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Microsoft Corporation Essay

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational corporation that is public and its headquarters are in Redmond, Washington (Ted & Edward, 2005, pp. 32). It manufactures, develops, licenses as well as support vast range of products as well as services that are related to computing through its divisions. Microsoft enables the customers to use the software in order to create solutions to some of the business problems as well as develop some breathtaking ideas and at the same time stay connected.

Microsoft system of operation controls the biggest share of computers globally and one of the founders, Bill Gates, is one of the wealthiest people in the world. The core business of Microsoft Company is to develop, manufacture, license software products, and include the operating systems, consumer and server applications as well as development of the software. Microsoft has succeeded largely in placing its products whether many or one on each personal computer globally thus defining the markets as well as setting the standards of the industry.

This paper hence gives limelight to how Microsoft began, the growth of the company in the last 10 years and what the future holds for Microsoft. Microsoft was founded by the recent chairman William Bill gates in

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the year 1975 as well as the co-founder who is Paul Allen. It is known worldwide for its products such as the internet explorer, word programs, PowerPoint, excel and others as well as the Microsoft windows operating system. Microsoft’s history is quite captivating. It started with two friends Allen and Bill gates. Together they decided to start off a small firm which created some small applications for the local clients.

When Gates was studying BASIC which happens to be a simple programming language, he realized on the potential of the language at around 1975(Jeanne, pp. 16). They worked quite hard on BASIC and made it compatible with the MITS Altair and this resulted to them selling their products to MITS and hence accepted their software that was to be used on Altair. As the sales grew for Altair Basic, they hence decided to name their firm Micro-soft in the year 1976. Microsoft was initially under partnership agreement up to the year 1977 and then it was registered under Microsoft Corporation.

Gates became the president and Allen the vice president. Though the Altair basic was the main stepping stone to Micro-soft, the founders enhanced several products and Gates registered it under his own firm. Micro- soft created COBOL and FORTRAN which are programming languages and usually used in applications of mathematics. When FORTRAN and BASIC were already being used by most institutions, other PC manufacturers entered the computer market for example Apple which is currently one of the competitors for Microsoft.

Due to high demand, Microsoft decided to open one of its international offices at Japan in the year 1978. The company increased its sales when it released the second operating systems which were MS DOS. The first one was UNIX |based. The high potential of MS DOS was recognized by one of the PC manufacturers; the IBM who hence awarded a contract to Microsoft because of using the MS DOS to all its machines. This led to a vast change in the computing history and the history as far as Microsoft was concerned.

In 1980s Microsoft had its version of some PCs that carried the MSX DOS. In the end of 1982, Microsoft got renamed to Microsoft, Inc and operated in Washington employing more than 220 people globally. It hence captured the vast chunk in the global market and had over 50 PC vendors who were marketing its main products mostly the programming languages and the MS DOS. There have been many changes in the last 10 years in Microsoft. In the year 2000, Steve Ballmer was named as the president as well as the chief executive for the company (Icon Group International inc, 2008, pp.

67). In the same year there was launching of windows where Gates and Steve outlined the Microsoft’s strategy of the net and the web services. In the year 2001, Microsoft launched office XP, Windows XP and Xbox. In 2002, Microsoft and its partners launched Tablet PC and in 2003 it launched Windows Server 2003. In the same year it launched Microsoft Office system. In the year 2004, Microsoft announced plans to go back to $ 75 billion to their shareholders in stock buybacks and dividends. In 2005, it launched Xbox 360.

In 2006, it announced the new $ 20 billion offer of the tender and authorized additional share purchase of $20 billion for more than five years. In the year 2007, Microsoft launched windows Vista as well as the 2007 Microsoft Office System to all the consumers globally. In the year 2008, Microsoft launched windows Server 2008, the SQL server as well as the visual studio of 2008. Last year it launched windows 7 and finally this year it launched Microsoft office 2010 as well as share point 2010 to the businesses. It also launched general availability to office 2010.

Over the ten year Microsoft is still feeding on success and growth. However despite its continued success, in the last four years, Microsoft has lost almost $ 2 billion (Scott, 2010). Some of the failures have emerged from Microsoft Vista which was released in the year 2007. It was created so as to improve security of the global used PC but they turned out that they were not really better as compared to windows last version basing on the software reviews. It was also incompatible with older PCs thus limiting the number of users.

The stance as well as the direction that Microsoft has taken will obviously have a profound influence on its future and the computing business and industry to a great extent. It will be quite interesting to sit back and see how Microsoft will move forward and some of the changes that it will go through. Microsoft is extending its borders to some of the unknown territories and to some extent they are succeeding and failing at the same time. It started with just a simple OS and through years we have witnessed shifts in the company. It has not been a smooth sailing for the company recently.

Windows vista has been highly criticized though it has also had its shares of success. The last years had been a mixed bag for the company as it had its failures and on the other hand it has recorded vast amounts of money. They appear to be struggling to stay ahead of the rest and innovate and it is evident that future holds more innovative surprises for the company. It will become more popular considering it has learnt from its failures and mistakes and will try not to make the same mistakes in the near future. They will be around for many years to come as they have earned technical support.

It is lucid that Microsoft Company has come a long way. It has had its shares of success and failures just like any other successful company. Microsoft Company is among the most innovative companies which have tried to follow their mission statement as well as their objectives. In the last 10 years though it has lost a great deal of money and popularity but has also had its success as each year they have had new projects. Basing on this it is hence logical to conclude that the company has learnt from its mistakes and failures and in future they will become even better than before.

They will become more innovative, popular and successful. References Berkun, Scott. 2010. What Microsoft gets for $ 2 billion. Retrieved 17, August, 2010<http://www. scottberkun. com/blog/2010/what-microsoft-gets-for-2-billion/ Dinsmore, Ted & O’Connor, Edward. 2005. Partnering with Microsoft: how to make money in trusted partnership with the global software powerhouse. USA: Elsevier Icon Group International ,Inc. 2008. Ceos: webster’s facts and phrases. USA: Icon group international , inc. Lesinski, Jeanne. 2008. Bill Gates: Entrepreneur and philanthropist. USA: Twenty first century books

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