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The percentage of gross domestic product of the United States that is produced by the knowledge and information sectors is estimated to be about ________ percent.
Which of the following is not a typical component or capability of an enterprise-wide knowledge management system?
Enterprise content management systems are designed to manage structured information, while other systems, such as KWS, are designed to manage semistructured and unstructured information.
Which of the following systems digitizes, indexes, and tags documents according to a coherent framework?
document management
Expertise and experience of organizational members that has not been formally documented best describes
tacit knowledge
Which of the following is a type of intelligent technique?
case-based knowledge
Hardware and software that attempts to emulate the processing patterns of the biological brain best describes
a neutral network
Genetic algorithms
develop solutions to particular problems using fitness, crossover, and mutation
Expert systems are typically used in business in discrete, highly structured decision-making situations.
In order, which are the value-adding steps in the knowledge business value chain?
data and information acquisition, acquire, store, disseminate, apply
What is meant by the statement “knowledge is sticky”?
knowledge is hard to move
Fuzzy logic is a type of
intelligent technique
Tools for the management, delivery, tracking, and assessment of various types of employee learning best describes a(n)
learning management system
Which of the following techniques is used for knowledge discovery?
data mining
Which of the following statements is not an accurate description of the importance of knowledge to a firm?
knowledge is unconditional
Knowledge residing in the minds of employees that has not been documented is called explicit knowledge.
To automate routine tasks to help firms search for and filter information for use in electronic commerce and supply chain management a firm would most likely use
intelligent agents
You are advising a multimedia company on the best type of knowledge management system to help them archive digital video and sound clips. Which of the following will suit their needs?
digital asset management system
Informal social networks of professionals and employees within and outside the firm who have similar work-related activities and interests are called communities of
The flow of events or transactions captured by an organization’s system describes
The set of business processes, culture, and behavior required to obtain value from investments in information systems is one type of
organizational and management capital.
________ often are designed and optimized for the specific tasks to be performed.
knowledge workstations
Software programs that work without direct human intervention to carry out specific tasks for individual users, business processes, or software applications, are called
intelligent agents
Virtually all expert systems deal with problems of
Because neural network applications cannot always explain why they arrive at a particular solution, they are not well suited for use in the medical profession.
VRML requires the use of a powerful server as well as large amounts of bandwidth.
Knowledge can reside in e-mail, voice mail, graphics, and unstructured documents as well as structured documents.
Case-based reasoning is not well-suited for diagnostic systems in medicine.
Specialized systems built for engineers, scientists, and other knowledge workers charged with discovering and creating new knowledge for a company are called
In content management, once a taxonomy is developed, documents must then be ________ with the proper classification.
Expert systems are the primary tools used for knowledge discovery.
Apple’s Siri application is an example of
intelligent agents
3D printing today is used to create small objects such as hip replacements.
CAD is a type of intelligent technique.
What type of intelligent technique helped Procter & Gamble determine the most efficient methods for their trucks to deliver goods?
intelligent agents
Intelligent agents can discover underlying patterns, categories, and behaviors in large data sets.
Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between collaboration and knowledge management?
Knowledge is useful only when shared with others
Which of the following would not be considered semistructured knowledge?
requests for proposals
Which of the following is not a Web 2.0 tool firms are using to foster collaboration?
An inference engine is
a strategy used to search through the rule base in an expert system by forward chaining or backward chaining.
Which of the following describes a difference between neural networks and genetic algorithms?
Neural networks are programmed to “learn.”
Which of the following would not be classified as a knowledge work system?
expert system
CAD workstations
provide engineers, designers, and factory managers with precise control over industrial design and manufacturing.
From your reading of the chapter case, which of the following was the primary knowledge management challenge facing the city of Denver?
lack of integration
Fuzzy logic can describe a particular phenomenon or process linguistically and then represent that description in a small number of flexible rules.
Structured knowledge is explicit knowledge that exists in informal documents.
Backward chaining is
a strategy for searching the rule base in an expert system that begins with a hypothesis.
Semistructured information is all the knowledge in a firm that resides in the heads of experienced employees.
Fuzzy logic systems “learn” patterns from large quantities of data by sifting through data, searching for relationships, building models, and correcting over and over again the model’s own mistakes.
Knowledge workers include all of a company’s workers who are tasked with managing or creating knowledge, from top-level scientists to clerical and data workers.
In this technique, descriptions of past experiences of human specialists are stored in a database for later retrieval when the user encounters a situation with similar characteristics.
