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MGMT 3340

• An ______ is a collection of people who work together and coordinate their actions to achieve a wide variety of goals.
o Organization
• The measure of appropriateness of the goals selected by management for the organization and the degree to which the organization accomplishes these goals is known as ______.
o Effectiveness
• The measure of how productively an organization uses its resources to achieve a goal is known as ______.
o Efficiency
• A company with a low level of efficiency and high level of effectiveness is most likely to produce
o A product that customers want, but that is too expensive for them to buy.
• A company with a low level efficiency and low level of effectiveness is most likely to produce
o A low-quality product that customers do not want
• A company with a high level of efficiency and low level of effectiveness is most likely to produce
o A high-quality product that customers do not want.
• Which of the following is true of organizational performance
o It increases with an increase in efficiency and effectiveness
• Toy Town makes and sells jigsaw puzzles and strategy board games. Its products are of excellent quality, but fail to meet consumer needs. Which of the following is most likely to be true of with regard to Toy Town?
o It has a high level of efficiency and low level of effectiveness
• The Art Hub makes and sells paintings, sculptures, and small craft items. Its products meet consumer needs, but are often too expensive to buy. Which of the following is most likely to be true with regard to the company
o It has a high level of effectiveness and low level of efficiency
• Robert is the product manager at Digital Digs, LLC, a company that manufactures computer accessories. He is known for his effective and efficiency, qualities that are highly regarded in the company where he works. Which of the following can be fittingly inferred with regard to Digital Digs?
o Its products meet consumer needs at a price they can afford.
• Craig is a highly effective manager. This implies that he
o Chooses appropriate goals and achieves them.
• Which of the following is an element of planning?
o Deciding which goals the organization will pursue and what strategies will achieve those goals
• In which of the following managerial tasks to do managers select appropriate goals for the organization
o Planning
• Marietta is the product manager at Fireflies Ltd., a company that designs and manufactures clothes and fashion accessories. Noticing the rising popularity of rhinestone jewelry and the fact that only a handful of stores actually stocked it, she decided to take advantage of the latent demand in the market. Marietta knew that
o Planning
• Which of the following does planning involve in an organization
o Developing strategies for how to achieve high performance
• In which of the following managerial tasks are work relationships restructured to facilitate the interaction and cooperative efforts of organizational members, all of who strive to achieve organizational goals
o Organizing
• Melissa, the HR manager of a publishing house, has been asked to increase the level of efficiency at the workplace. She decides to restructure work relationships within the company and categorize people into departments according to the kinds of job-specific tasks they perform. Which of the following managerial
o Organizing
• ______ involves encouraging all employees to perform at a high level to help the organization achieve its vision and goals
• _______ is the managerial task that involves managers using their power, personality, influence, persuasion, and communication skills to coordinate people and groups so their activities and efforts are in harmony.
• Which of the following managerial tasks does a manager perform when he/she articulates a clear organizational vision for the organization’s members to accomplish
• Controlling is the managerial task that involves
Taking any corrective actions needed to maintain or improve performance.
• Abby, the CEO of Little Angel Photography, reviews the performance of her company over the last quarter to determine whether they are meeting the planned sales and profitability goals. In this instance, which managerial task is she performing
• Daniel, a manager at Joe’s Fish Shack, monitors the performance of workers in his department to check if the quality of their work is meeting the performance standards of the company. In doing so, which managerial task is Daniel performing
• In ______, managers evaluate how well the organization is accomplishing its goals.
• The outcome of the control process is
o The ability to measure performance accurately and regulate organization efficiency and effectiveness
• According to Mintzberg’s typology, a manager who commits organizational resources to develop innovative goods and services is an _______.
o Entrepreneur
• Following an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the CEO of an American petroleum company took the responsibility for correcting the environmental damages caused by his company. According to Mintzberg’s typology. In doing so, he
o Disturbance handler
• According to Mintzberg’s typology, a manager who evaluates the performance of other managers in different tasks and takes corrective action to improve their performance is a
• According to Mintzber’s typology, a manager who establishes agreements with other organizations about pooling company resources while working on joint projects is a
• In an interview with a television channel, the Public Relations manager of KP Oil explained what his company intended to do to tackle the threat to marine life caused by an oil spill in the Pacific Ocean. The oil spill was caused by a tanker ship accident carrying crude oil for the company.
