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MISY 160 Concept Test Chapters 6-11

Criminals collect items such as credit card numbers without the knowledge of the user through the use of ____.
a. a worm
b. phishing
c. a trojan
d. spyware
D. spyware
All of the following are examples of malware EXCEPT ____.
a. worms
b. viruses
c. spyware
d. updates
D. Updates
All of the following help keep your information secure EXCEPT ____.
a. practicing safe, cautious online bahvior
b. using antivirus software
c. accessing P2P networks
d. using a firewall
C. Accessing P2P Networks
An individual who illegally downloads copyright-protected software is referred to as a ____.
A. spy
B. plagiarist
C. pirate
D. hacker
C. pirate
A popular encryption method used to protect data that travels over a network is ____.
A(n) ____ may be used to censor data that may not be dangerous but may be undesirable.
B. firewall
C. hacker
D. intruder
B. Firewall
The job of the ____ administrator is to control who has access to various network resources such as files and folders.
A. multiuser
B. network
C. software
D. technology
B. Network
A(n) ____ certificate confirms your credentials when conducting business or other transactions on the Web.
People’s mistakes can lead to problems with ____ of computer systems and information.
A. security
B. accuracy
C. reliability
D. all of the above
D. all of the above
An e-mail with a subject heading “Urgent Security Update” that requests a username and password followed by a link to “re-login and resolve the issue” is a good example of a ____ scam.
A. Trojan
B. phishing
C. decryption
D. domain
B. phishing
An Internet-based crime is referred to as a(n) ____ crime.
A. piracy
B. forensic
C. cyber
D. iTech
C. cyber
Receiving a fraudulent e-mail that closely resembles a legitimate Web site, such as one from your bank, is known as a(n) ____ attack.
A. phishing
B. ad hominem
C. log scam
D. encrypt
A. phishing
Software companies rely on ____ to “fix” problems in their programs related to bugs and flaws
A. key-logging
B. packet-sniffing
D. updates
D. updates
Through the use of ____, data is secured when it is stored and transported over a network.
A. biometrics
B. pattern recognition
C. retinal patterning
D. encryption
D. encryption
A ____ computer is remotely controlled by a hacker to damage or corrupt a computer resource.
A. shareware
B. peer
C. zombie
D. malware
C. Zombie
Which of the following is NOT a realistic way to ensure Internet security?
A. Avoid client/server networks.
B. Don’t forward e-mail virus hoaxes.
C. Select strong passwords and change them regularly.
D. Do not open attachments unless they are expected and scanned for viruses.
A. avoid client/server networks
Businesses prefer to use technology known as ____ to create an exact copy of their files for backup.
D. OnTrack
Corporate network administrators have the right to do all of the following EXCEPT ____.
A. install a Web cam in an employee’s home
B. listen in on network communications
C. electronically monitor employees’ Web activities
D. read employee e-mail
A. install a Web cam in an employee’s home
A company called ____ provides digital certifications for Web transactions.
A. GoDaddy
B. VeriSign
C. Microsoft
B. VeriSign
The https:// protocol in a URL indicates the use of a(n) _____ by the Web site.
A. domain name
C. SSL connection
C. SSL connection
You enter the wrong GPS position for the start point on a trip you are about to take; this is an example of _____.
A. a data-entry error
B. improper setup of a computer system
C. an error in computer programming
D. mishandling of computer output
A. a data-entry error
____ permissions provide registered users with access to the files they need, while restricting access to private resources.
A. Server
B. Client
C. Network
D. User
D. User
An item such as a smart card is an example of the ____ form of authentication.
A. Something you know
B. Something you have
C. Something about you
D. None of the above
B. Something you have
A company may hire a ____ hacker to learn about vulnerabilities in its system.
A. black-hat
B. white-hat
C. gray-hat
D. red-hat
B. white-hat
The ____ was established to secure and monitor security risks to U.S. networks and the Internet.
B. W3C
Sites such as eBay are a popular target for ____.
A. scripters
B. Internet fraud
C. port-scanning
D. cookies
B. Internet Fraud
The Mac computer employs the ____ system to encrypt its file data.
A. BitLocker Drive
B. FileVault
C. File Transfer Protocol
D. digital certificate
B. FileVault
In a Wi-Fi network, ____ can be configured to help protect your security.
