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MGT 3013 Ch.1

The nature of management is to cope with _____ and far-reaching challenges.
Managers, in today’s work environment, rely less on _______ and more on ______ leadership.
Without ________, no company can survive over the long run.
One of the important ideas in the text’s definition of management is
The management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.
When senior managers at Gap, Inc. decided to become the number one service-quality clothing company in the world, they were engaging in the management function of
Selecting goals and ways to attain them refers to
Which of these can best describe organizing?
Assigning responsibility for task accomplishment
Which of the following is not a function of management?
How an organization goes about accomplishing a plan is a key part of the management function of
When Terry Doyle of CommuniCom, Inc. created smaller, more independent maintenance units, he was performing the function of
Using influence to motivate employees describes which of these functions?
Which of these is the use of influence to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals?
Amanda Rowley, President of Autos-R-Us, recognizes the factory employees for their outstanding performance at the monthly awards banquet on the shop floor by presenting a plaque and a check for $100. She is engaging in the management function of
Monitoring activities and making corrections are part of
Tool Techies, Inc. uses phone surveys of customers to gather information about service and quality. This is an example of the management function of
___________ is the management function concerned with monitoring employees’ activities, keeping the organization on track toward its goals, and making corrections as needed.
When Troy measures his employees’ performance and compares their performance against the goals he set for them, he is performing which of these functions?
A social entity that is goal directed and deliberately structured is referred to as a(n)
The degree to which an organization achieves a stated goal refers to
Which of the following refers to the amount of resources used to achieve an organization’s goal?
For a widget manufacturing company, worker-hours per widget is a measure of
Organizational efficiency
___________ skills is the cognitive ability to see the organization as a whole and the relationship among its parts
Juan Perez is the President of WV Railroad. His organization faces issues related to the environment, government regulation, and competition. He will need to rely primarily on his
Conceptual Skills
____________ are most important at the top management level
Conceptual Skills
A manager’s _______ skill is demonstrated in the way a manager relates to other people.
Which of the following skill is the manager’s ability to work with and through other people and to work effectively as a group member?
Which skills include specialized knowledge and analytical ability?
Which of the following are most important at lower organizational levels?
Technical Skills
Organizations often lose good employees because front-line managers fail to
Show respect
___________ is the understanding of and proficiency in the performance of specific tasks.
Technical Skill
The biggest mistake that many manager’s make is the failure to
Communicate effectively
According to the text, what are the skills used by managers when performing the four functions of management?
Conceptual, human, and technical
Which of the following are responsible for the entire organization?
Top managers
What is the main concern of first-level managers?
Facilitating individual performance
The most important responsibilities for _____ managers include communicating a shared vision for the organization and shaping corporate culture.
Marley is the executive director of the local Community for Critters. Her level in the management hierarchy is that of a(n)
Top manager
Consider the following three managers from Outrageous Outfitters, Inc. Tiffany Blanchard is the president, Timothy Thompson is the director of marketing, and Karen Baxter is a maintenance supervisor. Which of the following statements is true?
Tiffany does more planning than Karen
Donna Hyde is the head of the finance department at Muumuu Manufacturing, Inc. Her level in the management hierarchy is that of a(n)
Middle manager
Patty Rohrer is the director of human resources at Pet Grooming, Inc. She can be best described as a
Functional manager
_________ managers are responsible for departments that perform a single functional task and have employees with similar training and skills.
Today’s middle manager is responsible for creating a ____________ rather than managing the flow of information up and down the hierarchy.
Horizontal Network
Kyle Erckard, manager of the jewelry division of a major dept. store, coordinated the work of several people across several departments to accomplish a $500,000 fundraising for an animal shelter. He can best be described in his fundraising activities as a(n)
Project manager
Which of the following best describes Terrance’s position as a project manager?
He is responsible for self-contained division and all the departments within it.
Temporary management professionals responsible for a temporary work project that involves the participation of people from various functions and levels of the organization are called
Project manager
Calvin Strine is the office manager of a local accounting firm. His level in the management hierarchy is that of a(n)
First line manager
Which of the following best describes Stacey’s position as a functional manager?
She supervises employees with similar training and skills.
Which of these managers are responsible for the manufacturing and marketing departments that make or sell the product or service?
Which of these managers are in charge of departments such as finance and HR that support line departments?
