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Which of the following is NOT a valid component of authentic leadership?
Isolates self from others
Which of the following is a follower who participates actively in the organization but does not use critical thinking skills?
Which of the following is a model of leadership that describes the relationship between leadership styles and specific organizational situations?
Contingency approach
Which of the following types of power is vested in the manager’s ability to punish employees?
When leaders influence others through the exchange of benefits or favors, which influence tactic is being used?
Rule of reciprocity
A(n)_____ leader works to fulfill subordinated needs and goals as well as to achieve the organization’s larger mission.
According to the situational theory of Hersey and Blanchard, which of the following leader styles matches up best with low readiness subordinates?
Telling style
_____ means being unpretentious and modest rather than arrogant and prideful.
_____ reflects a moderate amount of concern for both people and production.
Middle of the Road Management
_____ power comes from organizational structure and promotes stability, order, and problem solving within the structure.
Self-confidence, honesty and integrity, and the desire to lead, are all components of which personal characteristic of leaders?
_____ power comes from personal sources that are not as invested in the organization, such as personal interests, goals, and values.
Two leadership styles used by Fiedler in his contingency theory were:
relationship-oriented and task-oriented.
The _____ leader is distinguished by his/her ability to bring about organizational change.
_____ power is based in the ability of the leader to do such things as recommend promotions.
Referent power depends on the leader’s:
personal characteristics.
Which of the following is consistent with initiating structure?
Task oriented behavior
Which type of leader clarifies the role and task requirements of subordinates?
Which of the following is the power coming from a formal management position in the organization?
Legitimate power
According to the leadership grid, _____ means the absence of a management philosophy, where managers exert little effort toward interpersonal relationships or work accomplishment.
impoverished management
All of the following are major approaches to leadership EXCEPT:
Progressive leadership.
The distinguishing personal characteristics of a leader are known as:
“A fire that ignites followers” is used to describe which leadership characteristic?
Which of the following refers to the highest level in a hierarchy of manager capabilities?
Level 5 leadership
Which of the following types of leader is one who has the ability to motivate subordinates to transcend their expected performance?
Beth, a middle manager at Heather’s Handbags, uses threats and punishments as ways of influencing the behavior of his subordinates. Which of the following sources of power is Beth relying on?
Coercive power
Which of the following types of power stems from a leader’s special knowledge?
a) Reward power
b) Referent power
c) Legitimate power
d) Coercive power
c) None of these
None of these
Researchers at the Ohio State University identified two major behaviors called:
consideration and initiating structure.
_____ leaders know and understand themselves, act consistently with high order ethical values, and empower and inspire others.

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