B. war drivers
C. access points
D. IP addresses
C. Access Points
In a practice called ____, someone may manipulate people into performing actions or divulging confidential information on the Internet.
A. dumpster diving
B. social engineering
C. packet sniffing
D. port scanning
B. Social Engineering
An important function of a firewall is to protect all the ____ of a network or computer from undesirable data.
A. nodes
B. ports
C. cables
D. viruses
B. Ports
In a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the services of a(n) ____ can be halted.
A. hard drive
B. Internet server
D. e-mail client
Internet Server
A ____ is commonly packaged with a new computer system.
A. token
B. keychain fob
C. rescue disk
D. scan
C. Rescue Disk
A ____ allows hackers to gain access to important code or information in a software program.
A. Trojan
B. worm
C. security hole
D. firewall
C. Security Hole
Stolen information can be used by all of the following EXCEPT ____.
A. hackers to illegally access computer accounts
B. unethical businesses to gain an advantage in a competitive market
C. government agencies to garnish wages
D. spammers to target advertisements at consumers
C. government agencies to garnish wages
When starting a new job, you may need to sign a(n) ____ that defines acceptable and unacceptable uses of computer and network resources.
A. network usage policy
B. access user contract
C. password agreement
D. Internet notification policy
A. Network Usage Policy
A common form of authentication is a ____.
A. password
B. computer name
C. keystroke
D. card reader
A. password
Information security is implemented at the individual machine level, the computer network level, and the ____ level.
A. Internet
B. software
C. data
D. hardware
A. Internet
The _____ of a digital camera is measured in megapixels.
A. focus control
B. photo file format
C. lens type
D. resolution
D. Resolution
Online newspapers are delivered through _____ to news readers.
Geographical technology advances to the iPhone such as user location and _____ software have improved augmented reality.
A. virtual
B. directional
C. environmental
D. immersive
B. Directional
All of the following offer photo-editing software applications EXCEPT _____.
A. Adobe Illustrator
B. Google Picasa
C. Adobe Photoshop
D. Photoshop Elements
A. Adobe Illustrator
When you digitize a sound wave, you measure and record its _____ at regular time intervals called the sampling rate.
A. conversion
B. length
C. amplitude
D. width
C. Amplitude
_____ is the technology used to distribute blogs and other regularly updated online content to which people can subscribe.
The _____ works using blended colors such as those applied by your printer’s ink cartridges when printing.
A. RGB palette
B. CMYK color model
C. color angle
D. bit depth
B. CMYK Color Model
Criminal cases have been solved through the process of identifying a digitally recorded human voice known as _____ identification.
A. audio
B. sound-output
C. language
D. voice-print
D. Voice-Print
All of the following are examples of graphics file formats EXCEPT for _____.
A. .tif
B. .jpg
C. .gif
D. .xls
D. .xls
A basic example of _____ is the use of graphs and charts to illustrate numeric data.
A. vectorization
B. visualization
C. animation
D. construction
B. Visualization
_____ media is programming or music that can be accessed any time of the day, regardless of the television and radio schedules.
A. Integrated
B. On-demand
C. Ambient
D. Client-based
B. On-Demand
When deciding whether to purchase a photo printer, it is important to consider the cost of printer paper and _____.
A. electricity
B. port connectivity
C. print speed
D. toner
D. Toner
The most popular way to access podcasts on the Web is through _____ software.
A. Podworld
B. iPodder
C. Podcast Alley
D. iTunes
D. iTunes
Computer-aided design software provides tools to ____.
A. construct 3D objects on the computer screen
B. test the properties of 3D objects
C. examine 3D objects from all angles
D. all of the above
D. All of the above
_____ software allows you to improve the look of your captured image.
A. Computer-aided design
B. Vector graphic
C. Photo-editing
D. Pixel
C. Photo-Editing
A game console relies on a fast _____ to handle the lively animations in a graphics game.
A. hard drive
B. microprocessor
C. display
D. joystick
B. Microprocessor
Digital photography captures, stores, and manipulates photographs digitally as a series of _____.
A. maps
B. 1s and 0s
C. resolutions
D. indices
B. 1s and 0s
Digital images are made up of a grid of small points called _____.