Changing organizational behavior by sensing and responding to new experience and knowledge is called
organizational learning
Investment workstations
are used in the financial sector to analyze trading situations instantaneously and facilitate portfolio management.
Which of the following are the three major types of knowledge management systems?
enterprise-wide knowledge management systems, knowledge work systems, and intelligent techniques
Virtual reality systems
provide architects, engineers, and medical workers with precise, photorealistic simulations of objects.
Which of the following is not one of the main four dimensions of knowledge described in the chapter?
knowledge has no locations
For a firm, organizational resources are needed to transform data into knowledge.
Knowledge is universally applicable and easily moved.
Most knowledge workers require specialized knowledge work systems, but they also rely on
office sytems
Expert systems work by applying a set of AND/OR rules against a knowledge base, both of which are extracted from human experts.
Expert systems capture the knowledge of skilled employees in the form of a set of rules in a software system that can be used by others in the organization.
You are an automotive engineer working on an application that will automatically parallel park a car. The intelligent technique you may find most useful is
fuzzy logic
Which of the following does not describe the dimensions of knowledge in a firm?
it is subject to the laws of diminishing returns
Your company wants to develop intelligent techniques to create a “smart” oven that can perfectly cook basic foodstuffs, such as roasts and bread, using sensors and minimal input from the user. The system would know the difference between rare, medium rare, medium, and well done roasts. The category of intelligent technique that would describe this system is
fuzzy logic
From your reading of the chapter case, which of the following was the primary knowledge management challenge facing the city of Denver?
lack of integration
Forward chaining is
a strategy for searching the rule base in an expert system that begins with information entered by the user.
Which of the following statements about 3D printing is not true?
it is only usable to make prototypes
The decisions involved in creating and producing a corporate intranet can be classified as ________ decisions.
When there is no well-understood or agreed-on procedure for making a decision, it is said to be
The decision to approve a capital budget is an example of a(n) ________ decision.
Which of the following is not one of the five main analytic functionalities of BI systems for helping decision makers understand information and take action?
business case archives
Which of the following systems support a manager’s role as leader of an organization?
telepresence systems
Middle management face primarily unstructured decisions.
The implementation phase of Simon’s decision-making model includes choosing among solution alternatives.
MIS typically produce
fixed, regularly scheduled reports based on data extracted from the organization’s TPS.
Simon’s description of decision making consists of which four stages?
intelligence, design, choice, and implementation
The information system used by Caesar’s Entertainment, which combines data from internal TPS with information from financial systems and external sources to deliver reports such as profit-loss statements and impact analyses, is an example of
Improving the quality of high-value decision making by an executive will save an organization far more money than improving the quality of lesser-value decisions made at a lower level.
Which of the following are most likely to rely primarily on production reports for their decision-making needs?
operational employees and supervisors
Measures defined by management and used to internally evaluate the success of a firm’s financial, business process, customer, and learning and growth are called
________ are visual tools for presenting performance data in a BI system.
dashboards and scorecards
Which types of decisions are automated for high-velocity decision making?
highly-structured decisions
enable increasing a meeting size without reducing productivity.
Checking store inventory is an example of a(n) ________ decision.
Which of the following describes how the Simon framework of decision-making works in high-velocity decision environments?
All four steps of the process are handled by software algorithms; humans are eliminated from the decisions because they are too slow.
Behavioral models of managers find that, from observation, managers
typically work in a fragmented manner, with only 10% of activities exceeding an hour in duration.
Web-based tools for videoconferencing and electronic meetings are the primary tools for GDSS.
Which type of decision is deciding whether to introduce a new product line?
A pivot table is a
spreadsheet tool that displays two or more dimensions of data in a convenient format.
Data visualization technologies are used to help human users see patterns and relationships in large amounts of data.
Which of the following types of systems would be used to present senior marketing executives with in-depth information about customer retention, satisfaction, and quality performance?
Which of the following statements best describes the term business intelligence?
the infrastructure for collecting and managing business data
implement structured methods for organizing and evaluating ideas.
In contrast to the classical model of management, behavioral models see the actual behavior of managers as being more
The intelligence phase of decision making consists of discovering, identifying, and understanding the problems occurring in the organization.
During a GDSS meeting, the attendees control the use of GDSS tools.
The five classical functions of managers are planning, organizing, deciding, controlling, and
Which of the following statements best describes the business value of improved decision making?
