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MKT 4083 EXAM 1

Which of the following is true regarding international marketing?
It involves the performance of business activities to sell the goods and services of a company in more than one nation for a profit
At the global level, differences can be observed in marketing ____ from country to country
Which of the following is an uncontrollable element in an international marketing program?
Economic forces
Elements such as geography and infrastructure, level of technology, and cultural forces in the marketing environment of an international marketer are regarded as
Uncontrollable Elements
A person’s ____ can prevent him from being aware of the existence of cultural differences or from recognizing the importance of those differences
Self- Reference Criterion
Justin, who works as a manager in a global enterprise with a diverse workforce, is of the opinion that the employees from his country are more time-conscious and good at taking decisions. He always allot responsible positions to people from his country and trusts them more compared to other employees. This notion of Justin is referred to as
To be ____ is to be tolerant of cultural differences and to have knowledge of cultures, history, world market potential, and global economic, social and political trends
Globally aware
Which of the following factors favors faster internationalization
Firms with key managers well networked internationally
A company in the _____ stage of international marketing involvement sells its goods to foreign markets only when there is a surplus due to variations in production levels. Such a company has little or no intention of maintaining continuous market representation
Infrequent foreign marketing
What was the outcome for the GATT after the ratificaiton of the Uruguay Round agreements?
It became part of the World Trade Organization
The rapid growth of war-torn economies and previously underdeveloped countries, coupled with large scale economic cooperation and assistance that followed WWII led to
The rise of new global marketing opportunities
By the year 1971, the United States was witnessing
A huge trade deficit
The system of accounts that records a nation’s international financial transactions is most accurately called its
balance of payments
A specific unit or dollar limit applied to a particular type of good is called a
Which of the following trade policy tools makes it mandatory for its importers who want to buy a foreign good to apply for an exchange permit?
Government approval
The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is specifically addressed in the ____ section of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness act
export expansion
Which of the following emerged as a successor to the GATT following the Uruguay Round of GATT negotiations
World Trade Organization
One of the basic elements of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is that
Trade shall be conducted on a nondiscriminatory basis
Developed by the IMF to cope with universal floating exchange rates, ____ represents an average base of value derived from the value of a group of major currencies
Special drawing rights
Which of the following is a criticism associated with the global financial institutions?
They failed to foresee and counter the unintended effects of globalizations like pollution, exploitation, and cultural exploitation
Which of the following is an adverse consequence of globalization?
Worker exploitation and domestic job losses
Which of the following events caused the Chinese to cede the Honk Kong to the British?
The First Opium War
Japan was an isolated country before the arrival of _____ in 1853
Commodore Perry
Which of the following may best explain why the Japanese have such a strong loyalty toward their companies
Confucian Philosophy
In 1561, _____ came to Europe from the Near East, via the Dutch traders, for the first time
What was the overall end result of the Mexican War of 1846-1848?
Mexico was forced to cede California to the U.S.
The idea of Manifest Destiny was used to justify the U.S. annexation of
In 1600, Japan began trading ____ for foreign goods
Which of the following countries is considered to be the world’s most efficient user of energy?
Which of the following statements is true with respect to the economic effects of controlling population growth?
A decline in fertility rate is a function of economic prosperity
Which of the following is an adverse consequence of globalization?
Worker exploitation and domestic job losses
Which of the following is the most universal means used by governments to control birth rates?
Family Planning
Which of the following regions of the world is most affected by aging and thus by a steadily decreasing worker-to-retiree ratio?
______ represents the attempts of countries to overcome economic and social imbalances created in part by the influence of geography
Trade Routes
An underpinning of all commerce is ____ – knowledge of where goods and services exist and where they are needed
effective communications
Which of the following relfects Dutch management professor Geert Hofstede’s perception of culture?
It is a problem-solving tool
James Day Hodgson, former U.S ambassador to Japan, describes culture as a _____ which according to him is tough to get through, but with effort and patience could often lead to success
The process of adjusting to a new culture is known as
Mike grew up learning a great deal about his culture from his school, the church, the mass media and his family. This kind of learning of culture is called
Which of the following thinkers is famous for his statement on the deep influence of geography on history, economics, and consumer behavior?