A. bits
B. pixels
C. dots
D. increments
B. Pixels
_____ is a Web-based music service and player that builds a streaming “radio station” around the listener’s musical tastes.
A. Spotify
B. Pandora
C. Amazon
D. FindMySong
B. Pandora
Which of the following is a social network with photo album capabilities?
A. Facebook
B. Picasa
C. Snapfish
D. Kodak Gallery
A. Facebook
An example of a vector graphic image is _____.
A. a photograph
B. clip art
C. a frame
D. a 3D model
B. Clip-art
Designers rely on _____ software to help them build prototypes for further research and testing.
Apple, Amazon, and Google provide services that let users store their music _____, making it accessible to the owner from any Internet-connected device.
A. on your hard drive
B. in the cloud
C. on a CD
D. on a flash drive
B. in the cloud
An important consideration when purchasing a digital camcorder is the _____.
A. pixels supported in each frame
B. shutter speed
C. button speed
D. color
A. pixels supported in each frame
Digitized sound can be _____ for secure communications.
A. animated
B. encrypted
C. compressed
D. ripped
B. encrypted
Animation uses successive _____ to create the impression of an object moving.
A. slides
B. pixels
C. frames
D. prototypes
C. Frames
An example of a vector graphics software application is _____.
A. Flickr
B. Visio
C. Photoshop
D. PowerPoint
D. powerpoint
The _____ audio format is most popular among digital music users.
A. .mp3
B. .aiff
C. .wma
D. .m4p
A. .mp3
Digital cameras are ranked by the amount of _____ they can capture.
A. storage
B. pictures
C. clicks
D. megapixels
D. megapixels
_____ media are unique in that the audience is not composed of passive viewers.
A. Engaged
B. Embedded
C. Interactive
D. Indexed
C. Interactive
A videographer uses a(n) _____ to organize and arrange video scenes.
A. storyline
B. animator
C. kiosk
D. toolbox
A. storyline
_____ graphics software allows the user to layer and group objects.
A. Bitmapped
C. Line-based
D. Vector
D. Vector
A digital voice recorder receives sound through a(n) _____.
A. radio signal
B. speaker
C. keyboard
D. microphone
D. microphone
Which of the following is NOT an example of digital media?
A. MP3 music
B. animated movies
C. Blu-ray movies
D. spreadsheets
D. Spreadsheets
One major limitation of native digital audio formats is their _____.
A. file size
B. sampling rate
C. .mp3 format
D. bit depth
A. File Size
The process of transferring music from CD to MP3 or another digital audio format is known as _____ a CD.
A. synchronizing
B. defining
C. ripping
D. distributing
C. Ripping
A 2D model can be changed into a 3D model by adding _____ and light.
A. shadows
B. color
C. graphics
D. boxes
A. shadows
A digital camera uses a _____ card as its storage device.
A. flash memory
C. strike memory
D. video
A. flash memory
A _____ is a program that lets computer users create and access a collection of organized data.
A. data definition language
B. data manipulation language
C. database management system
D. query by example
C. database management system
_____ are an important element of the database hierarchy because they are used to store the database entities.
A. Records
B. Units
C. Fields
D. Files
A. records
A(n) _____ database organizes data into multiple tables that are related by common fields.
A. hierarchical
B. object-oriented
C. network
D. relational
D. relational
A primary key is a _____ within a database table that uniquely identifies each record.
A. field
B. record
C. file
D. unit
A. field
With _____, users are able to store data on Internet servers housed in data centers.
A. relational databases
B. data mining
D. cloud computing
D. cloud computing
A data _____ is a small data warehouse that is developed for a specific person or purpose.
A. capsule
B. mini
C. mart
D. market
C. Mart
Through _____, businesses can analyze inventory and costs for more efficiency.
A. primary keys
B. data mining
C. master files
D. transaction files
B. Data Mining
A data dictionary includes all of the following EXCEPT _____.
A. the name of the data item
B. who prepared the data
C. who approved the data
D. the digital certificate
D. the digital certificate
In a database, a collection of related fields that describes some object or activity is referred to as a _____.
A. field
B. record
C. file
D. unit
B. record
Microsoft Outlook and Quicken are examples of _____ DBMSs that collect personal data for user access.
