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MGT 3111 Ch. 11

An appointment with a potential customer to explain or demonstrate your product or service is called a ________.
A) Sales call
B) Prequalification
C) Product demonstration
D) Cold call
E) Survey
Which of the following is NOT a principle of selling?
A) Make a good personal impression
B) Know your customer
C) Know your field
D) Believe in your product or service
E) Think pessimistically
When is an entrepreneur done collecting market research for his/her business?
A) Never
B) When the business has been operating for six months
C) When the business has been opened
D) Prior to the first sale
E) After the first sale
Which of the following is not an example of customer service?
A) Making customers happier by listening to them
B) Suggesting a less expensive product that will meet the customer’s need
C) Providing free delivery
D) Cutting resource costs
E) Upgrading production lines
Once you make a sale, don’t forget to fill out a ________.
A) Customer receipt
B) Bill
C) Invoice
D) Note
E) None of the above
If you decide to pay yourself a commission from your business, you will be earning ________.
A) A percentage of each sale
B) A percentage of your business profit
C) A set salary
D) An hourly wage
E) None of the above
Telling the truth about any negative aspect of a product or service usually ________.
A) Gains your customer’s trust
B) Annoys your customer
C) Means that you are dishonest
D) Is stupid
E) Shows that you are a fool
When you build your Web site, make sure that you register it with at least ________ search engines.
A) Three
B) Ten
C) One
D) Five
E) Four
Information such as customers’ e-mail addresses and purchasing history can be stored in a simple computer ________.
A) Database
B) Web site
C) Program
D) Virus
E) Worm
Brian Tracy believes that all objections fall into one of six categories. Which of the following is NOT one of the six?
A) Support, warranties, and assurances
B) Price
C) Follow-up service and competition
D) Performance
E) None of the above
An angry customer can make you angry too. However, it is crucial that ________.
A) You stay calm and ask the customer to explain the situation, not interrupting the customer as they speak
B) You make your points to the customer
C) You ensure that you continue to sell your product or service
D) You win the argument
E) None of the above
Objectives during a sales call are to make the customer ________.
A) Want to buy your product or service
B) Want to buy the product or service from you
C) Aware of your product or service
D) All of the above
E) None of the above
Customer service after a sale is an investment of time, money, and energy ________.
A) That can have a very high return on investment
B) That has no return on investment
C) That 250 other people will share
D) That has a low return on investment
E) All of the above
Using technology to sell ________.
A) Can be useful in helping you communicate your product to the customer and to stay in touch with the customer
B) Is of little value
C) Is not really necessary
D) Can confuse customers
E) None of the above
Customer complaints should be ________.
A) Acknowledged and responded to politely
B) Politely ignored
C) Carefully listened to, but not responded to
D) Not taken seriously
E) Overlooked
Losing a customer can hurt by ________.
A) Losing the current sale
B) Losing your reputation and future business
C) Loss of jobs
D) All of the above
E) None of the above
Entrepreneurs sell constantly to ________.
A) Potential employees
B) Potential investors
C) Customers
D) All of the above
E) None of the above
What should you do when a customer raises objections during a sales call?
A) Acknowledge objections as they arise and respond to them.
B) Ignore them; the customer will forget about them by the time the call is over.
C) Shorten the sales call; don’t waste time on a customer who has objections to your product or service.
D) Pretend that you didn’t hear the customer.
E) Convince the customer they are wrong.
Joe Girard’s Law of ________ states that just a few unhappy customers can keep a great many other customers away from your business.
A) 250
B) 200
C) Sales
D) 150
E) 50
People that you think might be receptive to your sales presentation are called ________.
A) Prospects
B) Consumers
C) Customers
D) Suckers
E) Lifers
Successful businesses are built on ________.
A) Repeat business
B) Big sales
C) Frequent sales
D) Intermittent business
E) Occasional business
When you sell, you should always listen carefully to customer complaints because ________.
A) They provide invaluable information about how to improve the product or service
B) Customers are happier when you listen to them
C) Customers will get upset
D) It’s better to have customers complain to you than to other people
E) All of the above
Every sales call is an opportunity to ________.
A) Improve your selling skills
B) Talk and talk and talk to the customer
C) Trick customers
D) Lie to sell your product
E) None of the above
During each sales call you make, focus on this question: ________
A) What does the customer need?
B) How can I convince the customer to ignore his/her objections?
C) How can I make the customer buy from me?
D) How much profit can I make?
E) What should I have for lunch?
Everything that a business does to keep its customers happy is called ________.
A) Customer service
B) Customer appreciation
C) Postsale service
D) Purchaser service
E) Customer amenity
The best sales people ________.
A) Learn about a customer’s family, hobbies, and interests
B) Keep good records
C) Keep files on their customers with all sorts of information to deepen the relationship and create genuine friendships
D) All of the above
E) None of the above
Some sales cycles take ________.
A) months
B) years
C) minutes
D) Both A and B
E) A, B, and C
The most important thing to do during a sales call is ________.
A) Listen, in order to learn what the customer needs
B) Keep talking so the customer doesn’t lose interest
C) Ask questions to keep the customer engaged in the sales call
D) Talk to co-workers
E) Lie to make the sale
Entrepreneurs ________ constantly, not just to customers, but to investors, bankers, and people they want to hire.
A) Try to make a good impression
B) Sell
C) Both of the above
When you are starting out and cannot afford to pay sales representatives full-time salaries, you can offer ________ instead.
A) Commissions
B) Marketing plans
C) Bonuses
D) Hourly wages
E) None of the above

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