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Mod 37

Greg was trying to pass Bill a note, but Bill kept his eyes on his own work and thought, “Why does Greg do this to me? Mrs. Pepper will spot him for sure. She never misses anything. You’d think she could read minds.” Mrs. Pepper could be described as exhibiting what characteristic?
According to Kounin’s strategy for effective management, the key goal is ______________.
Preventing misbehavior from occurring
Jeremiah throws his book at Sally, but Mrs. Fox mistakenly reprimands Sally for the disruption. Mrs. Fox has made what kind of error?
What is the purpose of using choral responses?
Establish a group focus
What is a major problem with movement management?
abrupt and slowdown transitions
Woolfolk suggests that, as a first step toward dealing with a discipline problem, teachers should do what?
Give the student a non-verbal signal to stop
Mr. Crain experiences a discipline problem with Joe. In imposing penalties, what should Mr. Crain do?
Re-establish a positive relationship with Joe as quickly as possible
Wendy, a ninth grader, is very bright and energetic in class. She always knows the right answer and pays close attention. Her only problem is that she rarely hands in homework. What should her teacher do?
Enforce the established consequences for incomplete work
Ms. Summers teaches sixth grade in a rural middle school. Henry, a student in her class, is constantly out of his seat. When Ms. Summers confronts him and asks him to take a seat, Henry becomes angry and acts hostile. Which of the following actions should be considered for dealing with Henry?
Wait for a few minutes for henry to calm down before taking action
What is the best way to deal first with a defiant, hostile student?
Give the students a chance to cool down and save face
What is the primary rationale for using the paraphrase rule with a class?
Increase students’ communication skills
What is the purpose of the paraphrase rule?
To clarify understanding
In determining who owns a problem, what basic question should the teacher ask?
“does the problem tangibly affect me and disrupt my role?”
If you use empathetic, or active, listening in a discussion with a student, there is likely to be an increase in what type of behavior?
Problem solving
What is a key element of empathetic listening?
Reflecting back to the student what you think the student is saying
Mr. Blake was unhappy. “Sam, I’ve told you time and time again. Please try to behave.” Mr. Blake’s response style can be described as _______________________.
Gordon’s “no lose” method of dealing with conflicts involves ______________________.
Having both the teacher and the students participate in the solution
If a learning goal is very important and the relationship of the people involved is important, what strategy is recommended for managing the conflict?
Teachers who appear to have “eyes in the back of their head” due to their awareness of everything that happens in the classroom are considered by Kounin to be skilled in __________.
Requiring the next participant to summarize what the preceding speaker has said before being permitted to speak illustrates the ___________________ rule.

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