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mgt chapter 8

Which of the following is a business activity that an organization does especially well relative to its competition?
cash cow
core competence
core competence
When AT&T decided to buy media one, a cable company, it was pursuing _______ strategy.
a business-level
an internal growth
a functional level
a corporate level
a mulitdomestic
a corporate level
Decision regarding the proper amount of advertising for a particular good or service are related to _______ strategies
tactical level
corporate level
functional level
business level
business level
Strategy ________ refers to the use of managerial tools to direct resources toward the achievement of strategic goals
Fred has been assigned to conduct a SWOT analysis for his organization, Flintstones, Inc. As part of this assignment Fred will:
a. Conduct an external wage survey
b. search for the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that impact his firm
c. choose a grand strategy for his firm
d. do a cost/benefit analysis
e. develop a mission
search for the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that impact his firm
Where does the information about opportunities and threats come from?
a. an analysis of the organization’s internal environment
b. a department by department study of the organization
c. scanning the external environment
d. employee grievances
e. financial ratios of the organization
scanning the external environment
Which of the following is NOT a strength of the social network company Facebook?
a. A new legislation that opens the international markets
b. technological know-how
c. an aggressive and innovative culture
d. a partnership with Microsoft
e. the explosion of work networks and the preference for Facebook by older generations
A new legislation that opens the international markets
How business units and product lines fit together in a logical way is the essence of ______ strategy.
The BCG matrix organizes along which of the following dimensions?
Market share and profit
sales and market share
business growth rate and market share
business growth rate and profit
sales and profits
business growth rate and market share
Double Click Inc. has a number of strategic business units. Their hand-held computer unit has a large market share in this rapidly growing industry. Their hand-held computer business would be classified as:
a dog
a star
a quesiton mark
a cash cow
stuck in the middle
a star
Which of these is true about the cash cow?
a. it represents a business with real potential for growth
b. it is a business that should get heavy investments from a company
c. companies would be wise to invest cautiously in this business and expect it to grow
d. it is a business that will produce profits for a company, but those profits should be invested in other businesses
e. it is generally a dead business that should be divested
it is a business that will produce profits for a company, but those profits should be invested in other businesses
Which of the following strategies refers to acquiring a new business that was once a supplier or a customer?
horizontal integration
vertical integration
unrelated diversification
related diversification
strategic partnership
related diversification
All of the following are parter’s competitive forces expect:
bargaining power of buyers
bargaining power of suppliers
threats of substitute products
potential new entrants
Which of Porters five forces is influenced by all of the other four?
Threat of substitute products
Rivalry among competitors
bargaining power of buyers
potential new entrants
bargaining power of suppliers
Rivalry among competitors
Which strategy can be profitable for an organization when customers are loyal and willing to pay high prices?
Overall cost leadership
Mingles Inc. concentrates its efforts on its target market of 18-to25 years olds. Its is using _______ strategy.
a differentiation
a multidomestic
an overall cost leadership
a focus
a universal
a focus
If ABC international has standardized its product line throughout the world, its is pursuing a ______ strategy
Which of the following refers to a strategy that combines global coordination to attain efficiency with flexibility to meet specific needs in various countries?
domestic strategy
global strategy
transnational strategy
multi domestic strategy
region design strategy
multi domestic strategy
Some people argue that _______ is the most difficult and most important part of strategic management
strategy evaluation
strategic formation
strategic analysis
strategic implementation
SWOT analysis
strategic implementation
All of the following are clues for creating an environment and process conductive to effective strategy implementation except:
a. assume commitment to the strategy
b. devise a clear implementation plan
c. pay attention to culture
d. take advantage of employees knowledge and skills
e. communicate, communicate, communicate
assume commitment to the strategy

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