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Mission Vision goals

The assignment describes the mission and vision statement and the criterion necessary for building good statements. Research is done on those websites that contain content about these statements. The identified criterions are crucial for them and both of these statements are not termed to be complete without them. IMPORTANT CRITERIONS OF MISSION STATEMENT A short written formal statement or document of a company’s goals and its objectives is said to be as Mission Statement.

Generally fresh entrepreneurs find the declared goals of successful organizations as prized in setting up their own business, not only these but forthcoming employees too are facilitated in knowing about the organization’s objectives and goals. (Haschak, Paul G. 1998) IMPORTANT CRITERION FOR VISION STATEMENT A description that outlines what an organization wants to be in the near future and what environment it asks to be operated in, is called a Vision Statement. Fundamentally it emphasizes on future of the organization.

This statement classifies the idea or wider aim of an organization’s survival that can lasts for long if designed effectively. While setting a vision statement, the vision of the purpose must be clear to the targeted customers. Not only must this but the set purpose be defined in

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such words that depict a bright future of the organization and the vision itself. Values are the most important building block of the vision statement they need to be successful and obvious. Using personal experiences and wisdom suitably is another important reason for a good vision statement.

CRITERIONS FOR MISSION STATEMENT • Customers • Products and Services • Market • Concern for Customers • Values The above stated key elements help in crafting a valuable mission statement. It is important for an organization to state its potential customers as they are the basic need for any successful organization. The mission should explain how efficiently the organization will serve them in order to satisfy their desires related to the product or service offered as dissatisfied buyers will never look forward to be associated with a certain organization. The uniqueness in the statement of its mission attracts the public, this helps in making a number of customers.

Markets are needed to be defined clearly in a mission statement, this way an organization segments its customers. Any product or service displayed must match the standards of the targeted customers. That is the quality and pricing should be effective to the customers. The benefits and other features must be defined clearly. Depicting a good public image attracts people to approach the organization’s products and services. Core values defined for the purpose in achieving its mission helps people in letting the employees of the businesses know how to behave in a working environment.

Best of the values considered must be used this way organizations create a center of attention. CRITERIONS FOR VISION STATEMENT • Meaningful Purpose • Bright picture of the future • Clear values • Appealing wording • Experiences and Wisdom A vision stated in the statement must be meaningful and should sound rational. It shouldn’t revolve around fantasies. Purpose has got to be achievable this way others will be interested in getting to know more about the organization and its activities. Unreal purpose or vision defects the whole statement. The consequence of the vision should be unambiguous and reflect a ray of bright future.

Values grant guiding principles on the way one should carry on as soon as one pursues the idea and image of the future. Values defined in a statement must be ethical but on the other hand have to be explicit and clear. Not only should this but company’s jargons that are unclear to most of the common people and general public be avoided. Using simple and appealing words to assemble a vision statement help the customers in understanding all what is meant to be delivered. A vision setting person by means of its experiences and wisdom definitely is able to set up a victorious vision.

This way ones vision is pure of mistakes and deteriorating decisions. Comparison By comparing the crucial criterions of both the statements, customers are the common criteria. In both the statements first priority is given to the customers as both of the statements are concerned with making a lot of customers. Clear and jargons free are not used helps people to understand organizations values, that limits employees to act according to the set values in attaining its vision and mission. Both the statements differ in the way of deliverance, one is not supposed to state about the products and services in the vision statement.

What vision statement holds in it are, what a person dreams to achieve and the picture of the future of the business. Whereas mission statement lets the people know about how the vision will be achieved. CONCLUSIO N To construct valuable statements certain criterions are there which can not be ignored. Giving importance to all the criterions stated above will definitely help an organization to achieve its mission and vision. REFERRENCE Haschak, Paul G. (1998). Corporate statements: the official missions, goals, principles and philosophies of over 900 companies. Jefferson, N. C: McFarland. ISBN 0-7864-0342-X Welch, J. , & Welch, S. (2008).

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