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MKG 420

When a company deliberately coordinates and integrates messages from a variety of sources its products or brands, it is practicing
Relationship Marketing
……. is creating, maintaining, and enhancing long-term bonds with customers and other stakeholders that result in exchange of information and other things of mutual value.
develop a full view of the customer by compiling and analyzing customer data
Companies the commit to relationship marketing are generally trying to:
Reducing customer defections by 25-85 percent can improve profit potential by about 5 percent.
To succeed companies must focus on managing loyalty among carefully chosen customers and stakeholder because:
current customers
A companies first market should always be its….
Increased retention and optimized lifetime customer value.
The primary benefit of focusing on relationships is:
Accountable relationship
In a(n) _____, a salesperson sells products and encourages customers to call if they encounter any problems.
In a ….. the company works continuously with customers (and other stakeholders) to discover ways to deliver better value.
Service messages
According to the integration triangle, which of the following are “do” messages?
. _____ is the structured and composed nonpersonal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products by identified sponsors through various media.
A real or imaginary spokesperson who lends some voice or tone to the ad within the text of the ad is known as a(n) _____.
Sponsorial consumer
The _____ are the gatekeepers who decide if the ad will run or not.
Feed back
A restaurant owner, who, in a magazine, came across an ad for an international trade show for people in the hospitality business, decided to request for further information on the show together with a registration form. In the context of advertising, this is a form of _____.
trade advertising
Companies aim _____ at resellers to obtain greater distribution of their products.
professional advertising
The type of advertising published in psychiatry journals aimed at practicing psychiatrists is referred to as
price advertising
Some products are publicized using _____, in which an ad claims the product is equal in quality to higher priced brands.
local advertising
Fresh Zone is a supermarket based in New York that has branches in two other states, Ohio and Illinois. It uses _____, in which ads are placed in the local media or territorial editions of the national media.
global advertising
In 2002, a Swedish home electrical appliance manufacturer decided to use the same advertising message wherever it advertised around the world. In other words, the company decided to use _____.
personal selling
In order to convey the benefits of sponsorship to a potential sponsor, a rodeo show would most likely use _____. This enables the marketer to answer the prospect’s questions on the spot.
Noncommercial advertising
_____ is used around the world by governments and nonprofit organizations to seek donations, volunteer support, or changes in consumer behavior.
Collateral materials
At the reception of a hotel, Tom came across a brochure on the hotel’s multi-cuisine restaurant. Which of the following has the hotel used to disseminate information about one of its services?
sales promotion
A car dealer’s advertisement inviting people for a test drive is an example of the use of _____.
Which of the following is an assumption that characterizes a free-market economy?
They garner consumer loyalty.
Which of the following is a benefit provided to a company by strong brands?
A plow
Which of the following products was advertised in the first ad in English that appeared in 1472?
consumer packaged goods
In the industrial age, fresh mass markets developed for new and inexpensive brands of luxury and convenience goods called _____.
Benjamin Franklin
Who among the following is regarded as the father of advertising art and was the first American known to use illustrations in ads?
induce consumers to try the bicycle.
An ad in a fitness magazine offered a 30-day, free, at-home trial of an exercise bicycle with free shipping, and the option of returning the bicycle if the customer was not satisfied with it. The primary function of the ad was to:
price currents
During the 1800s, wholesalers placed ads in publications called _____ that informed retailers about the sources of supply and shipping schedules for commodities.
The stock market crash on October 29, 1929
Which of the following historical events in the first half of the 20th century caused advertising expenditures to plummet in America?
Volney B. Palmer
The American profession of advertising began when _____ set up business in Philadelphia in 1841.
Rosser Reeves
Who among the following introduced the idea that every ad must point out the product’s USP?
A feature that differentiates a coffee-maker from other similar products in the market is its _____.
Which of the following strategies best describes a company’s efforts to slow the demand for cigarettes through public service messages?
positioning strategy
When a soft drink company introduced a new peach-flavored drink in a market saturated with colas, it immediately found favor with health-conscious consumers. In this example, the soft drink company effectively uses _____ by associating its brand with the consumers’ focus on healthy living.
After the end of the Cold War, big multinational companies and their advertising agencies went on a binge, buying other big companies. Which of the following terms describes this occurence?
the aging of traditional products, with a corresponding growth in competition.
Two related economic factors characterized the marketing world of the 1980s in the United States. One of those factors was:
Intense competition and growing international trade
Which of the following characterizes the marketing world of the postindustrial age?
Mark Zuckerberg
_____ created a social media company called Facebook.
Page and Brin
Who among the following developed AdWords, an advertising program for Google?
The traditional advertising industry suffered from overpopulation.
Which of the following statements is true of the traditional advertising industry in America in the beginning of the 1990s?
The ability to target potential customers and measure effectiveness against that target
In the context of advertising, which of the following refers to a major feature of TiVo?
File-sharing technologies
Which of the following significantly contributed and eventually led to the declines in music sales in the recording industry in the postindustrial age?
Advertising has been a major factor in improving the standard of living in the United States and around the world.
Which of the following is true about the impact of advertising on the society and the economy?
By making products better known
In which of the following ways does advertising add value to a brand?
encouraging competition.
Advertising helps keep prices down by:
As a cost of doing business, advertising is paid for by the _____.
primary demand
David visited the supermarket to buy soft drinks. In this instance, David’s demand for soft drinks can be classified as _____.
In declining markets:
the only effect advertising will have on primary demand is to slow the rate of decline.
t stimulates innovation and new products.
Which of the following functions does advertising serve in countries where consumers have more income to spend after their physical needs are satisfied?
short-term manipulative arguments
Criticisms that focus on the style of advertising, saying it’s deceptive or crafty, are referred to as _____.
When the city of Pensacola in Florida uses the slogan, “the best seafront vacation in the Americas” to promote tourism in the area, it is using _____.
a nonproduct fact
An ad for a soft drink that uses the slogan: “Life is good” is employing _____.
act in the interest of the community.
A socially responsible company is most likely to:
Ethic definition
Which of the following refers to the last level of ethical responsibility?
deceptive advertising
Redwagon, an automobile manufacturer, was charged for its failure to warn elderly customers about safety problems in one of its models, the Red Auto. Elderly users of the Red Auto were substantially inconvenienced owing to the lack of information pertaining to the safety problem in their cars. In this case, the FTC found that Redwagon had failed to address this safety issue in their ads for the Red Auto. This is an example of _____.
If a suspected violator cites survey findings or scientific studies, the FTC is likely to ask for _____
an affirmative disclosure
When Melissa looked at the container of weed and grass killer on a store shelf, she noticed a label on the container that read, “Avoid contact with eyes. This product can cause eye irritation.” This is this an example of
is issued to prohibit further use of deceptive or unfair advertisements.
A cease-and-desist order:
The FDA has authority over the labeling, packaging, and branding of all packaged foods and therapeutic devices.
Which of the following statements about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is true?

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