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MGT 3013 Ch. 3

The environments in which businesses operate are increasingly ____, requiring managers to be ready to react and respond to even subtle environmental shifts.
____ includes all elements existing outside the boundary of the organization that have the potential to affect the organization.
Organizational environement
____ system draws resources from the external environment and releases goods and services back to it.
The ____ environment represents the outer layer of the environment and affects organizations ____.
general; indirectly
All of these are a part of an organization’s task environment EXCEPT
Which of these is NOT a part of an organization’s general environment?
____ is a part of Ford’s, the U.S. auto manufacturer, task environment
____ is a part of an organization’s internal environment.
Its salespeople
Molly Madison received “The Employee of the Month” Award at Internal Workings Remodeling Service in April. Molly would be considered a part of which of these for Internal Workings?
Internal environment
The ____ of the external environment represents events originating in foreign countries as well as opportunities for American companies in other countries.
International dimension
Scientific and technological advancements in a specific industry as well as in society at large are included in which general environment dimension?
Technological dimension
Which dimension of the general environment represents the demographic characteristics, norms, customs, and values of the population within which the organization operates?
Sociocultural dimension
When Miami Herald launches a Spanish-language newspaper, El Nuevo Herald, with articles emphasizing Hispanic, Cuban, and Latin American news and sports, it is responding to changes in ____ environment.
____ environment consists of demographic factors, such as population density.
Anyone considering doing business in China, according to Manager’s Shoptalk in Chapter 3, should keep in mind all of the following rules except:
Be efficient with use of time
Which of the following rules, according to Manager’s Shoptalk in Chapter 3, is about forging an emotional bond?
Don’t skip the small talk
Lying at the heart of Chinese culture, ____ is a supportive, mutually beneficial connection between two people.
The general environment dimension that includes consumer purchasing power, the unemployment rate, and interest rates is called the
economic dimension.
A government inspection has required your company to upgrade the safety equipment in the manufacturing process of ice creamery. What dimension of the external environment has influenced these upgrades?
The ____ dimension of the general environment includes federal, state, and local government regulations.
An interest group that works within the legal-political framework to influence companies to behave in socially responsible ways is called a(n)
pressure group.
Which of the following dimensions of the general environment includes all elements that occur naturally on earth?
Natural dimension
The people and organizations in the environment who acquire goods or services from the organization are
Integrated Computers, Inc. wants to compile a profile of the customer it will target in its next promotional mailing. What environment would this be found in?
Task environment
For Southwest Airlines, all of the following can be suppliers EXCEPT
Delta Airlines (providing competition).
____ is(are) included in an organization’s task environment.
The ____ represents people in the environment who can be hired to work for the organization.
labor market
Ally’s Applesauce is in the process of hiring sixty new workers. The personnel department has a large pool of unskilled labor to draw from due to the high unemployment rate in the local area. Which dimension of the external environment is involved here?
Labor market
The internal environment within which managers work includes all of the following except
labor market
Which of the following roles are assumed by people and/or departments that link and coordinate the organization with key elements in the external environment?
Which of the following is NOT a part of adapting the organization to changes in the environment for coping with high environmental uncertainty?
Advertising/public relations
____ is an approach to boundary spanning which results from using sophisticated software to search through large amounts of internal and external data to spot patterns, trends, and relationships that might be significant.
Business intelligence
Kristen’s Jewelry Shop has just hired a comparative shopper to visit other local jewelry stores to gain product pricing information. What strategy is this describing?
Boundary-spanning roles
Based on the notion that organizations are dealing with a very turbulent and uncertain external environment, more organizations are requiring ____ to perform boundary-spanning activities.
all employees
Companies can reduce boundaries and increase collaboration with other organizations by creating
interorganizational partnerships.
Many organizations are adapting to the environment by developing more of a(n) ____ relationship rather than a(n) ____ relationship with competitors.
partnership, adversarial
When two or more organizations combine to become one, it is referred to as a
In a joint venture between large and small businesses, large businesses can provide all of the following EXCEPT
top level management.
Culture can be defined as
the set of key values, beliefs, understandings, and norms shared by members of an organization
The level of corporate culture which cannot be seen but can be discerned from how people explain and justify what they do is
Expressed values and beliefs
The level of corporate culture in which values are so deeply embedded that members are no longer consciously aware of them is
Expressed values and beliefs
____ are associated with surface level of organizational culture.
Manners of dress
Which of the following would be considered a visual representation(s) of a company’s corporate culture?
