?
It includes intangible products like medical care
Which of the following is true of speed as a success driver of organizational performance?
It separates the winners from the losers
Cost competitiveness involves
Pricing products at a level attractive to consumers
Sustainability is defined as
The effort to minimize the use of resources, especially those that are polluting and non-renewable
allows people to live and work in ways that can be maintained over the long term without depleting or harming the environmental and economic resources
Which of the following statements is true of the sources of competitive advantage?
It is possible to improve quality and also enhance speed
In terms of good management, efficiency differs from effectiveness primarily in the former’s focus on
resource utilization
Which of the following is one of the four fundamental traditional management functions?
_____ is specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve those goals
Planning involves
analyzing current situations
The managers at Capturion Action Cameras are currently developing strategies for the company’s new products and setting objectives for its business units. These managers are engaging in the management function of
The planning function in the new business environment can also be described more dynamically as
delivering strategic value
Which of the following functions of management is described as building a dynamic organization
_____ is assembling and coordinating the human, financial, physical, informational, and other resources needed to achieve goals
Biomark Software Inc. has recently started operations as a business. The managers have already determined their objectives and have decided on the field of activity they will be dealing in. They have now started to attract people to work for them and have started determining the responsibilities of workers. Which of the following management functions are Biomark’s managers performing?
Lorenzo is a general manager for Perry Corp., a mechanical engineering firm. He is considering some changes to the production floor which include layout adjustments and the purchase of new equipment to improve efficiency. He also wants to promote one of his employees to a higher post of assistant manager. Which of the following functions of management is Lorenzo performing?
A manager’s ability to stimulate people to be high performers is referred to as _____.
As one of the key management functions, leading focuses on a manager’s efforts to
mobilize people to contribute their ideas
_____ involves monitoring performance and making necessary changes
When Bethany, manager of First Step Telemarketing, realized that her plan to increase sales levels among associates was not producing the desired results, she made the necessary adjustments that would help yield better results. Which of the following management functions is illustrated in this scenario?
Through careful monitoring of the financial budgets of a firm, managers can detect potential problems in reaching their financial goals and take actions to reverse the problem. This is an example of the _____ function of management.
The three levels of managers within large organizations are
Top, middle, and frontline
Senior executives responsible for the overall management and effectiveness of the organization are known as
Strategic managers
Top-level managers focus on
long-term survival of an organization
_____ managers are typically concerned with the interaction between the organization and its external environment
The chief executive officer, company president, and the chief operating officer are all examples of _____ managers
_____ managers are responsible for translating the general goals and plans developed for an organization into more specific objectives and activities
Tactical managers are often referred to as
middle-level managers
As a manager at Prescott Fine Jewelry, Jerald Walker spends most of his time training new sales managers and making sure that information coming from headquarters reaches the company’s branches. In this case, Jerald would best be described as a(n) _____ manager
Lower-level managers who supervise the operational activities of an organization are known as
frontline managers
Which of the following is a characteristic of operational managers?
They are directly involved with nonmanagement employees
Operational managers play a crucial role in an organization because they provide
the link between management and nonmanagement personnel
John supervises employees that work on the floor of the Superior Pet Food factory. He cooperates closely with his manager in determining ways to improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process, and then works to implement those plans. In this case, John would be considered a(n) _____ manager
Titles such as sales manager and supervisor typically belong to the _____ level of management
Which of the following is one of the three essential categories of skills that managers need?
Technical skills
A(n) _____ skill is the ability to perform a specialized task that involves a certain method or process
Compilation of an accounting statement can be categorized under _____ skills
Which of the following roles involves searching for new business opportunities and initiating new projects to create change?
Which of the following roles involves performing symbolic duties for an organization, like attending ceremonies?
Which of the following roles is a decisional role?
Disturbance handler
The vice president of Delta Design LLC attended a trade show to make additional supplier and distribution contacts for the business. Which of the following roles was the VP playing in this situation?
Which of the following roles is performed by a customer service manager who works to defuse a situation with an angry customer?
Disturbance handler
_____ skills influence a manager’s ability to work well with people
Listening to employee suggestions, gaining support for organizational objectives, and fostering an atmosphere of teamwork are all considered
Interpersonal and communication skills
Which of the following skills are more important during the beginning of a person’s career?
Technical skills
No one at Barkley Architecture liked the company’s new website which was a real problem given that the firm considered itself an expert in design. The President, Alan, got the team together, solicited feedback, and found help in making improvements. The ability to identify this problem and resolve it is an effective use of _____ skills.
Conceptual and decision
Individuals’ conceptual and decision-making skills
become more important to them as they grow in the company
Emotional intelligence can best be defined as
the skills of understanding oneself, managing oneself, and dealing effectively with others
A common complaint about leaders, especially those who are newly appointed, is that they lack
Being self-reliant means individuals should
take full responsibility for themselves and their actions
Goodwill stemming from social relationships is called
social capital
When individuals view themselves as employees and expect their employers to tell them what to do and give them pay and benefits, those individuals are acting as
passive employees
Which of the following skills is Jessica showing by talking with the person interviewing her for the local newspaper?
Interpersonal skills
When James was deciding on the activities that would be involved in the business and establishing the goals and objectives, he was performing the _____ function of management.
James monitored his employees providing training to those who were performing poorly. In this case, which of the following functions of management was James performing?
By recognizing good performers and motivating them toward achieving organizational goals, James performs the _____ function of management
When James started recruiting professionals and other personnel and grouped them according to their job responsibilities, he was performing the _____ function of management
Which of the following roles was Phil performing when he notified the employees of the upcoming layoff?
Which of the following roles was Phil performing when he dealt with the angry employee?
Disturbance handler
Which of the following roles Phil performing when he attended the inauguration representing the company?
By creating objectives and communicating them to the rest of the organization, David is performing the function of a _____ manager
In Scenario D, Mark, the floor manager, is a _____ manager
Which of the following management skills does David implement by communicating with the rest of the organization?
Interpersonal skills

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