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MGMT Practice Exam 2

The planning process begins with which of these?
the development of a mission statement
The ____ is the basis for the strategic level of goals and plans which in turn shapes the ____ and ____ level.
mission, tactical, operational
Which of the following is not a step in the organizational planning process?
plan marketing tactics
Which of the following is NOT a tool for executing a plan?
operations map
A statement that identifies distinguishing characteristics of an organization is known as
a mission statement
“We respect our employees and value their diversity” is an example of a statement you are most likely to find in the organization’s
At the top of the goal hierarchy is the
The official goals of the organization are best represented by the ____.
strategic goals
____ goals lead to the attainment of ____ goals, which in turn lead to the attainment of ____ goals.
operational, tactical, strategic
Sarah is a middle manager at Stylin’ Sneakers Corporation. She is most likely responsible for the achievement of ____ goals.
The ____ is the department manager’s tool for daily and weekly operations.
operational plan
You are violating which of these goal characteristics when you attempt to create goals for every aspect of employee behavior?
cover key result areas
All of the following are characteristics of effective goal setting EXCEPT
goals should be set for every aspect for employee behavior
The ultimate impact of goals depended on the extent to which goal achievement is linked to
all of these (rewards, salary increase, promotions, and salary increases and promotions)
Numerous ____ are likely to be part of an overall ____.
project, program
The crisis management plan should be a ____ that specifies the actions to be taken, and by whom, if a crisis occurs
detailed, written plan
Traditionally, if Stephanie, CEO of Butterfly Pillows, needed to conduct corporate planning, it would be performed by all of the following EXCEPT
decentralized planning groups
Alabama Airlines has three planning specialists who help division managers develop their own division plans. Serving as consultants to the divisions, the planning specialists give advice about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Alabama Airlines is utilizing what approach to the planning function?
decentralized planning staff
A(n) _________ is a cross-functional group of managers and employees who work together to gain a deep understanding of a specific business issues, with the aim of presenting insights related to that issue.
intelligence team
Decisions regarding the proper amount of advertising for a particular good or service are related to
business-level strategy
Techniques used to monitor external environments include
all of these (hiring scanning organizations, hiring competitive intelligence professionals, government reports, and professional journals)
Gillette operates numerous strategic business units. Most of its units in the personal care division have low market share but high business growth. These units are classified as _____.
question marks
According to the BCG Matrix, which of the following exists in a mature, slow-growth industry, but is a dominant business in the industry, with a large market share?
cash cows
The assumption that a single global market exists would lead to a
globalization strategy
The ____ function recruits selects, trains, transfers, promotes, and lays off employees to achieve strategic goals.
human resource
After Sunshine Systems merged with RTD Enterprises, company executives noticed that due to increased employee collaboration between the two units, costs were down and revenues increased within both areas. This is an example of what business phenomenon?
Sherri has been asked to participate on a cross-functional task force that is charged with performing an audit checklist for her advertising firm. The task force will analyze organizational strengths and weaknesses as they apply to the firm. Sherri’s task is to analyze management quality, staff quality, degree of centralization, and organizational charts. This level of analysis pertains to which area of the audit?
management and organization
When an organization expands into a totally new line of business, it is implementing a strategy of:
unrelated diversification
Semway, a regional bank, recently announced that it would soon begin offering financial planning services. This is an example of which of these?
related diversification
Organizational structure includes which of these?
all of these are apart of organizational structure (the set of formal tasks assigned to individuals, the set of formal tasks assigned to departments, the design of systems to ensure effective coordination of employees across departments, formal reporting relationships)
Louise works in the manufacturing department at Ice Sculptures. The work in Louise’s department is low in task specialization. As a result, Louise
does a variety of tasks and activities
Unity of command and the scalar principle are both closely related to the
chain of command
____ refers to a clearly defined line of authority in the organization that includes all employees.
scalar principles
Carly’s Clothes, Inc. manufactures children’s clothes. Which of the following departments for Carly’s Clothes can be considered a line department?
manufacturing dempartment
Traditionally, a span of management of about ____ has been recommended.
Relative to a flat organizational structure, a tall structure has a ____ span of management and ____ hierarchical level
narrow, more
According to your text, in very large companies, a
divisional structure is essential
Self-contained unit structure is a term used for
divisional structure
Kent works at the Tick Tock, Inc. He has two bosses, one a functional manager and the other a divisional manager. Tick Tock, Inc. has a
matrix structure
Boars’ Nest Distributors is continually hampered by an inability to adapt to an unstable environment. Which of the following is a plausible explanation as to why?
boar’s nest uses a vertical structure
Makai’s Marketing Mix (MMM) does not use its resources wisely. The employees at MMM spend too much time in meetings and not enough time focusing on the task at hand. MMM’s management should consider changing the organizational structure from ____ to ____.
horizontal, vertical
The ____ is the product or functional boss, who is responsible for one side of the matrix.
matrix boss
Walt works for a large company. Recently, his organization began to contract out such functions as training, engineering, and computer service. This approach is consistent with a
virtual network structure
An advantage of functional structures is the
resulting economies of scale
All of the following are advantages of a divisional structure EXCEPT
there is little duplication of services across divisions
The biggest advantage to a virtual network approach is ____ and ____ on a global scale.
flexibility; competitiveness
When the organization is structured along ____ lines, coordination is required.
all of these (functional, divisional, team, functional or divisional)
____ works best in a stable organizational environment.
a vertical structure
How does managerial authority flow through the organizational hierarchy?
In the ________ structure, the organization is viewed as a central hub surrounded by a network of outside specialists which are sometimes spread all over the world.
virtual network
List four reasons why planning generally positively affects a company’s performance?
Explicit goals and plans can serve the following functions: resource allocation, source of motivation and commitment, guide to action, rationale for decisions, a guide to action, and set a standard of performance
List the five characteristics of effective goals.
Goals should be (1) specific and measurable; (2) they should cover key result areas; (3) they should be challenging but realistic; (4) they should have a defined time period; and (5) they should be linked to rewards.
List Porter’s competitive forces.
Potential new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, threat of substitute products, and rivalry among competitors.
List three disadvantages of the divisional structure.
Choose three of the following — duplication of resources across divisions, less technical depth and specialization in divisions, poor coordination across divisions, less top management control, and competition for corporate resources.
List the advantages of the virtual network structure.
Global competitiveness, workforce flexibility/challenge, and reduced administrative overhead.

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