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Network+ Ch 12

A __________ is an enclosure made of a conductive material that is designed to block electromagnetic signals, including Wi-Fi
Faraday Cage
___________ is a process of investigating deeper data on a computer and will essentially autopsy the computer to discover hidden data, such deleted files and file fragments, and who has accessed that data and when.
Computer Forensics
The goal of a disaster recovery plan is to ensure _______________.
Business Continuity
A _____________ is a small network that is segmented from the rest of the network, and contains computers, called test beds.
Testing Lab
Microsoft sometimes releases a major group of patches to Windows or a Microsoft application, which it calls a _____________.
Service Patch
A supervisory computer or server in an ICS or SCADA system that controls the physical system.
Master Terminal Unit (MTU)
A magnetic hard drive eraser.
An enclosure made of conductive material that is designed to block electromagnetic signals, including Wi-Fi.
Faraday Cadge
A method of authentication in which a device scans an individual’s unique physical characteristics.
Biorecognition access
An ICS server that collects and stores raw data.
Acquisitions Server
A smart card that does not require contact with a proximity reader in order to be detected and receives the raw data and passes that information on to other servers in the SCADA system.
Prox Card
An electronic access badge.
Smart Card
A term that sometimes refers to wired communication, but generally refers to wireless communication that transmits data regarding specific measurements and conditions.
A document that details the work that must be completed for a particular project.
Statement of Work (SOW)
A computer, including hardware and software that technicians use to monitor and manage physical systems in an industrial system.
Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI)
What is a Historian?
A server that collects and stores raw data.
What type of software is a correction, improvement, or enhancement to a piece of software?
Which team role is the person on call who first notices or is alerted to a problem?
Upon receipt of what type of notification is a company required to activate a defensible policy for the preservation of relevant data?
Legal Hold
What team member role, if necessary, learns about the situation and the response and then acts as official spokesperson for the organization to the public or other interested parties?
Public Relations Specialist
Which type of recovery site is a place where computers, devices, and connectivity necessary to rebuild a network exist, with some pieces appropriately configured, updated, or connected?
Warm Site
What type of device can be used to erase contents of a hard drive using a magnetic field?
Which type of recovery site is a place where computers, devices, and connectivity necessary to rebuild a network exist, but they are not appropriately configured, updated, or connected?
Cold Site
If a destructive program is running that might be destroying evidence, what should be done?
Pull the power cable
What type of physical security solution involves a device that scans an individual’s unique physical characteristics.
Biorecognition access
In order to provide access to a historian by personnel working on the corporate network that are not authorized to work on the ICS network, where should the historian be placed?
When performing inventory on software packages, which of the following is not something that should be inventoried?
Proprietary Source Code
What team member role coordinates the resources necessary to solve a problem.
At what type of recovery site would computers, devices, and connectivity necessary to rebuilt a network exist, and all are appropriately configured, updated, and connected to match your network’s current state?
Hot Site
In computer forensics, hidden data such as deleted files and file fragments are know as what term?
Ambient Data
What should be the first step of a response policy?
Determine if Escalation is Necessary
Which of the following is NOT a step that should be taken as part of a response policy?
Attempt to access files to determine if they are compromised.
The time period in which a change can be implemented is know as what potion below?
Maintenance Window
What team member role focuses on only one thing: solving the problem as quickly as possible?
Technical Support Specialist
An active card, which contains an internal battery, can provide a usable range of up to what distance?
What two terms describe the process that can reveal a great deal of information, called ESI (Electronically stored information)
eDiscovery, Electronic Discovery
What two methods might be used by an ICS to control a physical system?
Closed loop, Open loop System
A rollback is also known by what two terms below?
Backleveling, Downgrading
eDiscovery and computer forensics reveal what two different types of data?
Active data, Ambient data
A server that collects and stores raw data, and connects to field devices from which it receives raw data and passes data on to other SCADA systems, is known as what two terms below?
Acquisitions server, I/O server
Any device in an ICS that is motorized and can control the physical system is called a fieldbus.
Every security policy should include a response policy, which specifically defines the characteristics of an event that qualifies as a formal incident and the steps that should be followed as a result.
The first step of a response policy should be to secure the area.
Cipher locks are not designed for physical systems, such as on an outside door.
The first step in asset management is to inventory all the components on the network.

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