Philip Parker
Which of the following technological innovations has had a great impact on the gender-based determining of responsibilities and roles?
birth control pills
The _____ in India is a social institution that influences the roles of status positions found within Indian society
Caste System
Which of the following has been the biggest impact on American culture, of women joining the workforce in growing numbers for the past thirty years?
A reduction in the influence of family in the American culture
Which of the following social institutions is considered to have had a detrimental effect on American culture?
Which of the following social institutions that influence culture has comparatively the least impact on culture
In the context of linguistic distance, which of the following languages is the most distant from English?
For a culture, a low score in the _____ reflects more egalitarian views
Power distance Index
Cultural values can predict such consumer behaviors as _____ and impulsive buying
Word-of-mouth communications
Hofstede’s data on cultural values suggest that
diffusion of innovations will be slower in countries that are low on individualism and high on uncertainty avoidance
Feng Shui is a Chinese
_____ is a responsible effort to learn from others’ cultural ways in the quest for better solutions to a society’s particular problems
Cultural Borrowing
To the foreign marketer, the similar-but-different feature of cultures has important meaning in gaining cultural
With the regard to resistance to change, observations indicated that those innovations most readily accepted are those that
hold the greatest interest within society and those that are least disruptive
Modern Medicine has thrived in the US together with the use of herbal remedies from South America. This is an example of
cultural borrowing
____ refers to a strategy that involves marketing products similar to ones already on the market thereby minimizing resistance
cultural congruence
The westernized diet has caused many Japanese to become overweight. This is an example of _______ change
For a culture, a low score in the ______ relfects more egalitarian views
power distance index
Business customs can be grouped into
imperatives, electives, and exclusives
______ are the business customs and expectations that must be met and conformed to or avoided if relationships are to be successful
cultural imperatives
Business customs that must be recognized and accommodated are called
Which of the following would most likely be characterized as being an imperative business custom in many cultures
establishing friendships
least acceptable behavior in a business setting, especially in a cross-cultural scenario?
correcting someone in public
Which of the following views is consistent with normative US cultural concepts
independent enterprise is an instrument for social action
Which philosophy of US management recognizes that people influence the future to a large extent and that they control their own fates?
“Master of Destiny” viewpoint
Which of the following is consistent with the American view of the independent enterprise?
A corporation is an entity that has rules and continuity of existence
Adam Smith
In ______ decision making, participation by middle management tends to be deemphasized
top- level management
which of the following forms of business decision making is predominant in most Asian countries
Companies in _____ countries have a strong paternalistic orientation, and assume that individuals will work for one company for the majority of their lives
more hierarchical
Research has shown that commitment of workers to their companies tended to be higher in countries
higher in individualism and lower in power distance
According to Max Weber, at least part of the standard of living in the US today can be attributed to the
hard working Protestant ethic
_____ is probably the most common mistake of North Americans attempting to trade in the Middle East
____ is more dominant in high-context cultures, where the completion of a human transaction is emphasized more than holding to schedules
Polychronic time
A firm whose marketing orientation is based on the belief that consumers and businesses alike will not buy enough without prodding is _____ oriented
Which of the following is true of the effect of differences in culture in business negotiations
the risk of misunderstanding increases when negotiating with someone with someone from a different culture
Which of the following is true of P-time and M-time?
as global markets expand, more businesspeople from P-time cultures are adapting to M-time
In the context of business ethics, which of the following factors kept the American economy afloat at the turn of the century
Rampant Consumerism
Which organization conducts an international survey of businesspeople, political analysts, and the general public on corruption and compiles the Corruption perception Index (cpi)
Transparency International (TI)
Which of the following is true of the business community’s view about payoffs?
Many global competitors perceive payoffs as a necessary means to accomplish business goals
Which aspect of Japanese culture, predicted by many to favor bribery, makes Japan’s success in reducing corruption more remarkable?
_____ occurs when payments are extracted under duress by someone in authority from a person seeking only what he or she is lawfully entitled to
____ involves a relatively small sum of cash, a gift, or a service that is intended to facilitate or expedite the normal, lawful performance of a duty by an official
___ generally involves giving large sums of money– frequently not properly accounted for — designed to entice an official to commit an illegal act on the behalf of the one offering the bribe
a culture that is low context, individualistic, low power distance, and uses monochromic time is

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