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You have been tasked with installing a WAP, which supports PoE, in your organizations office to provide wireless connectivity to users. You must first decide where to place the WAP. Which of the following considerations should be taken when determining the optimal WAP placement?
Physical security & Distance to the nearest switch or router
You need to host a web server on your network that will be publically accessible. You also need to make sure that external client will only have access to the web server and nothing on the internal network. What should you configure?
DMZ (demilitarized zone)
Which option is an encryption system that uses an RA for verifying a user’s identity, as well as for approving or denying digital certificate requests?
PKI (public key infrastructure)
Which protocol provides secure command execution on a remote computer within a secure or insecure network?
SSH (secure shell)
As an information technology specialist, you have been consulted by a friend for assistance with networking. Your friend would like to know the best way to securely access his corporate network resources from his home computer. Which option is best to recommend?
VPN (virtual private network)
The office building you work in consists of five floors and uses wireless communication. The networking room containing the access point is found on the first floor. All of the client computers have the same configurations. You have discovered that client on the fifth floor cannot access the wireless network, but clients on the other four floors can. Which solution would solve this issue with least amount of administrative effort?
Install a wireless access point on the third floor
Which type of DOS attack works by overloading a network with spoofed ICMP (internet control Message protocol) messages?
You want to use a laptop to manage a router. An RS-232 cable will be used to connect your laptop to the router. The cable has an RJ-45 connector on one end and a 9-pin connector on the other. What type of connector is being described?
At which layer of the OSI model does a bridge and switch operate; allowing data packets to be transferred throughout network nodes?
Data Link
Users working in your office are complaining about the signal strength of the wireless network. Which of the following could be causing the loss of signal strength?
Microwaves & Fluorescent lights
Which 802.11 wireless standard allows for transmission needs speeds of 100 to 600 Mbps and 4 MMO (multiple in/multiple out) streams?
You are the network administrator for a small company. You have reason to believe that someone has been attempting to log on to the Windows 2008 server. You have configured the server to audit logon attempts within the local group policy. What utility would you use to verify the security log for Windows Server 2008?
Event Viewer
You are planning a wired Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) network for a small department. What is the maximum Ethernet cable length that should be used for connecting devices?
100 meters
A coworker has asked for assistance with DNS record types. They would like to know which DNS record type is similar to AAAA and used to map to IPv4 IP addresses. Which option will you provide?
A (address)
Which email protocol will retrieve emails from a mail server and leave a copy on the mail server by default?
IMAP4 (internet message access protocol)
A network technician has connected two older switches together using a straight-through cable; however, there is no communication between the two switches. What is the most probable cause of this issue?
A crossover cable should have been used
Which tool is used to determine if a network cable has a signal from end to end or contains a short?
Cable tester
What is known as a network component that isolates internal clients the servers by downloading and storing files on behalf of the client?
A proxy server
A bank ATM card uses what type of authentication?
Two-factor & Multi-factor
Which port should you verify is open on the firewall in order to send and receive Telnet traffic?
There are a number of different data transfer methods, such as unicast, broadcast, and multicast transmission. Which statement is true concerning broadcast transmissions?
Transmission method in which data is sent from one source node to all other nodes on a network/ Used by servers to advertise their presence
Which software tool is used to measure the time a packet takes to travel from one destination to another within a network?
Throughput tester
You have been given a task to design a SOHO network. Which of the following meet the hardware requirements for a SOHO network keeping costs to a minimum?
1 to 10 computers/ Specialty SOHO router
You need to run a scan on your network to see if there are any vulnerabilities. What should you use?
You are configuring VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol) on several network switches that you have deployed in your organization’s network. You want to manually configure the VLAN information on each new switch. Switches should not make configuration changes based on VTP messages from other switches. The switches should also not send updates when VLAN configuration changes are made locally. Which VTP mode should you use on the new switches?
One of the users on your network has contacted you regarding a login issue. They have returned from vacation and can no longer log in to the network with their laptop. You respond by asking if they are receiving an error message. You also ask if the lights are lit where the network cable plugs into the laptop. The act of asking these questions is an example of which step within the troubleshooting methodology?
Identify the problem
As a network security expert, you have been asked for assistance with securing a newly implemented wireless network. The company would like to know which wireless encryption protocol is the most secure to implement. Which option will you provide?
