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MIS Final Chapter 3

Which of the following factors determines the structure, features and functions of the information system used in a company?
The Competitive strategy
Porters five forces model is used to assess…
industry structure
According to Porter’s five forces model, which of the following firms would be least affected by the threat of substitutes?
A firm that sells the only drug for a disease
According to Porter’s five forces model, which of the following ould be most affected by the threat of substitutes?
Southwest Airlines’ services
In which of the following situations would the bargaining power of suppliers be highest?
a single vendor providing raw materials to many department stores
In which of the following would rivalry be considered as a weak force affecting the market?
military services
a new drug that has shown promise in curing lung cancer has been discovered by a famous chemical laboratory. this is the only drug effective for treatment of this disease. the laboratory obtains a patent for the product and decides to sell it. this situation is characterized by
low threat of substitutions
a group of grain farmers in a surplus year will have reduced
bargaining power
bargaining power of customers is likely to be the highest for markets involving
industrial products
the automobile industry is characterized by many manufacturers and intense competition among them. this statement refers to
high levels of rivalry
ABC motors is the largest manufacturer of cars. the company purchases raw materials form many small-sized sellers across the globe. in this case, ABC motors
has high bargaining power over its suppliers
N-joi ice cream was facing competition to their flagship brand of ice cream. the competitor began offering three varieties of ice cream. n-joi decided to counter the threat by introducing five new varieties. which competitive strategy is n-joi implementing?
product differentiation
an automobile company decides to improve the quality of all its products and bring more variety into its product line. the company has decided to adopt
industry- wide differentiation
focused differentiation occurs when
a better product is provided within an industry segment
focused cost leadership is observed when a product has the lowest cost
within an industry segment
the difference between the value that an activity generates and the cost of the activity is called the
Porter defined value as the
amount of money that a customer is willing to pay for an offering
identify the activity in the value chain that involves receiving, storing and disseminating inputs to the product
inbound logistics
a retail marketing company sells such products as agricultural produce and consumer products. the company procures materials from farmers ad local producers. this process of obtaining the inputs needed for a business is called
inbound logistics
which of the following value chain activities involves transforming raw materials into a finished product or service
which of the following value chain activities involves collecting, storing and physically distributing the product to buyers
outbound logistics
which of the following value chain activities involves inducing buyers to get a product and providing a means for them to do so
sales and marketing
which of the following value chain activities involves assisting users to handle the product after sale, thus maintaining and enhancing the products value
customer service
which of the following is a primary activity in the value chain
receiving and disseminating inputs to the product
Mae manages delivery at a custom-kitchen outlet. working with her customers specifications, she contacts gem cabinets and places an order for a full-motion wall mount. which of the following primary activities is mae performing here?
inbound logistics
lynn, the manager of a transportation company, is going through this weeks delivery schedule. she calls her team and assigns territories for each executive. she contacts the fleet supervisor to arrange trucks for transportation. which activity of the value chain is lynn executing?
outbound logistics
the net result of the difference between the total value added and the total costs incurred is the … of the value chain
total margin
which of the following is a support activity in the value chain
setting up contractual arrangements for procurement
which of the following is considered a support activity in the value chain of a business
contract negotiation
according to porters model of business activities, interactions across value activities are called
which of the following statements is consistent with the central idea of business process design
organizations should create new business processes rather than improving existing systems
… argues tha firms should create new, more efficient business processes that integrate the activities of all departments involved in a value chain
business process design
a … is a network of activities that generate value by transforming inputs into outputs
business process
the cost of the business process is the sum of the cost of the inputs and the …
cost of activities
a… is a collection of something, such as data and raw materials
a database is an example of a
in a manufacturing business, the … process transforms finished goods into cash
which of the following is a part of the materials ordering process
inbound logistics
which of the following statements is true of business process designs
most process designs require people to work in new ways
RAC associates is a car rental company. the company rents cars to customers in the US. the company uses controls and procedures to prevent car theft. such procedures are examples of
supporting business processes
reddart is a premium freight provider in the US. the company offers premium shipment services to its customers. the company ships faster than its competitors and uses tamperproof containers to ship its products. red dart company distinguishes itself from competitors by
providing an enhanced product
which of the following principles of competitive advantage is associated with product implementations
differentiating service offerings
which of the following principles of competitive advantage is related to process implementations
locking in suppliers
huen software, an application provider to the gaming industry, decided to increase its portfolio by developing 3-d graphics supported games for the mobile gaming industry. by doing thisk, which competitive strategy is huen software implementing
product differentiation
powercruise, a holiday cruise firm, recently offered its existing customers an extension of six months to their membership without any additional charges. by doing this, which competitive strategy did power cruise implement
locking in of customers
an organization wants to achieve competitive advantage through process implementations. which of the following actions would help them do that
establishing alliances
synapz, a manufacturer of office automation products, recently received a patent for an advanced therapeutic ergonomics technology. by doing this, synapz has
created entry barriers
locking in customers by making it difficult or expensive for customers to move to another product is called establishing high
switching costs
july networks provides digital television services across the country. they have a cutting edge technology that provides high-resolution visuals. customers are required to pay an up-front fee to cover the first two years of the subscription, when registering with july networks. by doing this which competitive strategy is july networks impementing
locking in customers
a large software manufacturer attempts to lock in customers by making it difficult for customers to change to another product. identify the strategy used here
switching costs strategy
organizations can lock in suppliers by making it difficult to switch to another organizations or by
making it easy to work with the organization
a group of manufacturing organizations purchases raw materials collectively to obtain better deals. this is an example of obtaining competitive advantage by
establishing alliances
an organization implements an information system to optimize its supply chain. the system helps the organization reduce wastage’s and inventory changes. hence the system provides a competitive advantage to the organization. here the information system helped the organization achieve competitive advantage by
reducing costs
a digital divide exists between
those who have internet access and those who do not

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