Improved decision making results in a large monetary value for the firm as numerous small daily decisions affecting efficiency, production, costs, and more add up to large annual values.
A well-designed ESS will allow management to
all of these
Which type of decision is calculating gross pay for hourly workers?
Structured decision making is most prevalent at lower organizational levels.
Which of the following is not an example of a BI predefined production report?
revenue forecasts
A structured decision can be made by following a well-defined set of procedures. No “feel” or intuition is necessary.
The type of decision that can made by following a definite procedure is called a(n) ________ decision.
The role of liaison falls into which of Mintzberg’s managerial classifications?
Which of the following managerial roles is not supported by information systems?
Mintzberg’s classification of managerial roles outlines which three main categories?
interpersonal, informational, and decisional
Which of the following are most likely to rely primarily on the drill-down functionality of BI for their decision-making needs?
A geographic information system is a decision support system designed specifically to work with spatial information.
Which of the following is not one of the five observed ways in which managerial behavior differs from the classical description of managers?
Managers prefer regular, written reports on firm activities
Which of the following is not one of the six main elements in the business intelligence environment discussed in this chapter?
organizational environment
Big data is commonly used to analyze and predict consumer preferences.
According to Mintzberg, managers in their informational role act as
nerve centers of the organization.
Unstructured decisions are novel and nonroutine, and there is no well-understood or agreed-on procedure for making them.
Which of the following companies is not one of the top five producers of business intelligence and analytics products?
The role of entrepreneur falls into which of Mintzberg’s managerial classifications?
An information system for a building company that tracks construction costs for various projects across the United States would be categorized as a type of
DSS are a special category of GIS.
Which of the following statements best describes the business value of improved decision making?ch four stages?
Improved decision making results in a large monetary value for the firm as numerous small daily decisions affecting efficiency, production, costs, and more add up to large annual values.
The first stage in Simon’s decision-making process model is the design stage.
GDSS facilitate the solution of unstructured problems by a set of decision makers working together as a group in either the same location or different locations.
Which phase of decision making finds or recognizes a problem, need, or opportunity?
An essential component in the ability of GDSS to contribute to a collaborative environment is
the guarantee of user anonymity.
Predictive analytics is used for all of the following except
determining the best routes for product delivery
What-if analysis works forward from known or assumed conditions.
The classical model of management does not address what exactly managers do when they plan, decide things, and control the work of others.
In automation
employees are enabled to perform their tasks more efficiently.
The process of creating workable information systems in a very short period of time is called
The oldest method for building information systems is
the systems development lifecycle
________ development focuses on rapid delivery of working software by breaking a large project into a series of small sub-projects that are completed in short periods of time using iteration and continuous feedback.
End-user-developed systems can be completed more rapidly than those developed through the conventional systems lifecycle.
Which type of fourth-generation language tools are end users most likely to work with?
PC software tools and query languages
Which type of fourth-generation language tool contains preprogrammed modules that can be used to create entire applications?
application generators
The most common form of IT-enabled organizational change is automation.
A systems building approach in which the system is developed as successive versions, each version reflecting requirements more accurately, is described to be
Categories of tools for BPM include all of the following except
tools to test the security of business processes.
In object-oriented development
processing logic resides within objects.
Failure to address properly the organizational changes surrounding the introduction of a new system can cause the demise of an otherwise good system.
TQM describes the measurement of quality as 3.4 defects per million.
Acceptance testing
provides the final certification that the system is ready to be used in a production setting.
In the traditional systems development lifecycle, end users
are limited to providing information requirements and reviewing the technical staff’s work.
The primary tool for representing a system’s component processes and the flow of data between them is the
data flow diagram
Object-oriented development is more incremental than traditional structured development.
Business processes are analyzed, simplified, and redesigned in
business process redesign
A problem with prototyping is that the systems constructed using this method may not be able to handle large quantities of data in a production environment.
System testing
tests the functioning of the system as a whole in order to determine if discrete modules will function together as planned.
A primary benefit of offshore outsourcing is that this can substantially reduce hidden costs.
Rationalization of procedures describes a radical rethinking of the business models.
What is the primary driving factor in firms to select domestic outsourcing firms to build system solutions?
to take advantage of technical skills the firm does not have
The idea that the achievement of quality control is an end in itself describes a main concept of
An upscale organic foods grocery chain is implementing an information system that will enable it to add same-day home delivery of groceries to its customers. This is an example of
paradigm shift
To understand and define the contents of data flows and data store, system builders use
a data dictionary
Object-oriented development could potentially reduce the time and cost of writing software because
objects are reusable.
