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MGT 400

Principles are
specific and pervasive boundaries for behavior that are universal and absolute.
Social responsibility is
an organization’s obligation to maximize its positive effects and minimize its negative effects on stakeholders.
What was enacted to restore confidence in financial reporting and business ethics after the accounting scandals of the early 2000s?
Sarbanes-Oxley Act
The term business ethics is best described by the following statement:
It comprises the principles, values, and standards that guide behavior in the world of business.
During the 1990s, the institutionalization of business ethics was largely driven by which piece of legislation.
Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations.
Business ethics, as a field, has passed through which of the following states?
Theological discussion to recognition of social issues to a field of study.
Ethics is a part of decision making
at all levels of work and management.
What agency focuses on firms taking action to prevent and detect business misconduct in cooperation with government regulation?
Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations.
Which of the following is generally not considered a business ethics issue?
Type of government
Which of the following was not a provision of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act?
It outlawed bribery of officials in other countries.
Stakeholders’ power over businesses stems from their
ability to withdraw or withhold resources.
Those who have a claim in some aspect of a firm’s products, operations, markets, industry, and outcomes are known as
Which of the following do not typically engage in transactions with a company and thus are not essential for its survival?
Secondary Stakeholders
A firm that makes use of a ______ recognizes other stakeholders beyond investors, employees, and suppliers, and explicitly acknowledges the two way dialog that exists between a firm’s internal and external environments.
Stakeholder interaction model
The degree to which a firm understands and addresses stakeholder demands can be referred to as
a stakeholder orientation.
Which of the following industries tends to generate a high level of trust from consumers and stakeholders?
Which of the following is not a benefit that primary stakeholders tend to provide to organizations?
Pro-bono bookeeping
A stakeholder group that is absolutely necessary for a firm’s survival is defined as
When unethical acts are discovered in a firm, in most instances
there was knowing cooperation of complicity from within the company.
Which of the following is not a method typically employed by firms when researching relevant stakeholder groups?
In marketing communications, lying causes predicaments for companies because it destroys
When a commercial states that a product is superior to any other on the market, the marketer risks accusations of ?
Optimization is defined as
a trade-off between equity and efficiency
Which of the following has been identified by the Ethics Resource Center as the leading form of observed misconduct in organizations?
Misuse of company resources
An activity is probably ethical if it
does not make consumers feel cheated, deceived, or manipulated.
The first step toward understanding business ethics is to
develop ethical-issue awareness.
Among retail stores, ____ is a larger problem than customer shoplifting.
internal employee theft.
The ethical decision-making process begins when?
stakeholders trigger ethical issue awareness and individuals openly discuss it with others.
Which of the following is not a side-effect of being the victim of workplace bullying?
increased productivity.
_____ is defined as any purposeful communication that deceives, manipulates, or conceals facts in order to create a false impression.
____ law defines the rights and duties of individuals and organizations (including businesses).
____ law not only prohibits specific actions in business such as fraud, theft, or securities trading violations, but also imposes fines or imprisonment as punishment for breaking the law.
Which of the following is not a provision of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act?
Creates an organization to pay the bills of low-income consumers.
_____ ties giving to a business’ overall strategy and objectives.
Cause-related marketing
Anticompetitive strategies that focus on weakening or destroying a competitor have spurred antitrust legislation and include all of the following except
free samples.
Which is not one of the four sources of criminal and civil laws?
Judicial law
The ____ is an independent agency within the Federal Reserve System that “regulates the offering and provision of consumer financial products or services under the Federal consumer financial laws.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
The primary objective of U.S. antitrust laws is to
distinguish competitive strategies that enhance consumer welfare from those that reduce it.
What is a primary reason why some small businesses resist the opening of large chain retailers like Walmart or Home Depot?
Because the large size creates economies of scale and they can charge lower prices.
____ focuses on developing sound organizational practices and integrity for financial and nonfinancial performance measures, rather than on an individual’s morals.
Core practices

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