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Mid Term 70-412

Which PowerShell cmdlet is used to add a new dedicated IP to an NLB cluster node?
Add NibClusterNodeDip
Which PowerShell cmdlet is to delete anNLB cluster?
When you configure port rule for NLB cluster, you will need to configure all of the options listed here, expected for one. Which option in this list will you not configure for a part rule?
The node IP address the rule should apply to
Which of the following is a constraint of using NLB cluster in unicast mode that you will need to design for?
You will need separate cluster and management network adapters if you manage the nodes from a deferent TCP/IP subnet than the cluster network
What is the function of the port rules in an NLB cluster?
They define which ports are balanced among the host of the cluster
When configuring a port rule for an NLB cluster with the “multiple host” filtering mode selected, which of the following statements is most correct pertaining to the affinity configuration?
Selecting the “single” options will force a single cluster node to ho dale all client requests from a specific client
There are many requirements that must be met in order to build a failover cluster using Windows Server 2012. Which of the items listed here is not an requirement you must meet?
All servers must be joined to an Active Directory domain
In a failover cluster configured on Windows Server 2012,how are heartbeats transmitted?
Using UPD port 3343 unicast
When failover cluster connect to, and use,a shared storage device using Fibre Channel, what name is given to the Fibre Channel network?
The fabric
How are storage devices typically assigned to only a single cluster on the network?
By using LUN masking or zoning
Which PowerShell cmdlet would be used to add a new resource group to a failover cluster configuration?
What mode of Cluster Aware Update has an administrator triggering the updates manually from the orchestrator?
Remote-updating mode
Cluster running on which of the following operating systems are supported for migration to Windows Server 2012? (Choose all that apply)
Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2008 R2
Which quorum type allows the cluster to continue to function as long as one node is available and the disk are online?
No Majority (Disk Only)
Which quorum type is recommended for clusters with an odd number of nodes?
Node Majority
Which quorum type is recommended for clusters with an even number of nodes?
Node and Disk Majority
The High Availability Wizard allows you to configure several pre-selected high availability roles in a cluster. Which of the following are options that are available to choose from? (Choose all that apply)
Distributed Transactions Coordinator(DTC)
Exchange Server
What we management functionality is introduced with SMB 3.0?
PowerShell cmdlet for SMB
Which if the following feature are not supported on the Scale-Out File Server? (Choose all that apply)
DFS replication
File Server Resource Manager
When configuring the failure threshold on the Failover tabs, you can opt to leave the cluster in a failed state by configuring what two options? (Choose two answers)
The maximum number of failures that can occur
The length of time in hours
When using VM Monitoring for Hyper-V VMs, into what event log will events be logged when a monitor service is deemed to be unhealthy?
If a monitored VM is gracefully restarted on its current Hyper-V host and it’s subsequently fails again, what will VM Monitoring next attempt?
Move the VM to another cluster node and restart it again
Which of the following features of the General Use File Server clustering role is the only chance fromWindows Server 2008 R2 to Windows Server 2012?
Support for SMB3.0
When creating a new General Use File Server role, which SMB setting are enable by default,but can be disabled if desired? (Choose all that apply)
Enable continuous availability
Encrypt data access
Which SMB 3.0 feature minimizes processor utilization when performing large file I/O operations?
SMB Direct
Server Message Block (SMB) 3.0 provides many changes that add functionality and improve performance. Which of the following features allows users to scale shared bandwidth by adding cluster nodes?
SMB Scale Out
Server Message Block (SMB) 3.0 provides many changes that add functionality and prove performance. Which of the following features encrypts traffic?
SMB Encryption
In regard toLive Migration, which of the following prerequisites must be met before attempting the Live Migration? (Choose all that apply)
All the hosts must use processors from the same manufacturer
All VM must be configured to use OVH format disks on SCSI disks
When performing a Live Migration, there are several options available to choose from that control how the how the LM will occur. Which if the following is not one of these options?
Move only the snapshots files
Quick Migration occurs within the confines of what?
A failover cluster
If you want to use an exported VM as a template to create multiple VMs, what should you do on the source VM before performing the export?