________ provide(s) a methodology and tools for dealing with the organization’s ongoing need to revise and optimize its numerous business processes.
Business process management
Responsive Web design enables Web sites to change layouts according to the user’s screen size.
Which process develops a detailed description of the functions that a new information system must perform?
requirements analysis
Documentation reveals how well the system has met its original objectives.
An entire information system is broken down into its subsystems by using
high-level data flow diagrams
Object-oriented development could potentially reduce the time and cost of writing software becauses is an example of
objects are reusable
To show each level of a system’s design, its relationship to other levels, and its place in the overall design structure, structured methodologies use
structure charts
Changes in hardware, software, documentation, or production to a production system to correct errors, meet new requirements, or improve processing efficiencies are termed
Objects are grouped into hierarchies, and hierarchies into classes.
Prototyping is more iterative than the conventional lifecycle.
Which conversion process introduces the system first to a limited portion of the organization?
the pilot study strategy
A structure chart is a bottom-up chart, showing each level of design, its relationship to other levels, and its place in the overall design structure.
Which of the following is not a top priority in mobile application development?
designing for keyboard data entry
Fourth-generation tools cannot replace conventional development tools because they
cannot handle large numbers of transactions or extensive procedural logic
When systems are created rapidly, without a formal development methodology
testing and documentation may be inadequate
You are an IT project manager for an advertising firm. The firm wishes to create an online tool that will be used to survey focus group reactions to products in development. The most important consideration for the firm is being able to offer the tool as soon as possible as a new corporate service. However, you know that many of the senior managers that are business owners of this project have difficulty in understanding technical or software development issues, and are likely to change their requirements during the course of development. What development method would be most successful for this project?
Object-oriented modeling is based on the concepts of
class and inheritance
Which type of systems development is characterized by significantly speeding up the design phase and the generation of information requirements and involving users at an intense level?
In what stage of systems development are design specifications created?
systems design
The system is not in production until conversion is complete.
In order, what are the first three steps in BPM?
1. identifying processes for change, 2. analyzing existing processes, 3. designing the new process.
CASE tools facilitate the creation of clear documentation and the coordination of team development efforts.
Unit testing
tests each program separately
As a technical project manager, you have decided to propose implementing a prototyping methodology for a small Web-based design project. What is the order of steps you will follow in this project?
Identify user requirements, develop the prototype, use the prototype, revise and enhance the prototype.
The oldest method for building information systems is prototyping.
In an object-oriented development framework for a university, how would the classes Degree, Mathematics, and Physics be related?
Degree is a superclass to Mathematics and Physics
A bank has reworked its mortgage application process so that several steps are handled by computer software, and some steps are combined to reduce bottlenecks in processing. The goal is to gradually improve its efficiency over time. This is an example of
rationalization of procedures
Systems development activities always take place in sequential order.
The entire system-building effort is driven by
user information requirements
The three main platforms for mobile apps are iPhone/iPad, iOS, and Android.
A data flow diagram offers a logical and graphical model of information flow, partitioning a system into modules that show manageable levels of detail.
Which of the following is not an example of fourth generation development tools?
graphics software, such as Photoshop
The four kinds of structural organizational change enabled by IT, in order from least to most risky, are
automation, rationalization, reengineering, and paradigm shift.
What is the purpose of responsive Web design?
It allows one Web site to serve different platforms, such as tablets, PCs, and mobile phones.
In which type of systems building are the development stages organized so that tasks in one stage are completed before the tasks in the next stage begin?
Real options pricing models use the concept of options valuation borrowed from the financial industry.
Which of the following types of projects is most likely to fail?
a business process redesign project that restructures workflow and responsibilities
To review a project’s tasks and their interrelationships, you would use a
PERT chart
Which of the following is not one of the activities of the systems analyst?
formulation of capital budgeting models
An example of using an internal integration tool would be to
hold frequent project team meetings
The worth of systems from a financial perspective essentially revolves around the issue of
return on invested capital
The larger the systems project, the more risk the project runs in terms of being completed on time, within budget, and according to project requirements.
Which of the following projects is the riskiest?
a project that managers are concerned will affect their roles and job descriptions
On average, private sector IT projects underestimated budget and delivery time of systems by ________ percent.