A. special-purpose
B. flat
C. multi-user
D. single-user
A. special-purpose
Installation and the ongoing maintenance of software in a database system are the job of the database _____.
A. system
B. maintainer
C. administrator
D. analyst
C. administrator
A data warehouse _____ data from several databases to provide useful information.
A. deletes
B. moves
C. copies
D. merges
D. merges
A data _____ extracts data from various systems to analyze and process it.
A. inventory
B. warehouse
C. dictionary
D. container
B. warehouse
In a database, your first name would be categorized as a _____.
A. field
B. record
C. file
D. unit
A. field
The data manipulation language _____ is the most popular tool when working with a database.
B. C++
The _____ data manipulation language is used to build databases in both mainframe and personal computers.
Data _____ refers to the quality and accuracy of the data.
A. warehousing
B. redundancy
C. modification
D. integrity
D. integrity
With _____, users are able to store data on Internet servers housed in data centers.
A. relational databases
B. data mining
D. cloud computing
D. cloud computing
A _____ is a collection of data that has been organized and made available to a user.
A. file
B. database
C. relationship
D. snippet
B. Database
The power of a database lies in the ability to do all of the following EXCEPT _____ in order to answer questions and discover patterns.
A. sift data
B. sort data
C. save data
D. query data
C. save data
When a database problem occurs, its tables may be split up during the _____ process to correct a data problem.
B. visualization
C. normalization
D. data integrity
C. normalization
In a database, a collection of related records is referred to as a table or a _____.
A. field
B. record
C. file
D. unit
C. File
Inaccurate data entered into a database resulting in incorrect output is also known as _____.
A. data failure
C. data redundancy
Database administrators are responsible for all of the following areas EXCEPT _____.
A. developing the data dictionary
B. establishing emergency or failure-recovery procedures
C. implementing the DBMS
D. hiring and training the users
D. hiring and training the users
To avoid data _____, it is advisable to make sure data is carefully copied, stored, and organized in one place.
A. redundancy
B. verification
C. relationship
D. storage
A. redundancy
Global supply management companies assist businesses in finding the best _____ relationships.
A. B2C
B. B2B
C. C2C
D. C2B
B. B2B
All of the following are names for e-cash EXCEPT _____.
A. digicash
B. digital money
C. e-money
D. digital currency
A. digicash
Online _____ provide a method to sell items that manufacturers want to liquidate quickly at a competitive price.
A. e-tailers
B. manufacturers
C. grocers
D. clearinghouses
D. clearinghouses
All of the following are used by location-based m-commerce applications EXCEPT _____.
B. the cellular network
D. Wi-Fi connections
A proximity payment system delivers m-commerce services to small devices through the use of _____-range wireless data communications.
A. close
B. long
C. wide
D. short
D. short
In the _____ form of e-commerce, the Web is used to connect individual consumers directly with sellers to purchase products.
A. B2C
B. B2B
C. C2C
D. 2BC
A. B2C
Online advertising techniques make use of _____ to control the ranking of a product in a search result list.
A. m-commerce
B. search engine optimization
C. search electronic exchange
D. B2B
B. search engine optimization
The popularity of _____ e-commerce is a good example of how customers can successfully implement their own sales strategy on the Web.
A. B2C
B. B2B
C. C2C
D. 2BC
C. C2C
A(n) _____ provides software and a network that connects businesses within an industry.
A. electronic exchange
B. cybermall
D. online community
A, C. electronic exchange, GSM
All of the following support the cybermall concept EXCEPT _____.
B. Yahoo!
C. Craigslist
C. Craigslist
An online B2B transaction uses a(n) _____ network to exchange information on the Web.
B. m-commerce
Downloading apps, games, and media to your smart phone is an example of _____.
A. cloud computing
B. data commerce
C. m-commerce
D. electronic exchange
C. m-commerce
The online business _____ was one of the first e-tailers to partner with retail merchandisers to sell products alongside their regular products.
B. Amazon
C. Dell
D. Apple
B. Amazon
Electronic data interchange uses private network services called _____ networks.
A. virtual-private
B. value-added
C. PayPal
D. Intellifit
B. Value-added
Hosting companies provide all the necessary software tools to deliver e-commerce applications EXCEPT _____.