• SkyGen, an airlines company, appointed to an engineer to be the link between the company’s R&D department and the government contractor who is sponsoring the designing and prototyping of a new fighter airplane. According to Mintzberg, the engineer appointed by SkyGen to be the link between the company’s R&D department and the government contractor is playing the role of a ______.
o Liaison
• James, the manger of Andy’s Candy, a popular confectioner in Illinois, is in charge of outlining future organizational goals to employees at company meetings and emphasizing the ethical guidelines which employees are expected to follow at work. According Mintzberg, he is performing the role of a _____.
• Which of the following is a primary concern of top managers
o Deciding which goods a company should produce
• Which of the following is true of top managers
o They have cross-departmental responsibility
• Which of the following is true of middle managers
o They make specific decisions about the production of goods and services.
• Supervisors are also referred to as ______.
o First-line managers
• Which of the following is a characteristic of first-line managers?
o They are responsible for daily supervision of the nonmanagerial employees
• Which of the following is true of first-line managers?
o They work in all departments or functions of an organization.
• Emma is a highly efficient manager. This implies that she:
o Minimizes the amount of input resources without compromising quality
• Oceania Unlimited Inc. is a tourism agency that offers special holiday packages in the Pacific region, Every year, as an incentive, the most efficient and effective manager in the network gets an all-expenses-paid trip to one of Oceania’s islands. Which of the following managers is most likely to meet these requirements
o Karen, who chooses the right goals to pursue, and makes clever use of resources to achieve them.
• The general ability to understand, alter, lead, and control the behavior of other works is a ______ skill.
o Human
• Core competency is:
o The specific set of departmental skills, knowledge, and experience that allows one organization to outperform another.
• ______ is defined as the ability of one organization to outperform other organizations because its produces desired goods or services more efficiently and effectively than its competitors.
o Competitive adantage
• The four building blocks of _______ are superior efficiency; quality; speed, flexibility, and innovation; and responsiveness to customers
o Competitive advantage
• Due to declining global sales, Makeown Ventures Inc. announced that it would lay off 12 percent of its existing workforce over the next few months. This is an example of
o Restructuring
• Owing to financial problems in the organization, the top management of an investment bank decided to reduce the number of middle managers by 10 percent. This is an example of _______.
o Restructuring
• Which of the following is a consequence of restructuring?
o Increase in employee attrition
• _______ involves contracting with another company, usually in a low-cost country abroad, to have it perform a work activity the organization previously performed itself, such as manufacturing, marketing, or customer service
o Outsourcing
• ______ is a management technique that involves giving employees more authority and responsibility over how they perform their work activities.
o Empowerment
• A group of employees who assume collective responsibility for organizing, controlling, and supervising their own work activities known as a:
o Self-managed team
• The process of creating new products that customers want is called
• _______ is the creation of a new vision for a struggling company using a new approach to planning and organizing to make better use of a company’s resources and allow it to survive and eventually prosper
o Turnaround management
• Which of the following is true of scientific management
o It resulted in job dissatisfaction for many workers
• Which of the following is an example of a norm rather than a rule?