All of these.
An object, act, or event that conveys meaning to others is referred to as a
Symbols, stories, and heroes are important because they
communicate the significant values of an organization.
____ is a narrative based on true event that is repeated frequently and shared by organizational employees.
A figure who exemplifies the deeds, character, and attributes of a corporate culture is referred to as a
Heroes are important to an organization due to the fact that they
all of these.
A ____ represents a phrase or sentence that succinctly expresses a key corporate value.
McDonald’s “We Love to See You Smile” represents a
“Chiquita. Perfect for Life.” was Chiquita’s
If a company emphasizes that “no purchase is complete until the customer is satisfied,” then it’s
using a slogan to present their values to customers and employees.
Culture tends to differ between ____, but appears similar within ____.
organizations, industries
All of the following are types of corporate cultures except
clan culture.
The adaptability culture emerges in an environment that requires ____ response and ____ decision making.
fast; high-risk
Which of the following cultures is suited to organizations that are concerned with servicing specific customers in the external environment but without the intense need for flexibility and rapid change?
Achievement culture
The involvement culture has a(n) ____ focus on the involvement and participation of employees to rapidly meet changing needs from the environment.
The consistency culture has a(n) ____ focus and an orientation for a ____ environment.
internal; stable
Which of the following cultures values and rewards a methodical, rational, orderly way of doing things?
Consistency culture
____ plays a key role in creating an organizational climate that enables learning and innovative responses to threats from the external environment, challenging new opportunities, or organizational crises.
Corporate culture
What is likely to happen to organizations that pay little attention to either cultural values or business results?
Unlikely to survive for long
What is likely to happen to organizations that pay little attention to cultural values and instead stress business results?
Profitable in short run but difficult to sustain over long term
A high-performance culture is based on all of the following except
singular focus on business results
In a study by Kotter and Haskett evidence is provided to support the claim that ____ is important for performance.
managing cultural values
Blockbuster’s weakened performance in recent years stems from which of the following?
Inability to respond to the changing environment
Executives at One World Advertising have learned that it is necessary to establish strong personal relationships and emotional bonds with Chinese business partners. This relates most closely to which dimension of the general business environment?
Stan is the owner of a small marketing firm. He designs ad campaigns that specifically target demographic groups within U.S. markets. Which demographic category currently has the largest market size?
Baby boomers
Animal-One is a campaign organization that drums up public awareness about the use of animals in cosmetic testing. The group condemns traditional cosmetic companies while promoting smaller, all-natural companies that do not test on animals. Animal-One can best be described as a(n):
Pressure group
In response to pressure from environmental advocates, organizations have become increasingly sensitive to diminishing:
Natural resources
SweetTooth Candies is a U.S.-based company that manufactures and distributes candy bars and snack foods globally. The company sources most of its cocoa and sugar from South American companies. This business relationship highlights which dimension of the task environment?
_________ means that managers do not have sufficient information about environmental factors to understand and predict environmental needs and changes
Roberta is a top-level executive at a banking institution. She spends a significant part of her day meeting with local government officials, every day consumers, and federal banking officials to address key issues in the banking industry. Roberta’s role can best be described as:
Three large electronics companies have recently collaborated to develop an innovative new cell phone. This is an example of which managerial trend?
Interorganizational partnership
In the current external business environment, which of the following is true?
Joint ventures are on the rise
Jefferson and Squire is an advertising firm that is viewed as having a fast-paced and posh corporate culture. The company uses bold coloring with expensive accents in all office décor. This exemplifies which level of corporate culture?
Visible artifacts
Roadtec Tire Company has a corporate culture that emphasizes an internal focus on the involvement and participation of employees, placing high value on meeting the needs of employees. The company is known for its caring, family-like atmosphere. Which type of corporate culture does Roadtec possess?
Involvement culture
Research indicates that the one factor that increases a company’s value the most is:
People and how they are treated
Terry manages a food distribution company that is highly focused on creating a strong cohesive culture, but the company does not tie organizational values directly to goals and desired business results. Terry’s company most likely falls in which quadrant of organizational performance and culture?
Quadrant B
James, a casino manager, defines and uses signals and symbols to influence corporate culture by communicating central values to employees. As such, James can be described as what type of leader?
Cultural leader

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