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MKT: Chapter 6 Quiz

the decision making unit of a buying organizations called its __________. It consists of all the individuals and units that play a role in the business purchase decision making process
buying center
in contrast with consumer purchases, a business purchase usually involves ___________ and a more professional effort
more participants in the decision
which role is it that has the formal authority to select the supplier and arrange terms of purchase? Persons in this role might help shape product? specifications, but their major role is in selecting vendors and negotiating. In more complex? purchases, high-level officers might participate in this role in the negotiations.
During supplier? selection, members of the buying center review the proposals and select a supplier or suppliers.? Additionally, which of the following is a task that takes place during supplier? selection?
Draw up a list of the desired supplier attributes and their relative importance.
?________ refers to the buying behavior of organizations that buy goods and services for use in the production of other products and services that are? sold, rented, or supplied to others.
business buyer behavior
The main differences between consumer and business buyer behavior include differences in market structure and? demand, ________, and the types of decisions and the decision process involved.
the nature of the buying unit
Many large buyers practice what kind of? system, in which they turn over ordering and inventory responsibilities to their? suppliers? Under such? systems, buyers share sales and inventory information directly with key suppliers.
vendor managed inventory
In the buying? center, which role is responsible for controlling the flow of information and might include secretaries and technical? staff?
In a business marketing? scenario, demand is typically? ________ and fluctuates more than in the consumer marketplace.
?Increasingly, customer-oriented companies are not using Purchasing Departments to acquire goods from vendors.? Walmart, for? example, depends on which concept to systematically build networks of? supplier-partners to ensure a dependable supply of the products and materials used in making their own products or reselling to? others?
supplier development
The first step in a fairly? lengthy, complex process of making a purchase in a business marketing situations is? what?
problem recognition
What are the major types of buying situations in the business market?
straight rebuy, modified rebuy and new task
In many? cases, a sales team focuses on the economic factors of cost and price in presenting the purchase to a business buyer. How do business buyers make decisions on what? dimensions?
based on reason and emotion
The business marketer usually deals with a difference in the market size and type of customer from consumer markets. The business market is characterized with? ________ buyers and much? ________ buyers than does the consumer marketer.
far fewer, larger
Costco wants the processor of the brand of yogurt it has been selling for eight years to increase the number of units per pack from 9 to 12 and to reduce its profit margin from? 14% to? 12%. The buying situation would be described as which? type?
modified rebuy
Before the buying firm begins the supplier? search, the firm determines the specifications with help of what technique to analyze cost reduction and to determine whether the required product can be? redesigned, standardized, or made by less costly methods of? production?
value analysis
Although the Internet makes it possible for suppliers and customers to share business data and even collaborate on product? design, there are some inherent problems associated with it. How does it present a? problem?
it can erode decades- old, customer supplier relationships
Organizational buying behavior also applies to certain groups of buyers beyond the traditional business. To which other? entities, with special? characteristics, does organizational buying? apply?
institutional and government markets
There are several sources of information for business marketers looking to sell to the U.S. government. Which of the following is the source that provides a complete education on the way government agencies? buy, the steps that suppliers should? follow, and the procurement opportunities? available?
General Services Administration (GSA)
Siemens Corporation is selling an Argentinean manufacturer a? $2 million turbine engine. In the process of this? sale, which one of the following factors should Siemens? avoid?
Selling the Argentineans an? off-the-shelf turbine
One type of nonbusiness organizational market is the institutional market. It includes which of the following typical? buyers?
prisons and hospitals
There are several ways in which a firm can engage in? e-procurement. Which of the following is a method for sharing only sales and inventory data? online?
Builds a vendor-managed inventory system
Many factors of the environment and supply chain influence the business? buyers’ decisions. If the marketer has to consider the difference from one buyer to? another, such as? McDonald’s and? Wendy’s, in terms of their respective? objectives, strategies,? structure, systems, and? procedures, he is aware of what set of decision? facto
Why would any firm choose to do business with the U.S. government especially given the complications involved in selling to? it?
The government purchases a lot of goods and services and pays its bills.
In the business? market, a typical car manufacturer incorporates a sound? system, which might be purchased from Pioneer. When the consumer buys the? car, the Pioneer sound system is already installed and Pioneer relies on auto manufacturers for much of its sales. These interrelated? markets, driven by? consumers, are described as? ________ demand.

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