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Mgtop 340 The Goal questions

At the beginning of the story, which of the following is not true
Most Machines are old

3 reasonable workers
Workers are competent
materials are available
a good market exists for their products
Inventory is high

Which three measurements does Jonah suggest that are most useful for both expressing the goal of making money and permitting one to develop operational rules for running the plant?
operational expense
What is the name of the person who manages inventory control at the plant?
When Alex Rogo is first introduced who is parked in his spot when he arrives at work?
Bill Peach
Alex Rogo learns about manufacturing processes by watching a boy scout hike. In his analogy what does the amount of trail between the first and last hiker represent?
According to Jonah throughput is the rate at which the system generated money through:
How long did Peach gives Rogo to turn the plant around
3 months
In alex’s mind what feature of the boy scout hike what feature of the boy scout hike was aralogons? represented throughout
The rate at which the last hiker walk the trailer (slowest walker)
How did the company handle order #41427
Fixed the machine and worked overtime
How did Alex’s father die?
Run over by a bus
Unicon’s policies are based on the assumption that higher efficiencies always lead to lower costs per part. Which of the following implications of max. efficiencies at the plant?
Very high efficiencies imply more inventory which implies higher costs
What is Jonah’s educational background
Before Alex’s 3 months “probation” period has ended what happens to his “enemy” Hilton Smyth
He gets promoted to division productivity manager
Which characters leave his/her spouse to stay with his/her parents?
QC Manager?
Non Bob Donovan
According to Jonah what determines effective capacity of the plant?
The bottleneck called NCX-10
After Alex’s wife leaves him, what does he ask out on a date?
Foreman Mike Haley believes that he can accomplish if he could get some engineering assistance?
Build a new more efficient furnace
In general what is the best way to allocate capacity with a production line?
Place the stations in increasing order of excess capacity (i.e. least capacity at front of line and most capacity at base)
Jonah recommended:
Balance flow with demand
Where is Jonah’s country of origin?
According to Jonah which of his three measurements would include carrying costs?
Operational expenses
During the boy scout hike, which if the following is one reason why herbie did not move quickly
He brought too much food
Who was the supervisor responsible for the heat-treat furnaces?
Ted Spencer
Who stays with Alex and took care of Alex’s kids after Julie left?
Alex’s mother
In general what is the best way to allocate capacity within a production line
Place the stations increasing order of excess capacity (i.e least capacity at the beginning of the line, most capacity at the end)
How many kids does Alex Rogo have?
Two bottlenecks were initially identified at the plant, name one, give example of that bottleneck running ineffectively
NCX-10, its not efficient because the workers don’t leave the machine running on breaks or lunch?
Which of the following was not implemented to improve the bottlenecks
Buy a new machine for each of the bottlenecks to improve capacity
What is true about the plant
The union is reasonable to work w/
Workers are “impatient”?
materials are available
a good market
crisis-further products
inventory is high
How do Julie and the author like the town Berington?
Julie doesn’t like the town but the author likes it
According to Jonah which is the only way to create excess inventories
By having excess manpower
Jonah states: “A plant in which everyone is working all the time is very..
How many years does Alex work with Bill Peach and how does Alex know about Bill Peach
Alex worked with Peach for a lot of years and therefor knows Peach pretty well
What is Johnny Jons’ opinion about Dick Pashky
Dick is dedicated professional and has a lot of innovative approaches
According to Alex to what extent is the plant improved
The plant is now capable of delivering everything within two weeks and no orders are missed
Who flies to visit the plant after hours
What is causing the NCX-10 to run inefficiently
It is idle during breaks and lunch
A foreman on third shift (Mike Hanley) suggested an improvement to Alex Rogo on how to improve the heat treat department, what was the primary goal he was trying to implement?
Reduce setup time
According to Jonah, instead of balancing capacity with demand, the demand should be balanced with
Flow of product
When considering buying a new super computer, Alex gives his opinion about data management. What is Alex opinion about data management
Data management alone can not give them more control
According to Hilton by the end of the day how many pieces of sub-aaemblies need to be finished
Why did Alex give a phone call to Jonah
Alex perceived a problem with the bottlenecks in the plant

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