o An informal code of conduct recommending that employees help each other if time permits
• Which of the following is an example of a rule
o A general mandatory guideline asking all employees to leave all of their work machines in good order
• _________ refers to a formal system of organization and administration designed to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
o Bureaucracy
• In a bureaucracy, a manager’s formal authority derives from
o The position he or she holds in the organization
• According to Taylor, the production process becomes more efficient with
o An increase in division of labor through specialization
• ________ is the process by which division of labor occurs as different workers gain expertise in tasks over time
o Job specialization
• Administrative management is the study of
o How an organizational structure is to be created such that it leads to high efficiency and effectiveness
• When the tasks and authority associated with various positions in the organization are clearly specified, it creates a scenario where
o Employees are held strictly accountable for their actions
• Which of the following is true of dual command
o It causes confusion among subordinates
• The power to hold workers accountable for their actions and to make decisions about the use of organizational resources is known as:
o Authority
• ________ refers to the concentration of authority at the top of the organizational chart instead of being distributed throughout the managerial hierarchy
o Centralization
• ________ refers to the tendency of a closed system to lose its ability to control itself, and thus disintegrate
o Entropy
• ________ is the performance gain caused by two or more departments coordinating their efforts
o Synergy
• _________ gives managers the right to direct and control their subordinates’ behavior to accomplish organizational goals
o Authority
• The line of authority in an organization is
o The chain of command extending from the top to the bottom of an organization
• According to Henri Fayol, discipline refers to
o Stability of tenure of personal
• According to Henri Fayol, esprit de corps refers to
o Shared feelings of comradeship, enthusiasm, or devotion to a common cause among members of a group
• Henry Fayol believed that in order to increase the efficiency of the management process it is essential that:
o All organizational members are entitled to be treated with justice and respect
• Fayol recommended the use of ______ to show the position and duties of each employee and to indicate which positions an employee might move to or be promoted to in the future
o An organizational chart
• Fayol’s principle of initiative suggests that
o Managers should encourage employees to be innovative and create
• An advantage of achieving the right worker-task specialization and linking people and tasks by the speed of the production line is
o Lower costs
• The idea that workers should be aware of how their performance affects the performance of the organization as a whole is most consistent with Fayol’s principle of
o Subordination of individual interests to the common interests
• An organization that has a single, comprehensive long-term plan that leads every department within the organization is following Fayol’s principle of
o Unity of direction
• Which of the following principles of management by Henri Fayol specifies that an employee should report to only one superior?
o Unity of command
• The Marketing Manager at RST Global Inc. developed a five-year marketing plan that was in stark contrast with the objectives outlined in the organizations strategic plan. Which of the following principles of Henry Fayol does this go against
o Unity of direction
• Which of the following revelations from different research studies came to be known as the Hawthorne effect?
o Workers’ productivity being affected more by attention received from researchers than by the work setting.
• ________ is the study of the factors that have an impact on how individuals and groups respond to and act in organizations
o Organizational behavior
• Mary Parker Follett’s primary criticism of Taylor’s system of scientific management was that
o Scientific management did not allow workers to exercise initiative and contribute to the organization
• Which of the following was advocated by Mary Parker Follett
o If workers have the relevant knowledge, then workers, rather than managers, should be in control of the work process itself
• Which of the following revelations from different research studies came to be known as the Hawthorne effect
o Worker’s productivity being affected more by the attention received from researchers than by the work setting
• Managers who accept the assumptions of Theory Y
o Create a work setting that encourages commitment
• EZtronics’ approach to management is consistent with Theory Y because
o Managers at EZtronics have created a work setting that allows workers to exercise intiative
• The human relations movement advocates that
o Supervisors be behaviorally trained to manage subordinates.
• In the context of the human relations movement and related studies, among the following is a “ratebuster
o A person performing above the work-group performance norm
• The management theory that focuses on the use of rigorous quantitative techniques to assist managers to make the best use of organizational resources is called:
o Management science theory
• Which of the following is true of an open system?
o It takes in resources from its external environment and converts them into goods and are then sent back to that environment to purchase by customers
• ________ is the idea that the organizational structures and control systems that are chosen by managers depend on characteristics of the external environment in which the organization operates.
o Contingency theory
• If a manager designs the organizational hierarchy based on the characteristics of the organizational environment, he is acting in accordance with _______.
