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Which of the following statements is not true about communication in the workplace?
Improving communication can save time, but not money.
Communication is _____.
the transfer of information and understanding from one person to another
When your intended message is sent accurately in the least amount of time, you are a(n) _____.
efficient communicator
Which of the following is not an element of the communication model?
______________ is the process of translating a message into understandable symbols or language.
When the band came out on stage and the lead singer shouted, “Hello, Dallas!” the crowd roared with applause. The crowd’s response is an example of _____.
Which of the following is not an example of noise in the communication process in a typical classroom?
a student answering a professor’s question
Which of the following is a step in the communication process?
The message is transmitted through a medium.
A(n) ______ form of media allows receivers to observe multiple cues, such as body language and tone of voice, and allows senders to get feedback.
Which of the following is the most appropriate media for a manager advising employees of a revision to the company’s bonus structure?
face-to-face meeting
Of the following, which medium is the richest?
Of the following, which medium is the least rich?
flier on bulletin board
A manager needs to inform employees that the quarterly project management training will start on May 1, about two months from now. Generally, which of the following should the manager use in this situation?
Executives at Breakers Engineering want to let middle managers know that the company is going to be acquired by its largest competitor. Assuming the following are possible, how should executives communicate this?
Hold a face-to-face meeting.
Claire wanted to tell her employee about the seminar, but she put the flier in a stack of papers and forgot about it until after the deadline to sign up. This is an example of what type of barrier to communication?
sender barrier
Lee worked on a global team for an American company, and all her work had to be completed in her second language, English. Sometimes her teammates misinterpreted her meaning. This is an example of a(n) ______ barrier to communication.
Roger was talking to a coworker in a meeting, and wasn’t listening when his supervisor announced work assignments. This is an example of what type of barrier to communication?
receiver barrier
Debbie works part time in a coffee shop. Some of the equipment is so noisy it prevents her from correctly hearing what the customer orders. This is an example of a(n) ______ barrier to communication
Tracie, working at a research facility in Washington D.C., needs to communicate with Juan, who is in Mexico City, about a project they are working on. Although Juan has perfect command of English, they are still facing a(n) ______ barrier to communication.
The study of the meaning of words is called _____.
______ is likely to cause a semantic barrier to communication.
Which of the following is not a personal barrier to communication?
obsolete technology
Tyrone was recently promoted to manager. Although he used to take advice from his peers, he seems no longer willing to listen to any input from them or his boss, and is determined to run the project how he thinks best. This is an example of which personal barrier to communication?
an oversized ego
The statement “Young men are reckless” reflects a(n) _____.
Which of the following is not a way in which nonverbal communication is expressed?
writing a thank you note
Most people tend to ______ when conveying bad news or negative feedback.
avoid eye contact
Which of the following is a “don’t” when attempting to improve communication?
close your eyes
Which of the following is a “do” when attempting to improve communication?
Compared to women, men tend to _____.
be indirect when admitting fauly
According to Deborah Tannen, men are more likely than women to _____.
boast about achievements
Rena, a marketing manager, uses a sports car metaphor to explain a concept to her male counterpart in finance. She is said to be _____.
A person’s characteristic speaking patterns, such as the use of pacing, pausing, questions, and stories, is known as _____.
a linguistics style
Channels of communications that follow the chain of command and are considered as official are termed _____.
Which of the following indicates how official communications should be routed?
organizational chart
A manager who is instructing his employee about work tasks is communicating _____.
The more management levels through which a message passes, the _____.
more distorted the message may become
The dean at Corbin Business College disseminated a new five-year strategic plan to department chairs. This is an example of _____.
downward communication
Diane, a marketing manager, shares some of the market research her department has analyzed with the research and development group. Diane is communicating _____.
At the end of the fiscal year, Dilinger Investments releases an earnings report to clients. This is an example of communicating _____.
______ communication channels develop outside the organizational structure and do not follow the chain of command.
Gossip and rumor in an organization are part of the _____, which itself is a type of ______ communication channel.
grapevine, informal
The grapevine is _____.
used by employees when threatened or insecure
A manager who literally wanders around her organization and talks with people across all lines of authority is doing _____.
Which of the following is not a norm of the Millennial generation?
desire to accept facts and authority at face value
Using video and audio links along with computers to allow people at different locations to see, hear, and talk with each other is called _____.
______ can be quite expensive, requiring a specially designed room with multiple cameras and high-definition video screens.
telepresence technology
Which of the following is a characteristic of telecommuting?
increased ability to hire certain workers, such as homebound people with disabilities
The key to protecting digital communication systems against fraud, hackers, identity theft, and other threats is _____.
using prevention techniques like strong passwords
When thieves use your name and good credit rating to get cash or buy things, it is known as _____.
identity theft
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of e-mail?
sheer number that must be handled by the average worker
Which of the following is appropriate for workplace e-mail?
trimming of the sender’s e-mail when replying
The source for crowdsourcing is most often _____.
the online community
Generally, people comprehend about ______ of a typical verbal message.
The average speaker communicates about ______ as many words as the average listener can process.
During the information gap between what someone says and processing the information, good listeners do which of the following?
mentally summarize what’s been said
The process of actively decoding and interpreting verbal messages, which requires full attention and processing, is known as active _____.
A(n) ________ listener tries to determine the rationale of the speaker’s argument, preferring logical presentations without interruptions, focusing on relationships among ideas, and waiting until all information is available before expressing opinions.
Which of the following is not a suggestion that may help you be a good listener?
Memorize the details.
Speed reading works well for material that is _____.
easy or familiar
Active listening requires all except _____.
focusing on the delivery rather than content
All of the following are rules for using smartphones except _____.
Text during meetings or other conversations
If you want your writing to establish a common ground with the reader and make your overall argument stronger, you should order your arguments from _____.
negative to positive
Allen wants to change the CEO’s mind about contracting an outside firm to outsource their customer service phone center. He decides to write a proposal, including a variety of arguments to support of his idea. Here, Allen should order his ideas from _____.
least controversial to most controversial
Which of the following is a tip for writing more effectively for business purposes?
Start by stating your purpose and what you expect of the reader.
A study conducted by AT&T and Stanford University found that the top predictor of success and professional upward mobility was _____.
public speaking ability
The introduction to a business speech should _____.
get right to the point
Which of the following is not appropriate to include in the conclusion of a speech?
details you forgot from earlier
Doug gave some people street directions, but since they only nodded their heads and didn’t repeat the directions back to him, he doesn’t really know whether the directions were understood. This is an example of what type of barrier?

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