You are using a capital budgeting method to assess the worth of your company’s new information system. Which of the following costs would you include in measuring the cash outflow?
both hardware and software expenditures and labor expenditures
Formal planning and control tools
enable a project manager to properly document and monitor project plans.
Which of the following statements best describes the effect that project structure has on overall project risk?
Projects with relatively undefined goals are more likely to be subjected to users changing requirements and to run a higher risk of not satisfying project goals.
Internal integration tools
enable a project to have sufficient technical support for project management and development.
Which of the following is not a responsibility of effective change management?
integrating legacy systems
Which of the following is not a tangible benefit of information systems?
improved resource control
One example of an implementation problem is
inadequate user training
The design of jobs, health issues, and the end-user interface of information systems are all considerations in the field of ergonomics.
In working with ROPMs and options valuation, a call option is a(n)
right to purchase or sell an asset at a later date at a fixed price
As discussed in the chapter, which of the following is not one of the immediate consequences of inadequate software project management?
organizational conflict
An example of using an external integration tool would be to
include user representatives as active members of the project team
You have been hired by a pharmaceutical company to evaluate its inventory of systems and IT projects. Which types of projects would be best avoided?
all high-risk, low-benefit projects
The goal of sociotechnical design is to create systems with better user interfaces and contribute to fewer health issues.
Which type of planning tool shows each task as a horizontal bar whose length is proportional to the time required to complete it?
Gantt chart
The relationship between users and information systems specialists has traditionally been a problem area for information systems implementation efforts.
The principal capital budgeting models for evaluating information technology projects are the payback method, the accounting rate of return on investment (ROI), the net present value, and the
internal rate of return
According to your reading of the chapter, change management is a process that
should be addressed before a project is developed
ROPMs value information systems similar to stock options, in that
initial expenditures on IT projects are seen as creating the right to pursue and obtain benefits from the system at a later date.
Users prefer systems that
are oriented to facilitating organizational tasks and solving business problems.
Which type of tool helps project managers identify bottlenecks in project development?
formal planning and control tools
A benefit of using TCO analysis to evaluate an information technology investment is that it is able to incorporate intangible and “soft” factors such as benefits and complexity costs.
The central method used in a portfolio analysis is to
inventory all of the organization’s information systems projects and assets
You have been hired to implement an enterprise system that will automate much of the billing and accounting work for a statewide HVAC services company. Which of the following would you prepare to describe how the new system will affect a firm’s structure and operations?
organizational impact analysis
Which of the following is not an organizational factor in systems planning and implementation?
user interface
To best evaluate, from a financial standpoint, an IT investment whose benefits cannot be firmly established in advance, you would use
the real option pricing model
Which of the following is a limitation of using a financial approach to evaluate information systems?
inability to assess costs from organizational disruption
A road map indicating the direction of systems development, the rationale, the current systems, new developments to consider, the management strategy, the implementation plan, and the budget is called a(n)
information systems plan.
Which of the following tools would you use to control risk factors in an information systems project?
all of these
The information systems steering committee is composed of information systems managers and end-user managers responsible for overseeing several specific information systems projects.
Transaction and clerical systems that displace labor and save space typically produce more measurable, tangible benefits than management information systems.
Which of the following statistics from studies on failed projects is not true?
The average cost overrun of IT projects is 60 percent
All of the following are intangible benefits of information systems except
reduced workforce
Mandatory use of a system is one effective way of overcoming user resistance to an information system.
External integration tools
consist of ways to link the work of the implementation team with users at all organization levels.
The project risk will rise if the project team and the IS staff lack
the required technical expertise.
At the top of the management structure for information systems projects in a large company is
the corporate strategic planning group
An information system project’s scope is directly related to its business requirements.
Which method would you use to develop risk profiles for a firm’s information system projects and assets?
portfolio analysis
The ________ is directly responsible for the individual systems project.
project team
The ________ consists of systems analysts, specialists from the relevant end-user business areas, application programmers, and perhaps database specialists.
project team
Counter implementation refers to a deliberate strategy to thwart the implementation of an information system or an innovation in an organization.
In using a portfolio analysis to determine which IT projects to pursue, you would
balance high-risk, high reward projects with lower-risk projects
Which method is used to assign weights to various features of a system?
scoring model
In sociotechnical design
separate sets of technical and social design solutions are developed and compared.
Which of the following is not one of the five main variables affecting project success?
The central method used in a scoring model is to
perform a weighted comparison of the criteria used to evaluate a system.