o Contingency theory
• Which of the following is an example of a company’s standard operating procedure?
o A compulsory practice of employees cleaning their work areas at the end of each day
• ________ refers to a system of task and authority relationships that controls how employees use resources to achieve a company’s goals
o Organizational structure
• Which of the following is true of an organization with a mechanistic structure
o Employees are closely supervised and follow well-defined rules and standard operating procedures
• Which of the following statements indicates that Megabytes Inc. has implemented an organic structure?
o At megabytes, authority is decentralized to middle and first-line managers
• Glenn is an effective and efficient manager. He, however, tends to be pessimistic and avoids social interactions. This implies that Glenn is low in _______.
o Extraversion
• People who are high on extraversion are especially likely to experience ______.
o Enthusiasm
• People who tend to be sociable, outgoing, and friendly are low in ______.
o Introversion
• Which of the following is true of managers who are low on extraversion?
o They view the world and their life with little optimism
• Which of the following is true of managers who are high on extraversion?
o They tend to feel good about themselves and other people
• Which of the following is true of people who are high on negative affectivity?
o They experience negative moods frequently
• __________ is the tendency to be highly critical of oneself and of others.
o Negative affectivity
• People who are high on negative affectivity are especially likely to experience ______.
o Distress
• Emily is seldom in a bad mood and is always optimistic about herself and others. It can e said that Emily is low on _______.
o Negative affectivity
• A manager who is organized and self-disciplined is ______.
o High on conscientiousness
• An ______ value is a personal conviction about desired modes of conduct or ways of behaving.
o Instrumental
• ______ is an example of an instrumental value
o Self-discipline
• Which of the following is an instrumental value
o Responsibility
• ________ values help explain what managers are striving to achieve in their organizations and what they will focus their efforts on
• A ______ value is a personal conviction about lifelong goals or objectives.
• ________ values signify what an organization and its employees are trying to accomplish
• Which of the following is a terminal value
• Donna is an efficient manager who is on very good terms with her employees. She is known for taking risks and being innovative in her planning and decision making. Which of the following statements is true about her
o She is high on openness to experience
• Award dinners, newspaper releases, and employee promotions that let organizations publicly recognize employees’s contributions are examples of rites of ______.
o Enhancement
• People with an external locus of control _______.
o Believe that outside forces are responsible for what to and around them.
• People with an internal locus of control ________.
o Believe that they are responsible for their own fate
• According to McClelland, the extent to which people have strong desires to perform challenging tasks and to meet personal standards of excellence is known as ______.
o The need for achievement
• Which of the following is true of people with high self-esteem
o They believe that they are capable of handling most situations
• According to McClelland, the extent to which a person is concerned with being liked and having others get along well with one another is called ______.
o The need for affiliation
• Sandra, an employee of SilverStone Inc., is extremely ambitious and insists on working on important projects by herself. According McClelland, she has a high need for ______.
o Achievement
• According to McClelland, the extent to which a person has a strong desire to control and to influence others is known as _______.
o The need for power
• Kenneth, the CEO of Dewberry Inc. is very particular about establishing and maintaining good interpersonal relations with his employees. He also has high standards for personal excellence and works hard to accomplish his goals. According to McClelland, this indicates that Kenneth has
o A high need for affiliation and high need for achievement.
• Which of the following employees exhibits organizational citizenship behavior
o Kelly: a hardworking employee who is willing to work overtime for her company if a project necessitates it.
