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MGT 3013 Ch. 2

A(n) ____ perspective provides a broader way of thinking, a way of searching for patterns and determining whether they recur across time periods.
____ forces refer to those aspects of a culture that guide and influence relationships among people.
Which of these forces comprises unwritten, common rules and perceptions about relationships?
Social forces
Which of these forces pertain to the availability, production, and distribution of resources in a society?
Strong anti-American sentiments in many parts of the world exemplify the effect of
political forces.
According to the Manager’s Shoptalk of chapter 2, which of the following is not in the top five contemporary management tools?
Collaborative innovation
According to the Manager’s Shoptalk of chapter 2, Indian executives are more likely to use tools such as
strategic alliances and collaborative innovation.
____ is the most current management perspective.
Open (collaborative) innovation
The nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw the development of which management perspective?
The Classical perspective
Which of these perspectives emphasized a rational, scientific approach to the study of management and sought to make organizations efficient operating machines?
The classical perspective
Which of these is a subfield of the classical management perspective that emphasized scientifically determined changes in management practices as the solution to improving labor productivity?
The scientific management movement
Frank Gilbreth felt that efficiency equated with ____.
one best way to do work
Who is considered the “first lady of management?”
Lillian Gilbreth
The three subfields of the classical perspective include
administrative management, bureaucratic organization, and scientific management.
____ is considered the “father of scientific management.”
Frederick W. Taylor
Which of the following is a bar graph that measures planned and completed work along each stage of production by time elapsed?
Gantt chart
Frederick Taylor’s contributions were in the field of
Scientific management
Which of the following is not a criticism of scientific management?
It does not appreciate the careful study of tasks and jobs.
Standardization of work and wage incentives are characteristics of
scientific management.
Which of these is a major criticism of scientific management?
It ignored the social context of work.
The bureaucratic organizations approach is a subfield within the ____.
classical perspective
According to Weber’s ideas on bureaucracy, organizations should be based on which of these?
Rational authority
Archies’ Antiques, Inc., is characterized by separation of management from ownership and by clearly defined lines of authority and responsibility. These characteristics are consistent with the principles of
bureaucratic organizations
All of the following are characteristics of Weberian bureaucracy EXCEPT
Management is the same as the ownership of the organization.
Max Weber felt selection of employees should be based on:
Positions organized in a hierarchy of authority is an important characteristic of
bureaucratic organizations.
UPS is successful in the small package delivery market. One important reason for this success is the concept of
Whereas scientific management focused on ______ , administrative principles approach focused on the _______.
individual productivity, total organization
Mary Parker Follett contributed to which field?
Humanistic approach
The assembly line is most consistent with which of the following general principles of management?
Division of work
The principle that similar activities in an organization should be grouped together under one manager is the essence of the classical perspective known as
unity of direction.
The use of specialization to produce more and better work with the same level of effort is consistent with the administrative management principle of
division of work.
The ____ refers to a chain of authority extending from top to the bottom of the organization and including every employee.
scalar chain
Mary Parker Follett thought of leadership as ____, rather than techniques.
Chester Bernard felt that ____ could help a poorly managed organization
informal relations
A social group within an organization is part of the
informal organization.
A significant contribution of Chester Barnard was the concept of
the informal organization
The ____ emphasized the importance of understanding human behaviors, needs, and attitudes in the workplace as well as social interactions and group processes.
humanistic perspective
Which of these refers to the management thinking and practice that emphasizes satisfaction of employees’ basic needs as the key to increased worker productivity?
Human relations movement
Most early interpretations of the Hawthorne studies argued that the factor that best explained increased output was
human relations.
The findings provided by the Hawthorne Studies provided the impetus for the ____, despite flawed methodology or inaccurate conclusions.
humanistic perspective
The human resources perspective of management links motivation theories with ____.
employee tasks
A “dairy farm” view of management, i.e., contented cows give more milk, so satisfied workers will give more work was espoused by
human relations management.
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs started with which of these needs?
Tommy believes his employees are responsible, creative, and able to work with minimal direction. He is a
Theory Y manager.