____ are responsible for departments that perform a single task and have employees with similar training skills.
Functional managers
Taylor Brittingham is a general manager. Which of the following best describes her position?
She is responsible for various departments.
One of the things managers enjoy doing the most is:
Leading others
Of all management duties, one of the things managers like the least is:
Handling paperwork
The individual performer is a(n) ____; whereas, the manager has to be a(n)
Specialists/ generalists.
The individual identity includes which of the following?
Works relatively independently.
Which of the following includes the manager identity?
A network builder.
Being a successful manager means thinking in terms of all of the following, except:
Generating most profit.
Manager’s Shoptalk in Chapter 1 outlines all of the following issues would-be managers should consider except:
The technical aspects of management.
Which of the following is not one of the conceptual categories of managerial roles Mintzberg defined?
Which of the following is an informational role, according to Mintzberg?
Monitor roll
Gail Griffith, manager of the finance division, distributes relevant information everyday to all her employees enabling them to make quality decisions. Gail is performing which of the following roles?
Dissemination role.
The president of Pepsi Company is the keynote speaker at a retirement dinner for a long time bottler. This is an example of which of the following roles?
Figurehead role
According to Mintzberg, when Amanda attends a subordinate’s wedding she is performing which of these roles?
If Bradley Hak is responsible for maintaining information links both inside and outside organizations by using mail, phone calls, and conducting meetings as daily activities, he would be considered a
Which of the following is not a decisional role?
The ____ role involves resolving conflicts among subordinates between the managers department and other departments
disturbance handler
According to Mintzberg, which of these is an interpersonal role?
Maintaining information links are the activities consistent with the ____ role.
Which of the following roles involve bargaining with others to meet the unit or departmental goals?
If a manager finds a severe decline in employee morale and direction, they may need to spend more time in the ____ role.
What is the role of the liaison?
The liaison role pertains to the development of information sources both inside and outside the organization.
What is the role of the negotiator?
The negotiator role involves formal negotiations and bargaining to attain outcomes for the manager’s unit of responsibility.
If a manager finds several new competitors on the horizon, they may need to spend more time in the which role?
To meet the needs of the organization, all managers carry out the three major categories of roles. They are: ____, ____, and ____ roles.
informational, interpersonal, and decisional
Since not-for-profit organizations do not have a conventional ____, managers may struggle with the question of what constitutes results and effectiveness.
bottom line
A manager in for-profit business focuses primarily on ____, while a manager of a non-profit focuses on ____.
the bottom-line, social impact
One of the roles that a small business manager may emphasize over their counterpart in a large organization is ____.
In the new workplace, work is ____, in contrast to the old workplace where work was ____.
flexible; structured
The benefits of using interim managers include:
all of these
____ is not a force affecting transition from the old workplace to the new workplace..
Success in the new workplace depends on the strength and quality of ____.
collaborative relationships
__________ has become the new imperative, despite the need for companies to control costs in today’s economy.
With its “community of interest” in a pre-Facebook era, the Grateful Dead band’s ability to ________ is a principle factor for its success over several decades.
Regina, owner and operator of a small restaurant, believes that her most important task as manager is establishing goals for the restaurant and deciding what must be done to achieve them. This involves which aspect of what managers do?
Setting objectives
Which of the following is a function of management?
Robert, a top-level manager at an advertising agency, spends a significant part of his work day identifying goals for future organizational performance and deciding how to use resources to attain these goals. This involves which management function?
Problems within the finance industry in 2008 have been attributed to a breakdown in which managerial function?
By definition, an organization is considered ___________ because it is made up of two or more people.
a social entity
Jessica was recently praised by her supervisor for displaying superior customer service during an encounter with a problem customer. This is an example of organizational:
Stefan, a supermarket cashier, recently received an award for having the highest scan rate among all cashiers. This is an example of organizational:
Within her role as a small business consultant, Alexa analyzes how organizations fit into their industries, the communities, and the broader social environment. This type of analysis involves which management skill?
Sabrina recently helped her subordinates at work resolve an interpersonal conflict by listening to the problem and serving as a mediator. This is an example of use of which management skill?
Sally is vice president of administration at a large non-profit charity for animals. She most likely falls within which management level?
Top manager
Shyloh is a research analyst who gets things done mostly through her own efforts, relying on herself rather than others. Shyloh can best be described as a(n):
Individual performer

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