Run sysprep
Which of the following VM file formats can be migration using theV2V method by Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager? (Choose all that apply)
Citrix XenServer
When performing a P2V migration using SCVMM, there are several limitations that must be observed. Which of the following source server specifications would be disqualify it from a P2V migration? (Choose all tat apply)
256 MB of RAM installed
Use BitLicker Drive Encryption on the data volume
When performing a P2V migration using SCVMM, there are several limitations that must be observed. Which of the following source operating systems would be disqualified from a P2V migration?
Windows Server 2003 SP1 32-bit
Offline P2V migrations are the only available migration method for what types of sources servers? (Choose all that apply)
Servers with FAT32 volumes
Servers that are domain controllers
When performing a Live Migration using the “Move the virtual machine’s data by selecting where to move the items” option, which of the following advanced options would be the best to choose from if you need to select a specific location on the destination server for each of the VMs to be moved to?
Move the VM’s hard disk to different locations
What is the process by which you move the storage of a VM from one physical server to another without a cluster?
Storage Migration
What is the process by which you move an entire VM or part if a VM to another physical servers sing a cluster?
Quick Migration
When configuring UNIX Attributes for an Active Directory user account, which of the following attributes is not available for configuration?
Login script
Which of the following protocols is not supported by BranchCache?
Distribute cache mode is designed for branch offices with what number of clients?
Fewer than 50
When configuring the BranchCache hash publication options in Group Policy, you have three options available. Which of the options listed here is not available to configure?
Disallow hash publication on shared folders on which BranchCache is not enabled
What can you use to configure automatic procedures for defining a desired property on a file based on the conditions specified in a rule?
File classification
Before you can audit access to files, what must you first do? (Choose all that apply)
Specify files to be audited
What feature, first available in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008, enables you to configure object access auditing for every file and folder on the computer’s file system?
Global Object Access Auditing
What can be configured to create targeted audit policies based on resource properties, and expressions, so that you don’t have to audit every file?
Dynamic Access Control
How is Identity Manager for UNIX installed?
Using dism.exe
When a file is accessed using NFS, what attributes are used by the NFS server to determine if the user has the required permissions to access the file?
Which of the following terms is best described as giving access to a user?
Select the proper PowerShell cmdlet from this list that is used to configure BranchCache in local caching mode.
Select the proper PowerShell cmdlet from this list that is used to increase the BranchCache in storage space.
Which of the following statements are true concerning Kerberos armoring? (Choose all that apply)
Fully encrypts Kerberos messages
Increases Kerberos processing time
Claims authorization relies on what?
The Kerberos KDC
After you claim types, what is the next step you must perform to allow the claim to function properly?
Configure resource properties
What is created so that files are automatically scanned and classified based on their content?
Classification rules
From what locations in Windows Server 2012 can you set classifications on files and folders? (Choose all that apply)
On the folder Properties dialog box
In the File Server Resource Manager console
What Windows Server 2012 feature allows you to define computer-wide auditing of the file system or the registry?
Global Object AccessAudeting
Which of the listed PowerShell cmdlet a would be correctly used to modify a Central Access Policy in Active Directory?
Which of the following would you skip in your planning for deploying Access-Denied Assistance?
The share size where Access-Denied Assistance will be used
After you have deployed a proposed Dynamic Access Control policy in staging mode, how do you check to see what is happening?
Look in the Security logs for Event ID 4818
To use claims-based authorization Ina domain, which of the following items must you have?
Domain Controllers running Windows Server 2012 Ina domain
Regarding Dynamic Access Control, which term describes the process that issues a token to the user?
Trust identity provider
How are NAS devices typically accessed over the network?(choose all that apply)
Using SMB
Using NFS
What is the name of the high-availability technology that establishes multiple sessions or connections to the Fibre Channel storage array by using redundant path components such as switches, adapter, and cables?
Multipath I/O
Which Hyper-V disk management command would you need to use to reduce the file size if a virtual hard disk?
What is the name given to the new Windows Server 2012 capability that allows an administrator to completely remove binaries from the disk for an unneeded role or feature?
Feature on Demand
Which of the following PowerShell cmdlet correctly removes the BitLocker feature and all if it’s binaries from the disk?
Uninstall-WindowsFeature BitLocker-Remove
How are SAN devices typically accessed over the network? (Choose all that apply)
Using Fiber Channel
Using iSCSI
Fiber Channel of Ethernet ( FCoE) is capable of_____ per second or more.