• Which of the following is true of emotions?
o Emotions play important roles in ethical decision making
• _______ are intense and relatively short-lived feelings.
o Emotions
• Which of the following is true of moods and emotions
o Moods that last longer than emotions
• In what ways do moods differ from emotions
o Unlike moods, emotions are relatively short-lived
• Tony is a manager with the ability to understand and gauge the moods and feelings of his employees with little difficulty. Tony displays high _______.
o Emotional intelligence
• Which of the following statements demonstrates that Jonathan, the general manager of Dawson and Co., has low emotional intelligence
o He cannot identify or interpret the moods of his employees
• Which of the following statements demonstrates that Amanda, the general manager of Waterworks Ltd., has high emotional intelligence
o She is able to interpret the moods of her employees with no difficulty
• The collection of feelings and beliefs that managers have about their current jobs is known as job _______.
o Satisfaction
• Which of the following is true of managers in conservative cultures
o They constantly monitor the progress of their employees
• An organization which considers and analyzes the ideas and suggestions of all employees regardless of their hierarchical position that has an ______ culture.
o Innovative
• In an _______ culture, managers are likely to lead by example, encouraging employees to take risks and experiment.
o Innovative
• ________ reflects the distinctive ways in which organizational members perform their jobs and relate to others inside and outside the organization
o Organizational culture
• When people belong to the same organization, they tend to share certain beliefs and values that lead them to act in similar ways. This is known as _________.
o Organizational culture
• Organizational ________ is the process by which newcomers internalize an organization’s values and norms and behave in accordance with them
o Socialization
• Which of the following is true of norms?
o They are unwritten codes of conduct considered important by most members of a group.
• Organizational commitment can be defined as _______.
o The collection of feelings and beliefs that managers have about their organization as a whole
• Which of the following is true of value systems?
o They are the terminal and instrumental values that are guiding principles in an individual’s life
• Which of the following is true of organizational commitment
o It helps managers perform their figurehead and spokesperson roles
• Jim has been employed at Fortis Services for nearly 15 years. Which of the following statements, if true, would imply that Jim is low on openness to experience?
o Jim is not open to a wide range of stimuli.
• Rites of ____ motivate commitment to the norms and values of the organization by publicly recognizing and rewarding employee contributions
o Enhancement
• Which of the following rites internalizes the norms and values of an organization with an employee
o Rites of passage
• Rites of _______, such as shared announcements of organizational successes, office parties, and company cookouts, build and reinforce common bonds among organization members.
o Integration
• The attraction-selection-attrition framework suggests that the founders of organizations tend to be attracted to and select employees________.
o Whose personalities are similar to theirs
• Why can hiring people through the attraction-selection-attrition (ASA) framework be disadvantageous?
o Like-minded employees have difficulty offering fresh perspective
• The model developed to explain the role that founders’ personal characteristics play in determining organizational culture is known as the ______ framework.
o Attraction-selection-attrition
• The moral principles and beliefs about what is the right or appropriate way to behave are known as ________.
• A person’s confidence and faith in another person’s goodwill is called
• Dianna has noticed that there has been an error in her weekly pay stub and the company has unknowingly paid her too much. This example illustrates an ________.
o Ethical dilemma
• Which of the following is true about ethics?
o Laws change to reflect the changing ethical beliefs of a society
• Bryan is the manager of a company which has been judged as having the best corporate reputation for two years in a row, based on a survey of country-wide consumers. This company is well known for its:
o Ethical culture
• ______ are thoughts and feelings that tell people what is wrong or right.
o Moral scruples
• Unethical behavior
o Reduces a company’s performance
• The esteem or high repute that individuals or organizations gain when they behave ethically is called ________.
o Reputation
• A company demonstrating its social responsibility helps builds it a good ______.
o Reputation
• _____ can provide guidance when organization members are uncertain about whether an action is ethical
o Ethics ombudsperson
• Which of the following statements is true about the role of organizational culture
o Ethics ombudsperson can provide guidance when organizational members are uncertain about whether an action is ethical
• The ______ has organization wide authority, hence, organizational members in any department can communicate instances of unethical behavior by their managers or coworkers without fear of retribution.