The criteria used for evaluation in a scoring model are usually determined by
lengthy discussions among the decision-making group
Scoring models are used most commonly to support decisions rather than as the final arbiters of system selection.
Intangible benefits cannot be immediately quantified but may lead to quantifiable gains in the long run
The organizational activities working toward the adoption, management, and routinization of a new information system are called
Which of the following is not one of the primary types of system configuration discussed in the chapter?
The major dimensions of international systems architecture include each of the following except
transborder data flows.
Which systems are worth sharing on a transnational basis, from a cost and feasibility point of view?
only systems that support functions that are absolutely critical to the organization
In a duplicated systems building strategy, each foreign unit designs its own solutions and systems.
To avoid the cost and uncertainty of moving information across national boundaries, most multinational firms have developed information systems within each European country.
Global business drivers can be divided into two groups: general cultural factors and specific business factors.
Most companies pursuing a global strategy begin as
domestic exporters
In a multinational business strategy, the ________ business function is decentralized, dispersed to foreign units.
The way to identify core business processes is to conduct a
business process analysis
A powerful strategic advantage for a globalized firm is lowered cost factors in production.
Franchise companies have typically had ________ systems.
Which of the following is not one of the principle problems of international networks?
network standards
The first step in establishing a corporate strategy and structure for globalization is to determine the appropriate technology platform.
As a firm moves from local option systems to regional and global systems
agency costs increase
To avoid the cost and uncertainty of moving information across national boundaries, most multinational firms
develop separate systems within each country
In a transnational business strategy, all of the regional units participate and coordinate over all activities, from production to sales.
Developing international networks has few problems today because of the global acceptance of Internet standards.
One major telecommunications challenge in an international setting is making data flow seamlessly across networks shaped by disparate national standards.
Which of the following is not one of the main benefits to implementing global systems?
reduced hardware costs
In duplicated systems
development occurs at the home base and operations are handed over to autonomous units in foreign locations.
From your reading of the chapter case, which of the following best describes the challenge Primark was facing as a global company?
diverse information systems throughout foreign units
The chapter outlines three steps in developing an effective global system solution. Which of the following is not one of these steps?
Identify outdated legacy systems to be replaced
Global systems allow fixed costs to be amortized over a much smaller customer base.
Which of the following is not a specific challenge to global business system?
language differences
Micromarketing describes the direct marketing of products to individuals rather than groups.
In terms of global business strategy and structure, a multinational company will use a policy of
dispersed production and marketing, with centralized accounting and strategic management.
Most large companies with overseas operations have inherited
batch-oriented reporting from independent foreign divisions to corporate headquarters.
Making judgments and taking action on the basis of narrow or personal characteristics is referred to as
all of these
Which of the following is not one of the three kinds of organizational governance used by global companies?
German companies
do not recognize the profit until the project is completely finished and they have been paid.
As a firm moves from local option systems to regional and global systems
agency costs increase
In international companies, English has become a kind of standard business language.
In terms of global business strategy, the governance of ________ firms has been likened to a federal structure strong central management core of decision making, but considerable dispersal of power and financial resources.
Multinational companies tend to have ________ systems.
The network systems structure is the most visible in ________ services.
Which types of systems are widely used by manufacturing and distribution firms to connect to suppliers on a global basis?
EDI systems
European countries have very strict laws concerning transborder data flows and privacy.
Particularism is a concept based on accepting a shared global culture and the penetration of domestic markets by foreign goods and services.
Private networks may not provide the same level of quick and predictable response as VPNs.
Accounting practices can vary significantly from country to country.
Of the following, which is not one of the three central principles recommended in this chapter for a firm organizing itself for international business?
Disperse production and marketing to regional centers and establish a single center for world headquarters and strategic management.
A global firm can develop transnational centers of excellence as an effective technique to
effectively identify global business processes.
A company that controls finances in the home country and decentralizes production, sales, and marketing operations to other countries is using a ________ strategy.
The collapse of the Eastern block has speeded the growth of a world culture.
Transnational companies have tended to use a ________ systems configuration.
In terms of global business strategy and structure, a domestic exporter will use a policy of
some dispersed sales, with centralized production, accounting, human resources, and strategic management.
All of the following present challenges to developing a global business except
production costs
General cultural factors driving global business are
global communication and transportation technologies, a global knowledge base, and global social norms.
There are two primary global organization types: management centralized in the home country or distributed to foreign centers.