A. an online catalog
B. transaction processing
C. a shopping cart
D. shipping
D. shipping
All of the following technologies play an important role in e-commerce EXCEPT _____.
C. e-cash
D. digital certificates
Which of the following is NOT a true statement about e-commerce technologies?
A. Working with an e-commerce host requires knowledge of the underlying technologies in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the costs.
B. Understanding the benefits and challenges of various e-commerce technologies is useful for anyone involved with e-commerce.
C. It has become easier to create a reliable online business yourself than to hire a company to do it.
D. A poorly executed e-commerce site could tarnish the reputation of an otherwise well-respected company.
C. It has become easier to create a reliable online business yourself than to hire a company to do it.
_____ supply management services play an important role in building relationships between corporate buyers and sellers.
A. E-tail
B. Multi-
C. Local
D. Global
D. Global
A good example of an e-commerce site is _____.
A. Gmail
C. Amazon
C. Amazon
The B2B electronic exchange differs from global supply management in that it focuses on _____.
A. consumer-to-consumer commerce
B. spending management
C. consumer demand
D. a specific industry
D. A Specific Industry
E-commerce hosting companies offer _____ that provide all the necessary software tools to deliver e-commerce applications.
A. domains
B. certifications
C. servers
D. devices
C. Servers
The main idea behind online auction platforms, such as eBay, is _____.
A. enabling consumers to compete as sellers against retailers
B. providing excellent service
C. offering a variety of products
D. offering deep discounts on merchandise
A. enabling consumers to compete as sellers against retailers
An example of a popular daily-deal model for advertising is the online marketing company _____.
A. Groupon
B. Amazon
C. Twitter
D. Covisint
A. Groupon
The best-known e-cash provider is ______.
A. Amazon Payments
B. PayPal
C. Google Checkout
D. Microsoft Money
B. Paypal
A typical example of a geographic information system is a _____.
A. blueprint
B. drawing
C. map
D. chart
C. map
An effective enterprise resource planning system includes which of the following?
A. transaction processing systems
B. informatics
C. batch processing
D. supply chain management
D. supply chain management
A management information system automatically produces a(n) _____ report when a situation is unusual or requires action.
A. automatic
B. action-item
C. demand
D. exception
D. exception
The first step in systems analysis is to _____ of the organization and how the computer system can help solve them.
A. identify the overall goals
B. list the customers
C. analyze the financials
D. identify the employees
A. identify the overall goals
Solutions that deliver improved customer service and targeted marketing support all of the following areas of an enterprise EXCEPT _____.
A. human resources
B. sales
C. market research
D. product development
A. human resources
In the systems development process, the _____ report determines whether the project is still feasible and worthwhile to proceed to the systems design stage.
B. request for information
C. systems review
D. systems analysis
D. system analysis
A(n) _____ system serves as a foundation to the other systems of information management.
A. transaction processing
B. management information
C. decision support
D. enterprise resource planning
A. transaction processing
A(n) _____ system is the ultimate information system in an organization because it incorporates all enterprise systems into one centralized system.
In a Gantt chart, each time a _____ is completed, a grid cell is marked to indicate its completion.
A. task
B. project
C. unit
D. contact
A. task
Using a _____ system, employees can share their expertise in different areas of a company to build upon its success.
A. decision support
B. management information
C. business intelligence
D. knowledge management
D. knowledge management
In a transaction processing cycle, the data _____ stage checks the validity of the data entered, such as whether an item number and credit card number are valid.
A. collection
B. editing
C. correction
D. manipulation
B. editing
Before developing a software program, a programmer will first _____.
A. develop an algorithm
B. review the program specifications
C. build a prototype
D. perform quality testing
B. review the program specifications
Management information systems are powered by _____.
A. transactions
B. expert systems
C. key performance indicators
D. databases
D. databases
In systems development, the _____ method divides a system’s problem and solution into fundamental parts, such as the system’s data and processes.
A. supply chain
B. object-oriented
C. informatics
D. agile
A corporation relies on its _____ statistics to provide insight into the state of the business and its overall health.