Beth Brant, production supervisor at Trustworthy Tools Mfg., Inc. believes that her employees dislike work, avoid responsibility, and therefore they need to be controlled and directed. Beth is a
Theory X manager.
According to Douglas McGregor, the classical perspective on management is consistent with which of the following?
Theory X manager.
The behavioral sciences approach is based on which of the following disciplines?
All of these
Organizational development is one specific set of management techniques based in the ____ approach.
behavioral sciences
The management science perspective emerged after World War II to treat problems associated with
modern global warfare.
The management science perspective applies all of the following to managerial problems EXCEPT
qualitative techniques
Operations research grew out of World War II groups and is based on ____.
mathematical equations
The teamwork philosophy is based in part on the assumption that five people working together can produce more than five people working individually. This philosophy is consistent with the concept of
10 + 10 = 25 reflects which of these?
In ____ every situation is viewed as unique.
a case view
It is often difficult to make decisions about subsystems, because they are ____.
In order to determine how to deal with a problem employee, Sharon evaluated the employee, the problem, and the context in which the problem occurred. She is applying which of the following perspectives?
Contingency view
A consultant who recommends the effectiveness of sensitivity training to every organization he serves is violating the basics of which of the following perspectives?
Contingency perspective
Which of the following is often considered the “father of the quality movement?”
____ focuses on managing the whole organization to deliver quality to customers.
Total Quality Management
Elements of TQM include
____ is a process whereby companies find out how others do something better than they do and then try to imitate or improve on it.
The implementation of small incremental improvements in all areas of the organization on an ongoing basis is referred to as
continuous improvement.
Which of the following refers to managing the sequence of suppliers and purchasers, covering all stages of processing from obtaining raw materials to distributing finished goods to consumers?
Supply chain management
Which of the following uses the latest information technology to keep in close touch with customers and to collect and manage large amounts of customer data?
Customer Relationship Management
An innovation mindset that strives to meet customers’ immediate needs quickly and inexpensively is referred to as:
Jessica is a recent college graduate who is seeking a job that includes telecommuting, shared jobs, flextime, and organization-sponsored sabbaticals. Based on this information, Jessica most likely belongs to which demographic group?
Generation Y
Time and motion studies that resulted in drastic reduction in the time patients spent on the operating table were pioneered by:
Frank Gilbreth
Genex Dynamics is a ballistics company that uses the unity of command, scalar chain, and division of work principles. These are part of which management philosophy?
Administrative principles approach
Matrix Dress Designs operates using the concept of empowerment, where employees act independently and with management facilitating rather than controlling workers. These qualities represent which management approach?
Humanistic approach
A key finding in the Hawthorne studies was which of these?
Human relations increased productivity
Theory X and Theory Y was developed by
Douglas McGregor
The Forestville Freeze is regionally known for its employee training programs. Managers at the Freeze conduct research to determine the best candidate interviewing techniques. This involves use of which management approach?
Behavioral sciences approach
Within his role as a financial accountant, Roger uses the capital asset pricing model and other mathematical tools to help clients keep track of their finances. Which perspective or approach does Roger apply most at his work?
Quantitative perspective
The most recent subfield of the quantitative perspective is _________, which is reflected in management information systems designed to provide relevant information to managers in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
Information technology
Which of the following refers to financial managers and others who base their decisions on complex quantitative analysis, under assumption that using advanced mathematics and technology can accurately predict how the market works?
From the 1950s until today, which management perspective has remained the most prevalent?
Georgia, an airline CEO, often looks for patterns of movement within the airline industry, focusing on the qualities of rhythm, flow, direction, shape, and networks of relationships. This type of activity, referred to as ________thinking, allows Georgia to see the structures that underlie complex situations within the industry and company.
After decades of being a manager, Jeffrey has learned that an organizational structure that is effective for one company is likely to be ineffective for a different company. This knowledge reflects which current management perspective?
Contingency view
__________ specifies a goal of no more than 3.4 defects per million parts.
Six sigma
Which of the following is identified as a recent trend that has staying power?
Relationship management

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