10 gigabit
You have just attached an iSCSI device to a server running Windows Server 2012. The disk does not show up in Windows Explorer. What is the best way to make the disk available to the server for usage?
Rescan disks inDisk Manager
Which of the followingHyper-V disk types is characterized as only allocating the amount of physical disk space that is required at that point in time, while still being able to grow to a fixed limit?
Dynamically expanding disk
Which term corresponds to an entity that’s sends SCSI commands to iSCSI storage devices?
iSCSI Initiator
Which term corresponds to unique identifiers in an iSCSI network?
iSCSI Qualified Name
Which term corresponds to an entity that receives iSCSI commands?
iSCSI Target
How can you manage the Windows Server Backup feature that has been installed on a server that only has the Server Core installation?
Use the command-line backup tool
Use RSAT from another computer
Use the a Windows Server Backup MMC for another computer
Use PowerShell cmdlets
What is contained within the Backup folder created by Windows Server Backup?
Virtual hard disk (VHD) files that are basically duplicates of your volumes
XML files that provide backup history details
When you select the “Foster backup performance” option for your backups, what is the net result of this configuration?
Incremental backups are performed
Windows keeps a shadow copy of the source volume
Which of the following items is not a limitation to keep in mind when deciding to use Windows Online Backups?
Files and fosters (data) cannot be backed up
By default where will backups of DHCP be sent when you configure backups to occur?
What type of backup allows you to recover the server to another server with the same or different hardware?
Bare metal recovery
What type of backup allows to recover the server to a Windows Recovery Environment?
System reserved
When performing a copy or a file from a volume protected by Shadow Copies for Shared Volumes, what is the 915 407 6568 between a copy and a restore?
A copy will result in the file being placed into a different location from where it was backed up
A restore will delete the current version of the file that exists
Which of the following items should you keep in mind when performing a restoration if a system volume using WinRe?(choose all that apply)
If there are any data volumes on the same disk that contain the system volumes, they will be erased as of the part of restore process
These server’s current system volumes will be erased and replaced with restored system volume
The server’s hardware must not have changed and your data volumes must still be operational
Which of the following backup configurations does not include the system state data?
Incremental backups
From within a Windows session, what methods are available to reboot a domain controller into DSRM?(choose all that apply)
Use the bcdedit/set safe boot dsrepair command
Use msconfig to configure the server to reboot into DSRM
The Boot configuration Data (BCD) store contains information that controls how your server boots and replaces what file previously used for this function?
Which of the following sol lowing system state items will only be found on a domain controller?
Which Advance Boot option would be most appropriate of you needed to boot a problematic server and needed to download a new video card driver?
Safe Mode with Networking
Which Advance Boot option would be most appropriate if you wanted to troubleshoot a problematic server that you suspected might be infected with malware?
Which Advance Boot options would be most appropriate if you wanted to roll back to a previous state followings server problem?
Last Know Good Configurations
What must you use to apply encryption to replication traffic for Hyper-V replica?
What extensions must be present in the enhanced key usage (EKU) section of the digital certificate to be use for Hyper-V replica?(choose all that apply)
Client Authentication
Server Authentication
When configuring the subject common name ( CN) on an X.509 digital certificate to be used for Hyper-V replication, what value should be used for the subject CN IF a standalone server host the VM?
The FQDN of the Hyper-V host
In order to digital certificate to be considered valid, what conditions must it generally meet?(choose all that apply)
The certificate must terminate at a valid root certificate
The certificate must not be expired or revoked
In what way might using a multi-site failover cluster to provide Hyper-V VMs be better option than using Hyper-V replication?
A multi-site cluster automatically fails over the cluster service or application to another
When configuring a multi-site cluster using Windows Server 2012, how can you configure data replication to occur?(choose all that apply)
Block level hardware-based replication
Software-based file replication
-based replication
What network services will you required in the remote site used to host a multi-site cluster?(choose all that apply)
AD Domain Services
In a Windows Server 2012 failover cluster, after how many missed heartbeats in a row will a node become failed?
Which of the following quorum configurations would not be acceptable for a multi-site cluster configuration?(choose all that apply)
Node Majority
No Majority
Which component of the Hyper-V replica feature manages replication configuration details?
Replication engine

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