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Today, management is defined as efficient and effective pursuit of organization accomplished by engaging in all of the following functions except:
which of the following characterize(s) an intrapreneur?
works inside existing organization

mobilizes organizational resources

sees opportunities for a product or service

Because they are willing to take risks in the pursuit of new opportunities including risks in personal finance failure, ____ need the confidence to act decisively
The management function of ____ involves setting goals and deciding how to achieve them
while both managers and entrepreneurs feel a sense of urgency, ___ are especially apt to be impatient and want to get things done as quickly as possible particularly, action oriented
what are some rewards of studying management?
the ability to earn more as one acquires more education

possible status rewards, such as larger office, as one moves up the managerial hierarchy

the ability to do fairly well financially compared to most workers

managers with titles such as department head, supervisor, and team leader who make short-term operating decisions and direct the tasks of non-managerial personnel are called:
first-line managers
of the following selections choose all that explain how the internet can affect companies or activities that depend heavily on the flow of information
accelerates decision making, conflict, and stress

lowers cost of communications

enables use of collaborative computing

___must have a high tolerance for ambiguity as they are trying to do things that have not been done before
T/F managers are now using videoconferencing less
T/F managers have an opportunity to counsel, motivate, advise, guide, and empower large groups of people. become mentors
T/F a major challenge to the manager, which will increase over the next several decades, is to maximize the contributions of employees diverse in gender, age, race, and ethnicity
a manager’s informational role includes which of the following?
Monitor, disseminator, spokesperson
the managerial function of __ involves monitoring performance, comparing it to goals, and taking corrective action when needed
T/F a functional manager is responsible for several organizational activities
False (only one activity)
____means to use resources — people, money, materials, and the like — wisely and cost-effectively
which of the two following scenarios accurately reflect what Mintzberg found regarding manager’s time?
manager’s days are full of interruptions and consist of numerous small tasks

managers must guard their time due to the numerous demands on it

which of the following is NOT one of the rewards of practicing management?
it will guarantee you will become wealthy
which statement(s) are true about nonprofit organizations?
main purpose offer services to clients

may operate in public sector and in private sector

conceptual skills, which consist of the ability to think analytically, to visualize an organization as a whole, and to understand how the parts work together, are particularly important for __managers, who make decisions that affect the whole organization
managers who are responsible for several organizational activities rather than just one are called __managers
POLC is an abbreviation for which management process:
plan, organize, lead, control
a ____ organization’s purpose is to make money by offering products or services
motivating, directing, and otherwise influencing people to work hard to achieve the organization’s goals is defined as
managers operate within __ are a group of ppl who work together try to achieve some specific purpose
___ occurs when employees work from home or remote locations of informational technologies
gestures and symbols don’t have the same meaning to everyone throughout the world. Amanda an American working in Greece, waved goodbye to her Greek colleague, Helen. How did Helen most likely interpret this gesture?
as an insult
which of the following characterizes and intrapreneur?
works inside existing organization, sees opportunities for a product or service, mobilizes organizational resources
what are some of the important implications of e-business today?
accelerated decision making combined with conflict and stress

changes in org structure, jobs, goal setting, and knowledge management

increasing use of e-management and e-communication

Which of the following organizations measures success not by profits generated, but by effectiveness of services delivered?
nonprofit orgs

mutual-benefit orgs

technical skills, or the job specific knowledge needed to perform well in a specialized field, seem to be the most important at the ___ levels of management
those who implement the policies and plans of top management above them and supervise and coordinate the activities of the first-line managers below them are called
middle managers
finding ways to deliver new or better goods or services is called ___
T/F according to Mintzberg, managers are able to work short hours at a leisurely pace
managers with titles such as department head, supervisor, and team leader who make short-term operating decisions and direct the tasks of non-managerial personnel are called
first-line managers
managers who are responsible for just one organizational activity are called __managers
a ___sees the opportunity for a new product or service and then launches a business to try and realize it
T/F regardless of how well paid you are, you have to consider whether in meeting the organization’s challenges you are also meeting the challenges of realizing your own happiness
which of the following are challenges of managing for information technology
managers must manage increased conflict and stress,

managers must be masters of organizational communication

what are some of the chief skills and attributes companies seek in top managers?
high energy level

