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MNGT301 Chp1

attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources
identifying goals for future organizational performance and deciding on the tasks and use of resources needed to attain them
involves assigning tasks, grouping tasks into departments, delegating authority, and allocating resources across the organization
use of influence to motivate employees to achieve organizational goals
monitoring employees’ activities, determining whether the organization is moving toward its goals, and making corrections as necessary
social entity that is goal-directed and deliberately structured
Organizational Effectiveness
degree to which the organization achieves a stated goal, or succeeds in accomplishing what it tries to do
Organizational Efficiency
the amount of resources used to achieve an organizational goal
attainment of organizational goals by using resources in an efficient and effective manner
Technical Skills
understanding and proficiency in the performance of specific tasks
Human Skills
manager’s ability to work with and through other people and to work effectively as a group member
Conceptual Skills
cognitive ability to see the organization as a whole system and the relationships among its parts
Top Managers
top of the hierarchy and are responsible for the entire organization. They have titles such as president, chairperson, executive director, CEO, and executive vice president. Top managers are responsible for setting organizational goals, defining strategies for achieving them, monitoring and interpreting the external environment, and making decisions that affect the entire organization. They look to the long-term future and concern themselves with general environmental trends and the organization’s overall success. Top managers are also responsible for communicating a shared vision for the organization, shaping corporate culture, and nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit that can help the company innovate and keep pace with rapid change
Middle Managers
middle levels of the organization and are responsible for business units and major departments. Examples of middle managers are department head, division head, manager of quality control, and director of the research lab. Middle managers typically have two or more management levels beneath them. They are responsible for implementing the overall strategies and policies defined by top managers. Middle managers generally are concerned with the near future
Project Manager
responsible for a temporary work project that involves the participation of people from various functions and levels of the organization, and perhaps from outside the company as well
First-line Managers
directly responsible for the production of goods and services. They are the first or second level of management and have such titles as supervisor, line manager, section chief, and office manager. They are responsible for teams and non-management employees. Their primary concern is the application of rules and procedures to achieve efficient production, provide technical assistance, and motivate subordinates. The time horizon at this level is short, with the emphasis on accomplishing day-to-day goals
Functional Managers
responsible for departments that perform a single functional task and have employees with similar training and skills. Functional departments include advertising, sales, finance, human resources, manufacturing, and accounting;
manager who supervises a broad range of people and tasks on a regular basis, bringing together many different departments
Line Managers
responsible for the manufacturing and marketing departments that make or sell the product or service
Staff Managers
charge of departments, such as finance and human resources, that support line departments
General Managers
responsible for several departments that perform different functions. A general manager is responsible for a self-contained division, such as a Nordstrom department store or a Honda assembly plant, and for all the functional departments within it
Time Management
using techniques that enable you to get more done in less time and with better results, be more relaxed, and have more time to enjoy your work and your life
set of expectations for a manager’s behavior (10 roles)
Informational Role
activities used to maintain and develop an information network (Monitor, Disseminator, Spokesperson)
seek and receive information; scan Web, periodicals, reports; maintain personal contacts
Forward information to other organizations members; send memos and reports, make phone calls
Transmit information to outsiders through speeches, reports
Interpersonal Role
pertain to relationships with others and are related to the human skills (Figurehead, Leader, Liaison)
Perform ceremonial and symbolic duties such as greeting visitors, signing legal documents
Direct and motivate subordinates; train, counsel and communicate with subordinates
Maintain information links inside and outside the organization; use e-mail, phone, meetings
Decisional Role
pertain to those events about which the manager must make a choice and take action (Entrepreneur, Disturbance Handler, Resource Allocator, Negotiator)
Initiate improvement projects; identify new ideas, delegate idea responsibility to others
Disturbance Handler
Take corrective action during conflicts or crises; resolve disputes among subordinates
Resource Allocator
Decide who gets resources; schedule, budget, set priorities
Represent team or department’s interests; represent department during negotiation of budgets, union contracts, purchases
A manager typically spends the least amount of time
in quiet reflection alone in his office
Which of the following terms best describe a manager’s work?
Varied (work changes frequently)
Informational, Interpersonal and Decisional
When Gina meets with the vendor from the creative firm, she is assuming the role of _____.
When Gina listens to the webcast by Paul T. Parker, she is acting as a _____.
A construction project manager form Iron Horse Construction uses a team of experts to design the development of a new property on the top of a very steep ridge. The team includes geotechnical consultants, erosion control specialists, and contractors.
Chairman Leonard Riggio reassures Barns and Noble employees that he is working to save the company when he announces that he is thinking about gathering investors to buy the company.
Dow Chemical CEO, Andrew Liveris, checks financial reports to see whether Dow has met its financial goals for the quarter.
Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick are the cofounders of Sugarfina. They met through Match.com, and, as Resnick says, “Like any two type-A people do on a date, we started brainstorming business ideas.”
