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All orgs including service orgs such as banks and edu institutions have a production function
Production is the creation of goods and services
Operations management refers only to the creation of services
Operations management is the set of activities that create goods and services by transforming inputs into outputs
Operations management only applies to the creation of tangible goods
An example of a hidden production function is money transfers at banks
Marketing is one of the 3 functions critical to an orgs survival
The operations manager performs the management activities of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling of the OM function
Should we make or buy this item? is within the quality management critical decision area
Operations Management has benefited from advances in other fields of study
In order to have a career in operations management, one must have a degree in stat or quant methods
The quality of a product is more difficult to measure than that of a service
Customer interaction is often high during the manufacturing process
Productivity is more difficult to improve in the service sector
Service activities cannot take place within good producing operations
Which of the following has been the main driver to the globalization of business
Operations management is applicable
to manufacturing and service sectors
which of the following are the primary functions of all orgs
marketing,operations, finance/accounting
budgeting, paying the bills, and collection of funds are activities associated with the
finance/accounting function
which of the following would not be an operations function in a fast food restaurant
advertising and promotion
the three major functions of business orgs
the marketing functions main concern is with
generating the demand for the orgs products and services
the five elements in the management process are
org,plan,control,staff, manage
the responsibilites of the operations manager include
which of the followwing is not an element of the management process
an operations manager is not likely to be involved in
the identification of customers wants and needs
which is not true regarding difference between goods and services
goods tend to have higher customer interaction than services
which of the following is not a typical attribute of goods
aspects of quality difficult to measure
which of the following services is not unique i.e customized to a particular individuals needs
elementary education
which of the following is not a typical service attribute
easy to store
current trends in operations management include all of the following except
all of the above. JIT,rapid development,mass customization, empowered employees
which of the following is not a current trend in operations management
all of the above
one new trend in operations management is
all of the above, global focus, mass customization, empowered employees, rapid product development
gibson valves produces cast bronze valves on an assembly line. if 1600 valves are produces in an 8 hour shift, the productivity of the line is
200 per hour
Gibson valves products cast bronze valves on an assembly line, currently producing 1600 valves each 8 hour shift. if the productivity is increased by 10 percent it would be
220 valves per hour
if production is increased to 2400 the productiivity will increase by
The dulac box plant produces 500 packing boxes in two 10 hour shifts. What is the productivity of the plant
25 boxes/hr
which of the following is not true when explaining why productivity tends to be lower in the service sector than in the manufacturing sector
service operations are typically capital intenstive
three commonly used productivity variables are
labor capital management
the service sector has lower productiivity improvements than the manufacturing sector because
services usually are labor intensive
productivity tends to be more difficult to improve in the service sector because the work is
all of the above. difficult, intensive, freq, intellectual
___ is the set of activities that transforms inputs into goods and services
operations management
___ is the ability of the org to be flexible enough to cater to the individual whims of consumers
mass customization
___ is the long term relationship that helps orgs deal with shorter product life cycles
supply chain partnering
___ is the operations management trend that moves more decision making to the individual worker
empowered employees
define operations management. will your definition accomodate both manufacturing and service operations?
operations management can be defined as the management of all activities directly related to the creation of goods and or services thru the transformation of inputs into outputs
list the 3 primary functions of business
marketing. production/operations, finance/accounting
list the 5 elements of the management process
planning,org,staffing,leading, and controlling
how do services differ from goods? 5 ways
a service is usually tangible, it is often produced and consumer simultaneously, often unique, it involves high customer interaction, product definitiion is inconsistent, often knowlegde based, and frequently dispersed.
why are orgs becoming more global
because of the decline in the cost of communication and transportation. Additionally, resources- matieral, talent, and labor- are also becoming more global
list the 3 productivity variables used in the text. what other variables are possible
labor, capital, management. The text also uses matieral and miscellaneous in its examples. Any resources could be named as a productivity variable
works a total of 5 hours per day to produce 10 ornaments A.what is the productivity B. she thinks that by redesigning the ornaments and switching from use of a wood glue to a hot gun she can increase to 20 per day, what is her new productivity.
c. what is her percentage increase in productiviity
A.10 ornaments/5 hours = 2
B. 20/5=4
c. 2/2= 100 percent
Look up question 93
output/ labor hours, utilities, capital

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