A. key performance indicator
B. exception
C. structured
D. optimized
A. key performance indicator
When a systems analyst is developing an information system with several conditions, a(n) _____ can be used to analyze the possible actions taken.
B. CASE tool
C. decision table
C. decision table
Bioinformatics is sometimes called _____ biology.
A. concatenated
B. computer-based
C. computational
D. calculated
C. computational
Good _____ systems provide a framework for best practices in business management.
A. input
B. technology
C. data
D. information
C. Data
In _____ processing, transactions are collected over time and processed together in groups.
A. online transaction
B. expert
C. commercial
D. batch
D. batch
A(n) _____ system can help a business alleviate the need for multiple information system programs.
A. decision support
B. enterprise resource planning
C. employee relationship management
D. management information
B. enterprise resource planning
The final stage of decision making and problem solving is known as the _____ stage, where the results of a decision are reviewed
A. intelligence
B. choice
C. implementation
D. monitoring
D. Monitoring
_____ is the process of planning, monitoring, and controlling the sequence of events and resources required in a project, often using software tools.
A. Systems development
B. Project management
C. Supply chain management
D. Enterprise resource planning
B. Project management
When deciding whether to update existing software or build a new software program, one thing to consider is the cost of maintenance versus _____.
A. critical success factors
B. the request for identification
C. site preparation
D. the cost of development
D. the cost of development
Which of the following is NOT a benefit of an ERP system?
A. low expense in time and money
B. streamlined work processes
C. improved access to data throughout the enterprise with less redundancy
D. improved communication between functional areas
A. low expense in time and money
Computers support the problem-solving process in decision making in all of the following stages EXCEPT _____.
A. intelligence
B. output
C. choice
D. design
B. output
Using symbols, _____ show the logical relationships between system components.
A. CASE tools
B. decision tables
C. flowcharts
D. PERT charts
C. Flowcharts
A graphical representation of a company’s key performance indicators can be displayed in a(n) _____ for easier access to important data.
A. scheduled report
B. executive dashboard
C. database
D. optimized model
B. executive dashboard
With the help of _____ software, new housing developments can be easily planned and analyzed.
A. global information system
B. batch processing
C. decision support system
D. geographic information system
D. geographic information system
A(n) _____ system provides details related to specific tasks for higher-level decision making.
A. transaction processing
B. management information
C. decision support
D. enterprise resource planning
C. decision support
Informatics is widely used in the combined disciplines of computer science and _____.
A. mathematics
B. medical research
C. human factors
D. management information systems
B. medical research
A(n) _____ review is applied to a software package to determine a schedule for monitoring changes and updates.
A. calendar-based
B. scheduled
C. time-driven
D. event-driven
C. time-driven
Through the use of a _____ system, information on prospective, current, and past customers is stored and analyzed for future planning.
In a(n) ____ systems review, an error in the software triggers a review of the problem.
A. time-driven
B. event-driven
C. hardware maintenance
D. algorithm
B. event-driven
Often, software engineers develop _____ of software to test a concept or gather feedback from users.
A. flowcharts
B. Gantt charts
C. prototypes
D. simulations
C. prototypes
A collaborative framework, like _____, provides an ideal tool for collecting and sharing knowledge in an organization.
A. email
B. a wiki
C. a lecture
D. blogging
B. a wiki
A management information system uses a(n) _____ report when a request is made by a specific person for a specific purpose.
A. demand
B. key-indicator
C. automatic
D. exception
A. demand
During the systems _____ stage, the system is enhanced and validated to make sure it is achieving its goal.
A. review
B. development
C. maintenance
D. analysis
C. maintenance
The primary source of input for a business management information system is its _____ database.
A. relational
B. transaction
C. credit
D. employee
B. transaction
What are the 6 stages in the systems development life cycle?
1. Systems Investigation Stage
2. Systems Analysis Stage
3. Systems Design Stage
4. Systems Implementation Stage
5. Systems Maintenance Stage
6. Systems Review Stage
All of the following are AI methodologies that rely on a human to give instructions for problem solving EXCEPT ____.
A. expert systems
B. Bayesian networks
C. case-based reasoning
D. neural networks
D. neural networks
AI neural networks use ____ to simulate the processing that takes place between neurons in the brain.
