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MIS final #2

MIS Infrastructure
includes the plans for how a firm will build, deploy, use, and share its data, processes, and MIS assets
A solid MIS infrastructure can…
1. reduce costs
2. improve productivity
3. optimize business operations
4. generate growth
5. increase profitability
consists of the physical devices associated with a computer system
the set of instructions the hardware executes to carry out specific tasks
a communications system created by linking two or more devices and establishing a standard methodology in which they can communicate.
Most companies use a specific form of network infrastructure called a ____ and ___ ____
client, server network
a computer designed to request information from a server
a computer dedicated to providing information in response to requests.
What would a web browser be? Client or server?
What would a website be? Client or server?
Server that would respond to the client, or web browser.
A MIS infrastructure is dynamic or static?
DYNAMIC! Continually changes
3 primary areas where enterprise architects focus when maintaining a MIS infrastructure:
1.Supporting operations: Information MIS infrastructure
2. Support change: Agile MIS Infrastructure
3. Supporting the environment: Sustainable MIS infrastructure
Supporting Operations (Information MIS)
identifies where and how important information is maintained and secured. It supports day to day business operations and plans for emergencies (blackouts, floods, earthquakes, security breaches)
Information Infrastructure provides 3 primary elements
1. Backup and Recovery plan
2. Disaster recovery plan
3. business continuity plan
An exact copy of a systems information
the ability to get a system up and running in the even of a system crash or failure
Fault tolerance
the ability for a system to respond to unexpected failures or system crashes as the backup system immediately and automatically takes over with no loss or service.
a specific type of fault tolerance that occurs when a redundant storage server offers an exact replica of the real time data. Users are automatically directed to the secondary or backup server.
occurs when the primary machine recovers and resumes operations, taking over from the secondary server.
Disaster recovery plan can have what effects?
1. disrupting communications
2. damaging physical infrastructures
3. halting transportation
4. blocking utilities
Disaster recovery plan
a detailed process for recovering information or a system in the event of a catastrophic disaster.
hot site
is a separate and fully equipped facility where the company can move immediately after a disaster and resume business
cold site
is a separate facility that does not have any computer equipment but is a place where employees can move after a disaster.
warm site
is a separate facility with computer equipment that requires installation and configuration.
business continuity plan
BCP is a plan for how an organization will recover and restore partially or completely interrupted critical functions within a predetermined time after a disaster or extended disruption
Emergency notification service
an infrastructure built for notifying people in the event of an emergency
Agile MIS Infrastructure characteristics
1. Accessibility
2. Reliability
3. Maintainability
4. Portability
5. Availability
6. Usability
7. Scalability


the varying levels that define what a user can access, view, or perform when operating a system.
the time frames when the system is operational
widely held by difficult to achieve standard in availability is …..
99.999 percent availability
or flexibility, refers to how quickly a system can transform to support environmental changes
the ability of an application to operate on different devices or software platforms
or accuracy, ensues a system is functioning correctly and providing accurate information
how well a system can scale up, or adapt to increased demands of growth
measures how quickly a system performs a process of transaction
determines future environmental infrastructure requirements to ensure high-quality performance
the degree to which a system is easy to learn and efficient and satisfying to use
Moore’s Law
the computer chip performance per dollar doubles every 18 months.
Sustainable MIS
the production, management, use, and disposal of technology in a way that minimizes damage to the environment
Corporate Social Responsibility — companies acknowledged responsibility to society
3 primary side effects of businesses’ expanded use of technology
1. Increased electronic waste
2. increased energy consumption
3. increased carbon emissions
Sustainable MIS disposal
the safe disposal of MIS assets at the end of their life cycle
The components of a sustainable MIS infrastructure
1. Grid computing
2. cloud computing
3. virtualized computing
Grid computing
a collection of computers, often geographically dispersed, that are coordinated to solve a common problem. uses less than 25% of computing power, freeing up 75% for other tasks
smart grid
delivers electricity using two-way digital technology. Meant to solve the problem of the world’s outdated electrical grid.
cloud computing
refers to the use of resources and applications hosted remotely on the Internet
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
offers computer hardware and networking equipment on a pay-per-use basis. Ex. Amazon EC2
Software as a Service (SaaS)
offers applications on a pay-per-use basis. Ex. Salesforce.com. Tremendous cost savings
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
offers hardware, networking, and applications of a pay-per-use basis. Ex. Google application engine
What does PaaS offer without an upfront investment?
1. Access to information anywhere and anytime
2. Centralized information management
3. Easy collaboration with partners, suppliers, and customers
4. increased speed to market with significantly less cost
5. increased security
creates multiple virtual machines on a single computing device
Virtualization benefits in infrastructure
1. increases availability of applications
2. increases energy efficiency by requiring less hardware to run multiple systems or applications
3. increases hardware usability by running multiple operating systems on a single computer
Data center
a facility used to house management information system and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage system
Sustainable data centers do what?
1. reduce carbon emissions
2. reduces required floor space
3. consider water and electricity in geographical choice

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