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Mrkting 3150 Chapter 7 Quiz

Hospitals, schools, and religious organizations are examples of __________ buyers.
The buying decision is likely to be most complex and take longest to complete in a(n) __________ B2B buying situation.
new buy
After need recognition and product specification, many firms using the B2B buying process
issue a request for proposals from invited suppliers.
In a modified rebuy situation, __________ are likely to have an advantage in getting the order.
current vendors
Which of the following is NOT one of the four general types of organizational cultures?
Jackie works as a sales rep for a company that produces and sells steel used in building construction. Jackie is in __________ sales.
A(n) __________ situation in B2B marketing is similar to limited problem solving in the B2C process.
modified rebuy
What type of B2B organization is a retail store such as T.J. Maxx?
Olga is the sales rep for ATV Communication Systems. She wants to bid on the RFP issued by Manitoba University for distance learning technology. She knows she will need to provide considerable information and demonstrations of her firm’s technology because Manitoba University is in a new buy situation and does not have
any experience with the product they wish to purchase.
Manitoba University is buying a distance learning system. Previously, the school had no distance learning technology. For Manitoba University this represents a(n) __________ situation.
new buy
Not knowing the roles of key players in the buying process could cause a sales representative to
waste time and alienate people.
Which of the following is NOT one of the roles typically played by one of the members of a buying center?
While consumers weigh postpurchase dissonance, business buyers
conduct vendor analysis.
If a B2B customer is satisfied with an existing supplier, it will probably engage in a(n) __________ to purchase additional quantities of the item.
straight rebuy
The RFP stage of the B2B buying process is NOT required for
a straight rebuy.
In a(n) __________ situation, the buyer has purchased a similar product in the past but has decided to change some specifications.
modified rebuy
In which buying situation is the buyer most likely to proceed through all six steps in the buying process?
New buy
At many universities, education faculty members were among the first to ask for personal computers. These faculty members were __________ in the buying center.
In most large organizations, several people are responsible for making a purchase decision. This group is called the
buying center.
In most countries, __________ is one of the largest purchasers of goods and services.
the central government
To maximize efficiency, farmers send their eggs to a __________ who handles sales and shipments to supermarkets.
The customer Carlotta is calling on today has a(n) __________ buying center culture. This means that the decision process will involve reaching agreement among all members of the buying center.
Both the B2B and B2C buying processes begin with
need recognition.
Paula has developed a successful business selling appliances to homebuilders. She carefully monitors the issuance of new home permits to anticipate how many appliances she will need to buy in order to supply her customers. Paula is concerned with __________.
derived demand
Most B2B buying situations can be categorized as new buys, modified rebuys, and
straight rebuys.
When Goodwish Marketing decided to upgrade its network, many people were involved in the decision. In B2B buying systems decisions are often made
by a committee after considerable deliberation.
A __________ is a type of reseller, a business that buys from other businesses but does not significantly alter the form of the products it buys.
Unlike a firm’s mission statement or employee handbook, a firm’s culture often
exists as a set of unspoken guidelines.

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