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MIS Quiz Questions Chapter Two

How does a DSS typically differ from an EIS?
An EIS requires data from external sources to support unstructured decisions, where a DSS typically uses internal sources to support semi-structured decisions.
What offers a disadvantage for working virtually?
Increases in feelings of seclusion
The accounting and finance department performs processes such as creating financial statements, paying accounts payables, and collecting accounts receivables. What form of processes do these represent?
Business-facing processes
What is the primary goal of the As-Is process model?
To simplify, eliminate, and improve the To-Be process
What type of process includes order processing, customer service processing, sales processing, customer billing processing, and order shipping processing?
Customer-facing processes
What is the difference between the As-Is process model and the To-Be process model?
The As-Is process model begins with what the process problem is, and the To-Be process model displays how the problem will be solved.
Which of the following explains why a company would implement a BPR strategy?
To create value for the customer
Business process modeling, or mapping, is the activity of creating a detailed flowchart or process map of a work process that shows its inputs, tasks, and activities in a ________ sequence.
Bob Silver loves playing a game called World of Warcraft, where he has the capability to create his own character and even his own life-like environment. Which AI system would you use to categorize World of Warcraft?
Virtual Reality
An optimization analysis finds the optimum value for a target variable by repeatedly changing other variables, subject to specified constraints. What can a manager determine by changing revenue and cost variables in an optimization analysis?
Calculate the highest potential profits
A common mistake that many managers tend to make is focusing on only one type of metrics because they are easier to measure. Which type of metrics do they focus on?
Efficiency MIS metrics
What types of business decisions would an EIS use AI for?
Unstructured decisions
Jenny Welch works at a retail store selling sports equipment. Her daily tasks include opening the store, creating the work schedules, processing payroll, overseeing sales and inventory, and training employees. At what level of the organizational pyramid would you categorize Jenny?
What is the difference between customer-facing processes and business-facing processes?
Customer-facing processes are front-office processes, and business-facing processes are back-office processes.
What is the process of learning from ecosystems and adapting their characteristics to human and organizational situations?
Which of the following does not represent an example of analytic information?
Unstructured long-term decisions
What types OF BUSINESS decisions would an EIS use AI for?
Unstructured decisions
Online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) are similar MIS strategies used to help with business decision making. What is the primary difference between OLTP and OLAP?
OLTP is used at the operational level; OLAP is used at the managerial level.
OLTP is used to capture transactional and event data; OLAP is used to manipulate information.
OLTP is used to support structured decisions; OLAP is used to support semistructured decisions.
CSFs and KPIs are the two core metrics used within a business to track progress or success. What is the relationship between CSFs and KPIs?
CSFs are business strategy elements, where KPIs measure the progress of the CSFs.
What must managers be able to do to compete in today’s global marketplace?
Make decisions to gain competitive advantages
Make decision that can help forecast future business needs
Make decision that can help forecast future business requirements
When evaluating the six-step decision making process, what occurs during the solution test step?
The process will begin again if the decisions made were incorrect.
The problem is defined as clearly and precisely as possible.
The details are presented of every solution possible, including ideas that seem far-fetched.

***None of these

Which of the following represents an example of a technology that actually disrupts and slows workflow?
When evaluating the six-step decision making process, what occurs during the problem identification step?
The problem is defined as clearly and precisely as possible.
Bill Schultz works at a high-power investment firm in Los Angeles. Bill is responsible for promoting the firm’s vision and creating the company wide goals and strategies. He also monitors the overall strategic performance of the company and its direction for future business strategies. At what level of the organizational pyramid would you categorize Bill?
What is the primary goal of using As-Is and To-Be process models?
To determine what the problem is and then how to solve the problem
What is the flow that a systems thinking approach using a TPS would follow?
Source documents (input)—CRUD, calculate (process) reports (output)—(feedback)
Online transaction processing (OLTP) is the capturing of transaction and event information using technology to _____________.
update existing information to reflect the new information, store the information, process the information according to defined business rules
When viewing systems thinking, source documents are the original transaction records. What would the source documents for a medical doctor’s payroll system include?
employee time sheets, employee benefit reports, employee wage rates
What form of processes include loan processing for a bank, claims processing for an insurance company, reservation processing for a hotel, and baggage handling for an airline?
Industry-specific customer-facing processes
Which of the following is not considered a part of decision making at the managerial level?
Developing overall business goals and objectives
FedEx is a great example of a company that created a competitive advantage through combining_______
MIS and traditional distribution and logistics processes
When evaluating the six-step decision making process, what occurs during the solution selection step?
The solution that best solves the problem is selected.
Which of the following is an example of an intelligent system?
All of these. The Firefighter Robot that can extinguish flames at chemical plants. Shell Oil’s Smart Pump robot that pumps gas for the customer. A robot that cleans and sweeps at a local airport
Which of the following are the four common types of effectiveness MIS metrics?
Usability, customer satisfaction, conversion rates, financial
Which of the following examples indicates when the time is right to initiate a business process change?
All of these. The market being served makes a distinctive shift. The company is following industry benchmarks on its core processes. The company strategically passes or leapfrogs the competition on key decisions to regain competitive advantage.

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