o Ethics ombudsperson
• Robert and his HR team have adapted several existing company policies. He is unsure if all these policies can be implemented on ethical grounds. His team can approach an ______ to resolve the matter
o Ethics ombudsperson
• Phil has noticed that his operations manager has been practicing unethical means to reap personal benefits at the expensive of the company’s customers. He will most likely approach the ______ to report the matter without fear of retribution
o Ethics ombudsperson
• Which of the following statements is true of stakeholders and ethics
o The failure of a company can have catastrophic effects on a community since a general decline in business activity can affect a whole nation
• Which of the following stakeholder group’s individual ethics are important in shaping the organizational code of ethics
o Founders
• ______ watch the company and its managers closely to ensure that management is working diligently to increase the company’s profitability
o Stockholders
• Which of the following statements is true about stockholders?
o They have a claim on a company because when they buy its stock or shares they become its owners.
• _______ have the right to expect a good return or reward by investing their human capital to improve a company’s performance
o Managers
• _______ have a claim on an organization because they bring to it their skills, expertise, and experience
o Managers
• The stakeholder group with the most responsibility for deciding the goals of the organization is the
o Managers.
• Which of the following is least likely to be a source of individual ethics
o Supervisors
• The ______ rule is that an ethical decision is one that distributes rewards and harms in a fair way.
• One managerial implication of the justice model is that managers should base their decisions on:
o Whatever promotes a fair distribution of outcomes
• When Bob was calculating the yearly bonuses for his employees, he paid particular attention to the individual employee scores to ensure that they were based on performance and not favoritism.
• Web sites like Napster demonstrate that the pursuit of self-interest can lead to a collective disaster when one or more people start to profit from being unethical because this encourages other people to act in the same way. This exemplifies a situation known as the ______.
o Tragedy of the commons
• The idea that the pursuit of self-interest with no consideration for societal interests leads to disaster is called the _______.
o Tragedy of the commons
• The utilitarian rule states that an ethical decision is a decision that
o Produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people
• Simon was confronted with a serious ethical dilemma. He responded with a solution that created the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Which ethical rule best describes his response?
o Utilitarian
• Under the ______ rule, an ethical decision is one that best maintains people’s fundamental privileges
o Moral rights
• If Samantha was employing the moral rights rule in her decision making, she would:
o Seek to protect the privileges of people affected
• The practical rule states that an ethical decision is one that
o Can be communicated with no reluctance
• Which of the following statements is true of the practical rule of ethical decision-making?
o This rule ensures that managers will take into account the interests of all stakeholders
• Under the practical rule, a manager would not be reluctant to communicate a decision to people outside the company when:
o A typical person would consider the decision acceptable.
• Standards that govern how members of a society should deal with one another in matters involving issues such as fairness, justice, poverty, and individual rights are called
• Bob gave a talk to his employees about standards that govern how members of their profession should conduct themselves. He was talking about _______.
o Occupational ethics
• After a lengthy investigation, Larry lost to practice law on charges of accepting bribes. In all likelihood, Larry probably violated his ______.
o Occupational ethics
• Standards that determine how people view their responsibilities to others and how they should act in situations when their own self-interest is at stake are called ______.
o Individual ethics
• When faced with an ethical dilemma as a manager, Sam tries to reflect back on his upbringing to decide between right and wrong. Sam is reflecting on ______.
o Individual ethics
• _______ Encourage employees to behave in a socially responsible manner
o Ethical organizational cultures
• Which of the following is a method by which a company can act ethically toward employees and meet their expectations
o By creating an occupational structure that fairly and equitably reward organizational members for their contributions
• Which of the following statements is true of organizational ethics?
o The individual ethics of a company’s founders and top managers are especially important in shaping the organization’s code of ethics
• Managers at Enron prevented employees from selling Enron shares in their pension funds while they sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of their on Enron stock. This illustrates the _____ approach to social responsibility.
o Obstructionist
• When tobacco companies sought to hide evidence that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer, they were exhibiting an _______ approach to social responsibility.
o Obstructionist
• The managers of Lehman Brothers, whose bankruptcy helped propel the 2008-2009 financial crisis, uses loopholes in U.K. law to hide billions of dollars of worthless assets in its balance sheet to disguise its poor financial condition. Which of the following approaches to social responsibility is illustrated from this example?