In your first day as a driver for Road-O-Rama Freight, you realize that something just isn’t right. Trucks go out half full, and drivers often get the wrong addresses, so freight doesn’t arrive at its destination. In this case, Road-O-Rama Freight is ___.
neither effective nor efficient
Jack is yelling at Samantha because she was late last week. Unfortunately, the whole office can hear. Now Samantha is not only upset, but also angry and planning to go to HR to file a complaint against Jack. In this case, Jack’s ______ skills failed.
The skills that Jack is failing to use are important for ___.
All managers
What can management researchers infer based on this study?
All managers require a certain level of all four skills (Business, Strategic, Interpersonal, Cognitive), Senior managers require the highest level of cognitive skills
The activities that managers like the _____ include controlling subordinates, handling paperwork and managing time pressures.
Many organizations reduced the number of manager in this layer to cut costs.
Middle managers
These are the managers employees turn to when a machine breaks or when priorities have to be clarified, so they need to have good technical skills.
First-line managers
Today’s workplace is changing. Managers have a greater tendency to adopt ______ leadership style and create a _____ flexible work environment.
an empowering, more
Which of the following are reasons for managerial derailment?
The manager treats people like tools to get work done, not colleagues; The manager doesn’t adapt his behavior when the environment changes
Attainment of company goals in both an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading and controlling is called:
How could a new manager use Vineet Nayar’s principle of “employees first, customers second (EFCS)”?
Recognizing and providing learning opportunities as needed
Which management function deals with grouping tasks into departments?
Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Chrysler Group, demonstrates hands-on leadership with his employees. Tim is a manager at a local marketing group and consistently keeps his door closed, signaling to his employees that he’d prefer not to be interrupted. Compare Sergio’s and Tim’s management styles.
Sergio is able to help motivate people to accomplish goals whereas Tim demonstrates a lack of interest in his employees and their work.
A few years ago, when Coca-Cola introduced Fruitopia beverage, it spend $30mil and set what it thought was achievable sales goals. However, the drink did not perform as hoped and lost money for the company. When top management decided to stop production of Fruitopia for its US market, it was intending to help the company operate more _____ and reach organizational goals.
Jack Dorsey is the designer of Square Reader, which allows smartphones to become a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, and lets small businesses and entrepreneurs process credit-card payments where they weren’t able to before because of the fees involved. Trish is a manager for a small business owner who is currently locked into a contract with a credit-card company. The owner has asked Trish to look for ways in which they can reduce costs, thereby creating a more profitable bottom line. How can Trish demonstrate that she understands efficiency, using the concept Jack Dorsey created?
She can institute a minimum purchase when paying by credit card so that the costs charged by the credit-card companies are covered
What type of skills is increasingly important for managers to demonstrate at all levels and in all types of organizations?
After demonstrating good mastery of technical skills, Suri was promoted to manager. She now manages the very team of engineers that she was once a part of. Suri has been in her current position for a while and would like to make further advancement. How can she show her boss that while being technically skilled, she also uses human skills effectively?
By emailing the team and acknowledging a worker’s success on a recent project in addition to verbally commending this team member
A __________ for McDonald’s fast-food restaurant would be responsible for placing orders for food and paper supplies as well as setting up the weekly work schedules for employees.
First-line Manager
Mason is a manager at a LEGO assembly plant and is responsible for departments that perform at many different functions. He also helps to coordinate people in different departments as they are working on specific projects. Julio is a manager at Hanes hosiery and oversees the entire packaging department. He ensures that everyone in his department has the skills and training to work at the same level. Compare these two managers and identify what type of management roll they fulfill.
Mason is a general manager, and Julio is a functional manager.
The role of liaison encompasses relationships with subordinates including communication and influence whereas the role of leader pertains to the development of information sources both inside and outside the organization.
Two of the most important roles that small business owners play are:
Spokesperson and entrepreneur
Rachelle is a manager at a local life insurance agency. The business owner has given her the task of initiating ways to drum up business in order to meet quarterly goals. How can Rachelle apply the methods of small business owner Loic Le Meur, who is a hands-on kind of manager even though he’s launched and sold several successful start-up companies and is the chief organizer behind Europe’s largest annual tech conference?
She can arrange a meeting with the new office that just opened down the street to demonstrate the products that her company offers
According to Harvard professor Linda Hill, over the first year of becoming a new manager one of the keys to success is to transform the way people think of themselves, called ____________, which includes learning new ways of thinking
personal identity
Mark has recently been promoted to manager. In his previous position, he always completed his work alone at his cubicle despite being part of a team. New to management, Mark is not fully aware of the parameters he will face. He envisioned having greater freedom to make decisions to benefit the company, when in reality he just does not have the time to do so. Outline what Mark can do in order to become a successful manager
He starts to think in terms of building teams and becoming a motivator and organizer that is in contrast to his previous position of working independently.

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