When developing a global system, bringing the opposition of local groups into the process of designing and implementing the solution without giving up control over the direction and nature of the change is called
In centralized systems
systems development and operations occur totally at the domestic home base
With the growth of the Internet and reliable phone networks, skilled consultants are readily available to companies operating in global markets.
Which of the following is not one of the principle management challenges in developing global systems?
defining an acceptable test plan
Which of the following is not one of the main organizational issues facing firms who are seeking to globalize?
defining the global environment
In relation to global systems building, the Internet
has reduced some networking problems
Domestic exporters typically have highly ________ systems.
A critical necessity for ensuring the integration of local systems into a global system is
adherence to data and technical standards
The growth of powerful communications technologies and the emergence of world cultures create the condition for global markets.
Effective networked systems must have a
powerful telecommunications backbone, culture of shared applications development, and shared management culture that crosses cultural barriers.
In decentralized systems
each foreign unit designs its own unique solutions and systems
In a multinational strategy, financial management is centralized while production and sales are decentralized.
in networked systems
systems development and operations occur in an integrated and coordinated fashion across all units.
Global coordination of all of the major business functions permits the location of business activity according to
comparative advantage
In order to define centers of excellence in a global firm, you would first need to identify
core business processes
Expert systems
work in very limited domains
which of the following systems is not used to capture tacit knowledge
neural network
technology that consists of computer-based systems that attempt to emulate human behavior is called
AI technology
Expert systems are expensive and time consuming to maintain because
their rules must be reprogrammed every time there is a change in the environment, which in turn may change the applicable rules
The management methodology of using a firm’s strategy to generate operational targets for the business and measuring progress towards them using the firm’s enterprise systems is called
have the ability to drill down into lower levels of detail
the concern that the structure of data is consistent within an information source reflects which quality dimension of information?
the concern that data values of an information source fall within a defined range reflects which quality dimension of information?
Which type of information system uses data visualization technology to analyze and display data for planning and decision making in the form of digitized maps?
As discussed in the chapter text, the three main reasons that investments in information technology do not always produce positive results are
information quality, organizational culture, and management filters
Which of the following is a disadvantage of high-velocity, automated decision-making systems?
inability to control themselves and respond to new environments
The leading methodology for understanding the really important information needed by a firm’s executives is called the ________ method.
balanced scorecard
DSS primarily address structured problems
In the direct cutover conversion strategy, the new system
replaces the old one at an appointed time
in a parallel conversion strategy, the new system
and the old are run together
Transferring data from a legacy system to the new system would be defined by which category of system design specifications?
CASE tools automate
all of these
what is the greatest barrier to successful business process change?
organizational change
Compared to the use of proprietary components, Web services promise to be less expensive and less difficult to implement because of
the use of universal standards
systems design
shows how the new system will fulfill the information requirements
In component-based development, applications are developed one small portion at a time, with each portion able to function independently
Groups of objects are assembled into software components for common functions, which can be combined into large-scale business applications, in which type of software development?
component-based development
The most widely used project management software today is
Microsoft project
If an intended benefit of an IT project is improved decision making, managers should develop a set of metrics to quantify the value of an improved decision.
The systems analyst is the catalyst for the entire change process and is responsible for making sure that everyone involved accepts the changes created by a new system.
A Gantt chart graphically depicts project tasks and their interrelationships
The ________ reviews and approves plans for systems in all divisions
IS streering committee
An information systems plan contains a statement of corporate goals and specifies how information technology will support the attainment of those goals.
User concerns and designer concerns are usually the same at the beginning of the project but may diverge later as the system is built.
The cost of a project is based on the time taken to complete the project
All of the following are indications of a failed information systems project except
employees require training to properly use the system
Based on your reading of the chapter, why should companies avoid creating an all-encompassing, new global system when moving towards global operations?
opposition is strengthened because of requirements for huge resources
in cooptation
opponents to a planned global system are brought into the process of designing and implementing the solution
Which of the following project management variables indicates how well the project satisfies management objectives?
A force in the environment to which businesses must respond and that influences the direction of the business is called a business
In developing countries, use of the Internet is limited by all of the following except
use of mobile telephones
In terms of global business strategy and structure, a franchise company will use a policy of
dispersed production, marketing, and human resources, with centralized strategic management and finance/accounting.
Software localization is the process of
converting software to operate in a second language and with local conventions
Backward sensitivity analysis software is used for goal seeking.

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