o Obstructionist
• A company that expects its managers to behave ethically to the degree that they stay within the law is acting with a _____ approach
o Defensive
• WordCom gave managers options and bonuses even when the company performance was declining, and managers sold their stock in advance of other stockholders. This illustrates the _____ approach
o Defensive
• According to the _____ approach, companies and their managers behave legally and ethical and try balance the interest of different stakeholders as the need arises.
o Accommodative
• The approach to social responsibility most likely to be taken by a typical large U.S. company is the _______ approach
o Accommodative
• The president at Protector’s Insurance takes pride in the fact that his organization strives to behave legally and ethically. The company advocates an approach that tries to balance the interests of different stakeholders in relation to the claims of other stakeholders. What approach to social responsibility is the organization implementing?
o Accommodative
• Which approach to social responsibility is being implemented by a company that actively embraces the need to behave in socially responsible ways?
o Proactive
• Which of the following approaches is characterized with the highest degree of social responsibility
o Proactive
• Companies that go out of their way to learn about the needs of different stakeholders and use organizational resources to promote their interests are using the _____ approach.
o Proactive
• _________ companies are often at the forefront of campaigns for causes such as a pollution-free environment; recycling and conservation of resources; the minimization or elimination of the use of animals in drug and cosmetics testing; and the reduction of crime, illiteracy, and poverty.
o Proactive
• ______ are systematic tendencies to use information about others in ways that result in inaccurate perceptions.
o Biases
• _______ are composed of simplistic and often inaccurate beliefs about the typical characteristics of particular groups of people
o Stereotypes
• The management of St. Richard’s, school in Texas, receives Martin’s application for a teacher’s job. A background check reveals that Martin is gay. Martin’s application is rejected on this account. The management at St. Richard’s is influenced by
o Stereotypes
• What is diversity
o Differences among people due to age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and any other characteristic that is used to distinguish between people
• ______ diversity requires that managers be sensitive and responsive to the needs and concerns of individuals who might not be as well of as others
o Socioeconomic
• _______ refers to a grouping of people based on some shared characteristic such as a national origin, language, or culture
o Ethnicity
• When Michael signs on Stanley for the company basketball team, he assumes that Stanley is a good player because he is an African-American. Which of the following is Michael exhibiting in signing Stanley?
o A stereotype
• The sales manager at STU Inc., Riley, has to promote either Mark or Kate to the position of assistant sales manager. Mark and Kate are equally good resources. Riley promotes Kate because he believes that all women are soft-spoken and polite. Riley is influenced by
o Stereotypes
• The term ______ alludes to the invisible barriers that prevent minorities and women from being promoted o top corporate positions
o Glass ceiling
• What is the salience effect?
o It is the tendency to focus attention on individuals who are conspicuously different from us
• Which of the following is true of the salience effect?
o Salient individuals are less often the object of attention than are other members of a work group
• Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination
o In employment decisions on the basis of race, religion, sex, color, or national origin
• Which act requires that men and women be paid equally if they are performing equal work?
o Equal Pay Act
• In addition to prohibiting discrimination in employment, the Civil Rights Act of 1991
o Allows for the awarding of punitive and compensatory damages.
• What is the social status effect
o It is the tendency to perceive individuals with a higher position in social hierarchy more positively than we perceive those with a lower position in social hierarchy
• Janie is hiring an assistant marketing manager for Fall Inc. Janice recruits Sandra because she comes from a well-known and well-reputed family. Janie is influenced by
o The social status effect
• If while male managers perceive other while male managers more positively than managers from minority groups, this is called
o The similar-to-me effect
• Tucker is hiring a manager for his clothing store. When he reviews the credentials of applicants, he pays special attention to individuals who share his hobbies and interests. Jose’s passion for music and interest in the stock market gets him the job. Tucker is influenced b
o The similar-to-me effect
• A manager in the leader role manages diversity in an organization by
o Serving as a role model and instituting policies and procedures to ensure that diverse members are treated fairly
• In the _____ role, a manager enables diverse individuals to coordinate their efforts
o Liaison
• In the _____ role, a manager conveys that the effective management of diversity is a valued goal and objective
o Figurehead
• Justin, a human resources manager for XYZ Company, commits 5% of the annual budget toward instituting a new program that rewards employees for effectively handling diversity. Justin is playing the role of an _______.
