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MGSC 300 Test 1

Members of a team in a company need to understand business processes since they need to evaluate new technologies
Creating an abstraction or model of their company’s current process helps a team have an informed and better discussion about developing a new business process
A __ Is a network of activities for accomplishing a business function
business process
In the swim lane format, the specific tasks that need to be accomplished as part of a business process are known as ___
A ___ is a subset of the activities in a business process that is performed by an actor
A ___ is a collection of data that is stored within a business process
___ Represents the movement of data from one activity to another
Data flows
A role is a subset of activities in a business process
Swimline diagram is a graphical arrangement in which all the activities for a given role are shown in a single vertical line
In some business cases, a role can be fulfilled by an information system
A collection of files on the internet is a repository
Data flows represent the movement of data from one activity to another
A repository can be printed records stored in a shoebox or a collection of files in the cloud
What is a business process? How are business process modeling notations used in business processes?
Briefly describe a repository
___ Is the ratio of benefits to costs
Which of the following statements is true of the dimensions to measure process quality
An effective business process enables an organization to accomplish its strategy
The outermost components of the information systems framework
Can take action
The software and procedure components of the information systems framework are
Sets of instructions
The ___ Component of the information systems framework provides instructions for people
In an information systems framework, ___ is the bridge between the computer side on the left and the human side on the right
Which of the following components of an information system play the role of actors?
Hardware and people
When activities formerly done by people following procedures are moved to computers that perform the work by following instructions in software, the activities are said to be
Which of the following statements is true of using an information system to improve process quality
Information systems that are labor saving may not be efficient
Process effectiveness and process efficiency are the two dimensions in which the process quality can be measured
An effective business process enables an organization to accomplish its strategy
The outermost components of the symmetrical five-component framework of information systems are data and procedures
In the five-component framework od information systems, the actors are hardware and people
In the five-component framework of an information system, data is the bridge between the computer side and the human side
Procedures act as the bridge between the computer and human sides of the five-component framework of an information system
Automation is the process in which the work is transferred from human side to computer side
One of the major benefits of an information system is that it improves process quality
List the process of automation against the background of the five-component framework of the information system
Hardware, software, data, procedure, people
Describe the benefits of using an information system to store vendor and product-related data
___ is defined as recorded facts or figures
John’s height is 6 feet 3 inches. This is a type of __
The fact that Joe works nine hours per day is an example of
People can perceive different information from the same data
Data is knowledge derived from information
Which of the following statements is true about data characteristics of quality information?
The timeliness of information can be measured against events
Which of the following information is good information for the CEO of a call center?
Department-level averages of revenue generation figures
As long as information is relevant and timely, it need not always be complete
Data derived with active graphics need not be cross-checked for accuracy
All data about an organization are relevant to the higher management
For data to be worth its cost, an appropriate relationship must exist between the cost of data and its value
Information systems should not be subject to the same financial analyses to which other assets are subjected
Describe accurate information Why does an information system that provides accurate information crucial to an organization?
The competitive strategy of an organization determines its
Value Chains
The competitive strategy followed by an organization is derived from the ___ of its industry
Competitive strategy determines an organization’s value chain
Briefly describe how organizational strategy determines the functions of information systems
Which of the following statements describes suppliers in a position of strong bargaining power
Coffee planers during a season of frost that decreases production
Simpson’s lawn services decides to odder two free mowing serves for all customers who booked garden landscaping in the fall. Which of the following forces is Simpson’s Lawn Services addressing?
The threat posed by Roger’s Landscapes, a new competitor
The bargaining power of ___ is one of the five competitive forces in Porter’s five forces model
In which of the following cases is the strength of competitive forces low?
When switching costs are high
The bargaining power of a customer is weak if
The availability of a rival product is limited
Porter identified the bargaining power of competitors as one of the competitive forces.
If the costs of switching to another vendor are high, then the strength of the competitive forces is low
Typically as an individual, a customer has substantial bargaining power over a large manufacturing industry
An organization responds to the structure of its industry by choosing a __ strategy
Which of the following competitive strategies does a company following if it produces a uniquely formulated anti-ageing face cream targeted at women above the age of forty?
Focusing on product differentiation within an industry
An organization can choose to wither minimize cost or maximize differentiation to gain a competitive advantage
According to Porter, to be effective an organization’s goals, objectives, cultures, and activities must be consistent with the organization’s strategy
What are the four competitive strategies based on Porter’s five forces model?
Differentiation focus
Price Leaders
Price Leadership focus
Porter defined ___ as the amount of money that a customer is willing to pay for a resource, product, or service
The difference between the value that an activity generates and the cost the activity is called the
Which of the following is a primary activity in the value chain?
Delivering products and consumers
Organizations analyze the structure of their industry and use that analysis to formulate a competitive strategy
Value chain analysis has a direct application to manufacturing businesses
Manufacturing systems avoid linkages to reduce inventory costs
Value chains exist in service-oriented companies
Which of the following is a process implementation principle of competitive advantage?
Establishing alliances with other organizations
Which of the following is lease likely to be an outcome of organizations forming alliances with each other?
Increment of purchase cost
An information alliance with other organizations promotes product awareness
Enhancing existing product and services in a competitive advantage created by the implementation of business processes
How can one develop competitive strategies using products? How can information systems help in the process?
Describe some competitive advantage strategies that are based on business processes
Both client and server computers must use the same operating system
Application programs can be processed by both clients and servers
Microsoft Access and Microsoft Word are examples of thin-client applications.
Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer are examples of thick-client applications
A virtual machine does not have a disk space
A host operating system controls the activities of the virtual machines it hosts.
Modifying an existing firmware requires knowledge of special programs and techniques.
________ is a computer code that is written by humans and understandable by humans.
Source Code
Open source software is typically free, modifiable, and its source code is publicly available.
Any programmer or student can access and alter the source code of a closed source project.
Modifications to the source code of an open source project cannot be added to the project.
___ is used to process and receive large requests from members
Server farms
Computers request data needed data called
8 bits
A devise cache is
The memory of a device is said to be nonvolatile if ___ when the system restarted
– Its contents are retained
Computers can have two or more Central processing units
Can high end computers have up to 14 CPUS
A specification has 100 mill bytes can hold up to ___ million characters
Objects that are connected to the internet are increasing the thing imbedded in capable in processing data
Which is true of an operating System?
Written for specific hardware

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