ability to motivate others

foreign work experience

ability to communicate

convictions for “white collar crimes” such as bank fraud and conspiracy, for managers in companies like Tyco International and Enron, indicate society’s demand for __behavior from managers
T/F according to Mintzberg, managers rely more on verbal than written communication
as an intrapreneur, a person initiates the production of new goods and services within an existing business; as an ___ a person coordinates the business’s resources to facilitate the production of its goods or services
T/F top managers stand at the summit of the management pyramid where there is the most space for new applicants
false (less space at top)
making the correct decisions and carrying them out to reach goals describes
according to mintzberg, nearly ___ of the tasks completed by managers take less than 9 minutes
the management function that involves comparing actual results to goals and taking corrective action as needed is called
conceptual skills, which consist of the ability to think analytically, to visualize an organization as a whole to understand how the parts work together, are particularly important for __managers, who make decisions that affect the whole organization
T/F arranging tasks, people, and other resources to get things done are aspects of the leading management function
False –organizing
example of a top manager is
T/F managers seldom use email
T/F computerized collections of related files are called collaborative projecting
false –databases
which of the following are classified among the seven challenges to being an effective manager
managing for diversity, managing for globalization, managing for competitive advantage, managing for informational technology
T/F thinking that you are in control of your own destiny is called internal locus of control
T/F managers do not need to get along with others because they are the boss
in business, the first law is
be responsive to the customer
T/F the primary difference btw e-commerce and e-business is that e-business uses the delivery aspect of the business while e-commerce is the buying and selling of goods over computer networks
T/F collaborative computing helps employees work together
a manager’s interpersonal role includes all of the following activities except
meeting the needs of the present through economic development without compromising the needs of future generations is called ___
increased damage from natural disasters as well as an apparently changing world climate have the challenge of ___
managing for sustainability
T/F offering a quality product or service is not important factor in terms of building competitive advantage
T/F a manager’s ability to think analytically and understand how the parts of an organization work together is best defined as conceptual skills
organizations composed of voluntary members with the purpose of advancing members’ interests are __
T/F knowledge management involves collecting the knowledge of all the managers in organization so fewer managers will be needed in the future
Wendy, a manager at Target, is able to influence customers, subordinates, and her peers. As a manager, her influence on the organization reaches far beyond the results that can be achieved by just one person acting alone. This example illustrates
Multiplier effect
programs for planning and scheduling the people, costs, and resources to complete a project on time are called ___software
project management
T/F human skills are necessary for top managers more than any other level manager, as top managers make decisions for the whole organization
false–all levels
T/F for profit orgs measure success by effectiveness of services delivered
false– mutual-benefit
A manager’s decisional role includes all of the following except:
includes –negotiator, disturbance handler, entrepreneur, resource allocator and NOT spokesperson
____ skills consists of the job specific knowledge needed to perform well in a specialized field
indicate which disciplines are considered to be behavioral sciences
economics, psychology, sociology
according to Henri Fayol, the major functions of management are planning, organizing, leading, ____
The two theorists who contributed the most to the human relations movement were Abraham Maslow and Douglas __ who developed the Theory X and Theory Y concepts
which of the following are parts of a system?
feedback, inputs, outputs, transformation process
Two traditional strategies for ensuring quality and quality control and__
quality assurance
The __ Viewpoint emphasized finding ways to manage work more efficiently and had two branches: Scientific and Administrative
which of the following contemporary perspectives focused on quality control, quality assurance, and total quality management?
quality-management viewpoint
which of the following would be considered characteristics of theory Y workers
imaginative and creative, accepting of responsibility, capable of self-direction
taylor thought that ___ should be used to plan methods and ease the way the workers to do their jobs
scientific principles
eric’s management style leads him to focus on training his team, improving customer satisfaction, and continuously improving the quality of his organization’s products and services. Eric uses __ ___ management
total quality
according to max weber, a better performing organization’s should have five positive characteristics. Which of the following are included in weber’s characteristics?
a well defined hierarchy of authority, careers based on merit, a clear division of labor, formal rules and procedures
which of the following follows Mary Parker Follett’s recommendation to managers?
managers should work cooperatively with employees
which management viewpoint placed emphasis on the importance of understanding human beings and the motivation and encouragement of employees toward achievement?
behavioral viewpoint
administrative management is concerned with managing
the total organization
the quality management viewpoint includes which three of the following concepts?
quality control, total quality management, quality assurance
___ is best known for defining the techniques of scientific management, and is known as the “father of scientific management”
frederick w. taylor
john works as a mechanic at XYZ Auto. Most days although he could work much more quickly and efficiently, he deliberately works at less capacity…
operations management focuses on
managing the production and delivery of an orgs products or services more efficiently
inputs into a system
money, raw materials, equipment, people
which of the following is correct regarding an open system?
an open system continually interacts with its environment
a ___ has little interaction with its environment and receives little feedback from the outside
closed system
___ viewpoint regards the organization as arrangements of interrelated parts that operate together to achieve a common purpose
which individuals pioneered Administrative Management theory?
Henri Fayol, Max Weber
bringing rationality to the decision-making process is a major aim of which type of management
evidence-based management
___stresses the use of rational, science-based techniques and mathematical models to improve decision making and strategic planning
management science
indicate which items could be considered inputs in a system
equipment, raw materials, labor, money
which management viewpoint asks this question: ‘what method is the best to use under these particular circumstances”
according to douglas mcgregor the belief that workers are capable of accepting responsibility, self direction and self control was called
theory Y
which of the following are components of TQM?
get every employee involved, listen and learn from customers, make continuous improvement a priority
___ is concerned with managing the total org
administrative management
according to Max Weber, a better performing org should have which one of the following positive bureaucratic features?
a clear division of labor
Which of the following is NOT a step in Frederick W. Taylor’s four principle approach to scientific management
withhold the worker’s pay if they do not perform the work methods according to one best way

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