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MKG 300-7 Chapter 6 Review

in marketing, business and organizational customers are distinct from
final customers

buyers follow procedures, fewer but larger customers
economic needs are primary, behavioral needs still matter, ethical issues arise, purchasing managers (buying specialists for their employers), multiple buying influence
buying for both themselves and their final consumers

which of the following statements accurately compares marketing to final consumers with marketing to organizational customers
which of the following is true of the buying behavior of organizational customers
make purchases to solve problems
seek information
decision making process varies depending on the nature of the purchase
includes fewer buyers
focus on economic factors
of the people involved in making an organizations purchase, the one with the most power is usually the
smart tips for selling to business customers include all of the following except
during the purchase of janitorial services for a new building, teresa has the responsibility for working with supplies and arranging the termsof the sale, in this role teresa appears to be acting as a
a ____ refers to all of the people who participate in or influence a purchase
multiple buying influence / buying center
a buying center
all those who become involved in the purchsae
when a salesperson calls on a new business prospect
he may have trouble identifying all the buying center members
he usually must see the purchasing manager first
the probability of encountering a gatekeeper is high
all of these are true
regarding organizational buying
a national accounts sales force often makes sense when firms with many facilities buy from a central location
a geographically bound salesperson can be at a real disadvantage
purchasing managers are more likely to be found in large organizations
a typical purchasing manager
tries to satisfy both individual and company needs
purchasing specifications
a written description of what the firm wants to buy
consist of brand name or part number
which of the following buying methods would a supermarket buyer most likely use in the purchase of grade a large eggs
purchasing specifications
which of the following products would be bough using purchasing specifications
100 gallons of muriatic acid
1,000 700mb CD-r’s
500 pounds of USX nails
which of the following buying methodfs would a purchasing manager be most likely to use on the internet
purchasing specification
regarding selling to organizational buyers
a purchasing managers emotional needs should be emphasized as well as his economic needs
most purchasing managers
stress dependability as well as lower cost and higher qualiry
a buyer who has not purchased from a vendor in the past is most likely to buy from that vendor when there is
new task buying
definitely scrumptious CO. a cookie manufacturer, decices to expand into cake manufacturing. it begins the buying process for cake molds, toppings, and icing equipment by setting product specifications and evaluating sources of supply
new-task buy
a vendor is most likely to make a sale of the buyer has bought from the vendor before and is doing a
straight rebuy
a straight rebuy
appropriate when there is a continuing or recurring requirement, buyers have substantial experiences in delaing with the need and require little to no new information
home sweet home co manufactures and sellls handmade wooder furniture. its manager routinely orders 50 cartons of supreme furniture polish and 10 bottles of ultra sheen varnish from the same vendor
straight rebuy
circle z tires is a retailer of tires. unless the manager requests something different, they order the same thing every time,
straight rebuy
whitewater corp is looking for a new vendor for basic plastics bc the present vendor has been inconsistent about meeting delivery schedules.
modified rebuy
after conducting a vendor analysis on potential supplies, purchasing managers are likely to choose the vendor that
helps the customer reduce costs and excess inventory
vendor analysis
is likely to favor a vendor that offers the customer the lowest total cost associated with the purchase
vendor analysis
ensures objectivity by disregarding whether a supplies has been used in the past
emphasizes the emotional factors in a purchase decision
is used less now that multiple buying influence is more common
the method by which supplies provide deliveries to organizations precisely when the buyer needs them, just in time, involved which dimension of the buyer and seller relationship
operational linkage
___refers to reliably getting products there exactly before the customer needs them
creative electronics has an idea for a new mp3 accessory. now it is looking for a supplies to design and manufacture the product. it will most likely use ___ buying
negotiated contract
specific adaptations are sually requires when a buyer chooses ___ which is a contract with an external firm to produce goods or services rather than the buyer producing them internally
whoch of the following is not a key variable that marketers need to consider when developing marketing mixes for manufacturers
when references NAICS codes, marketers should know that
code breakdowns
they should focus on their marketing mixes on prospective customers who exhibit characteristics similar to their current customers
NAICS means
the north american industry classification system, standard used by the federal statistical agencies in classifying business establishments for the purpose of collecting, analyzing, and publishing statistical data related to the US business economy
which of the following NAICS codes would be used by a marketing manager who wanted data on the most general breakdown of a particular industry
smaller number
which of the following NAICS codes would be used by a marketing manager who wanted data on that was most specific to a particular type of firm within the industry
larger numbers
which of the following statements about purchasing by small service firms is not true
which of these statements regarding manufacturing and service firms is true
tango with nature inc, a company that manufactures and sells body oils, aroma oils, essential oils, etc. has decided to launch a website with an online store for its customers. how will this decision likely affect the company
the purchase by small service customers can add up, creating a new market for tango
when a large wholesaler or retailer uses a buying committee
the sales rep may not be able to make sales presentations to the committee
committee buying in large retail chains
reduces the impact of a persuasive sales rep
in a large retail firm
with regard to government buying
regarding the US gov market buying
in selling to the government unit, a supplier should do each of the following except
the foreign corrupt practices act
is a us federal law known primarily for two of its main provisions, one that addresses accounting transparency requirements and other concerning bribery of foreign officials

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