o Entrepreneur
• Employees’ promotions based on their performance evaluations, independent of characteristics of ethnicity, age, or gender is known as
o Distributive justice
• Annie assigns interesting job assignments to employees based on their contribution to the company. Which principle is Annie’s action consistent with?
o Distributive justice
• Which of the following is an aim of distributive justice within an organization?
o To ensure that outcomes are not distributed based on a person’s personal characteristics like race or age
• Which principle dictates that managers should receive a raise in pay based upon their contributions to the organizations, and not based on their gender
o Distributive justice
• The supervisor of medical billing at a hospital has established a rubric that helps her make objective decisions when promoting employees in her department. Which of the principle is the supervisor’s actions based on?
o Procedural justice
• Jeanie realizes that her values differ significantly from some of her younger subordinates. What should Jeanie do to understand them better?
o Seek out others’ point of view and perspective
• What is a schema
o It is the process through which people select, organize, and interpret sensory input
• Which of the following is true of perception
o The effects of perception lead to different interpretations in the area of diversity
• The success of fast-food restaurants in diverse markets can be attributed to relatively accurate _____ of managers
o Perception
• Over discrimination is
o Intentional and deliberate
• What is overt discrimination?
o Knowingly and willingly denying diverse individuals access to opportunities and outcomes in an organization
• All decisions and actions of managers are based on their ______.
o Subjective perceptions
• Which of the following helps managers respond to the differing needs of diverse employees while enabling those employees to be effective contributors to an organization?
o Not feeling threatened by different approaches and perspectives
• As the manager of Taylor Construction, Scott created a policy that required all subcontractors to submit monthly reports to show the percentage of work that was completed by their diverse employees. This is an example of
o Managing diversity
• JRC Inc., a consumer-electronics firm based in Atlanta, is opening another manufacturing unit besides its existing one. The top-management involves female representatives in the design table to take care of any concerns that female employees may have. This is an example of:
o Managing diversity
• ALT Inc. conducts periodic reviews to assess the extent to which law firms support diversity in their activities. It uses this information to decide which law firms would be most suitable to represent it legally.
o Diversity management
• Which of the following is true of managing diversity
o Effective management of diversity can increase profitability and employee retention
• Which of the following helps ensure that diversity is managed effectively in an organization?
o Securing top management commitment
• Which of the following is a way to effectively manage diversity
o Insisting that even suppliers support diversity
• Which of the following is a guideline for managers to evaluate employees
o Ensure that performance standards are not vague
• Which of the following helps managers increase diversity awareness in an organization
o Improving understanding of others who are different from oneself
• One result of effectively managing diversity is a _______.
o Reduction in turnover rates
• When a manager asks a subordinate for sexual favors in return for a promotion, what type of sexual harassment has occurred?
o Quid pro quo sexual harassment
• Which of the following would be considered quid pro quo sexual harassment?
Request for sexual favors
• While on a business trip, Eva, the planning manager, suggest to a male subordinate that it would be good for his career if he spent an intimate night with her. This an example of:
o Quid pro quo sexual harassment
• Making sexually oriented remarks about one’s physical appearance is an example of:
o Hostile work environment sexual harassment
• Two male managers exchange a lewd sexual joke in the presence of a female manager. This is an example of:
o A hostile work environment
• A fair complaint procedure to investigate charges of sexual harassment should ensure that
o Alleged harassers are fairly treated

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