A. synapses
B. software
C. expert systems
D. cognition
B. software
Facial recognition is used as a(n) ____ process to tag photos in Facebook.
A. computational intelligence
B. authentication
C. heuristics
D. automated reasoning
B. authentication
The ____ Grand Challenge is the ultimate robotic test.
B. W3C
A man named ____ proposed a test to determine whether a computer can be said to “think.”
A. Alan Turing
B. Ray Kurzweil
C. Bill Gates
D. Albert Einstein
A. Alan Turing
One challenge with speech recognition software is its ability to ____ words that sound the same but have different meanings.
A. store
B. delete
C. spell
D. recognize
D. recognize
AI systems typically include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
A. the ability to improve performance through experience
B. the ability to handle unexpected input and still produce useful output
C. the ability to apply judgement to a problem
D. a set of logical rules for processing
C. the ability to apply judgement to a problem
A popular video game system that has applied the AI application computer vision is ____.
A. Kinect
B. PlayStation 3
C. Nintendo DS
D. Wii
A. Kinect
Speech recognition technology has advanced to the point that some users are considering it as an alternative to ____.
A. touchpads
B. typing
C. simulation
D. visual imagery
B. Typing
An expert system relies on ____ to solve a problem or make recommendations.
A. heuristics
B. behavior
C. computational analysis
D. iterative processes
A. heuristics
The concept of Singularity predicts that computers will be ____.
A. faster
B. superintelligent
C. larger
D. more compact
B. superintelligent
AI applications add knowledge and ____ to existing applications.
A. statistics
B. networking
C. reasoning
D. language
C. Reasoning
One important characteristic of artificial intelligence is when a device modifies its own behavior based on its ability to learn, also known as ____.
A. the Blue Brain project
B. machine learning
C. Singularity
D. an algorithm
B. machine learning
Medical robots are built with ____ capabilities to perform sophisticated surgeries.
A. interpreted
B. high-precision
C. natural
D. segmented
B. high-precision
In artificial intelligence, ____ computation is based on a genetic algorithm to solve complex problems.
A. fuzzy
B. evolutionary
C. neural
D. intelligent
B. evolutionary
Combining hardware and AI software provides the opportunity for ____.
A. simulation
B. evolution
C. decision making
D. automation
D. automation
All of the following are examples of AI methodologies EXCEPT ____.
A. conventional
B. expert systems
C. emotional intelligence
D. neural network
C. emotional intelligence
The ____ area of conventional AI relies on the four Rs for problem solving.
A. simulations
B. belief network
C. case-based reasoning
D. embedded
C. Case-based reasoning
What are the four R’s for solving new problems?
1. Retrieve
2. Reuse
3. Revise
4. Retain
The art and science of creating computer systems that simulate human thought and behavior are referred to as ____.
A. informatics
B. artificial intelligence
C. expert systems
D. knowledge management
B. artificial intelligence
Communication and language are key elements in the ____.
A. Blue Brain project
B. neural network
C. Turing Test
D. Fuzzy Test
C. Turing Test
A feature of neural networks includes the ability to quickly ____ stored data when new information is identified.
A. delete
B. transfer
C. modify
D. export
C. modify
A strong advocate of the Singularity concept is ____.
A. Bill Gates
B. Steve Wozniak
C. Ray Kurzweil
D. Al Gore
C. Ray Kurzweil
One use for a(n) ____ is to search for information pertaining to a specific query.
A. intelligent agent
B. expert system
C. task automation agent
D. natural language
A. Intelligent Agent
AI expert ____ has created an AI program he calls the Cybernetic Poet that can create poetry in the style of human poets.
A. Ray Kurzweil
B. Alan Turing
C. William Dobelle
D. Paul Hodgson
A. Ray Kurzweil
____ artificial intelligence is very popular in the programming of robots.
A. Case-based
B. Expert
C. Subject-specific
D. Behavior-based
D. behavior-based
Singularity embraces the idea of ____ and other recent trends in technology.
A. the Turing Test
B. Moore’s Law
C. fuzzy logic
D. a Bayesian network
B. Moore’s Law
Computational intelligence is directly related to ____.
A. artificial intelligence
B. knowledge management
C. expert systems
D. the Blue Brain project
A. artificial intelligence

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