What documentation is used to provide statistics regarding current network performance , to assist with identifying unacceptable or abnormal performance?
Network baseline
To help secure your wireless network, you want to hide the network name. What needs to be done?
Disable the SSID broadcast
What is the maximum speed supported by category 6a UTP?
10 Gbps
A network technician has been informed that connectivity between two network switches is down. You notice a flashing amber light on the system console of the switch. What could be a possible cause of this issue?
A faulty Gigabit Interface Converter (GBIC) module
Network management techniques such as load balancing, caching, and traffic shaping can be used to reduce which option?
Which network performance optimization method is used to share the workload on a network with available devices or resources?
Load balancing
IP addresses are distributed within your organization through DHCP. You need to ensure that each server is assigned the same IP address each time. What should be configured?
Which layer of the OSI model specifies the relationship between a transmission medium and a network device, such as the type of cabling used?
You have implemented a WLAN consisting of three APs (access point) to ensure users can roam within the company building without losing wireless connection. Which channel(s) should the APs be configured to use?
1, 6, and 11
You suspect there is a short in one of the cables on your network. Which tool can you use to check for shorts by transmitting an electrical pulse on a cable, and then measure the reflected signal on the cable?
TDR (Time-Doman Reflectometer)
What can be used to secure a wireless network by ensuring that only hosts with specific physical addresses may gain access?
MAC filtering (Media Access Control address)
You are the network administrator for your company. You have reason to believe that the network has been under a possible DoS (Denial of Service) attack. What type of software can be used to assist in discovering a possible DoS attack?
Protocol analyzer & Network analyzer
You have installed a new wireless access point in your office. You were instructed that it is to be configured for 802.11n only. You have sent instructions to the list of authorized users, outlining all configuration information required to connect to the access point. One of the users states that they are unable to connect. You notice that the user is using a fairly older laptop containing a built-in wireless network card. What is the MOST likely reason the user cannot connect to the wireless access point?
Standards mismatch
Which type of network will allow you to easily share resources with a few computers at home?
Someone is using special tools to decipher a wireless encryption key. What is this known as?
WEP cracking
Each computer on your network is directly connected to a dedicated switch port. The cabling system was not organized and there are problems whenever a connection needs to be moved. You want to install new cabling for each connection on the six 24 port switches. You want to incorporate a preventative measure to ensure that this job will not need to be repeated. Which option would be the BEST preventative measure to implement?
Label each cable with corresponding computer name
Which tool is commonly used on telephone systems and emits an audible tone when a signal is detected?
Toner probe
What is a cost effective way to connect a single-mode fiber network segment to a multi-mode fiber segment?
Install a singlemode fiber to multimode fiber converter
Which tool can be used on fiber optic cabling to determine the location of a faulty cable end or break?
Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer
Which address class is reserved for multicast addresses?
Class D
Which routing protocol uses the Dijkstra algorithm to determine the best routing paths?
OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)
Which networking protocol is connection-oriented and guarantees delivery?
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol)
Which configuration management document type is used to assess risk; to quantify cost of training, support, maintenance, or implementation?
Change management
You have been assigned the task of reviewing current Windows Firewall settings on a client’s computer with a coworker. Your coworker has asked for assistance with the Windows Firewall rule store. They would like to know why permitted traffic requires an allowed rule listed in the Windows Firewall rule store. Which option is BEST to provide as an explanation?
A Windows Firewall rule store contains an implicit deny rule for incoming traffic
Which of the following options correctly describe a physical ring topology?
Each node acts as a repeater and A unidirectional flow of data
Encryption devices provide encryption, decryption, and access control using which technology?
HSM (Hardware Security Module)
Fault tolerance methods are configured as part of a network’s topology to provide which option?
More uptime
As a network administrator, you have been asked to assist a new team member with troubleshooting a wireless network issue. A client has reported weak signals or dropped connections since their new WAP was installed. This issue replicates on several devices when connecting to the WAP. Which option is the most probable cause of the issue?
WAP (wireless access point) has been placed too far away from connecting devices
You need to ensure that only 802.11g clients are able to connect to an 802.11b/g WLAN. Which speeds must be disabled?
1, 2, 5.5, and 11
What type of device is used to connect a WAN line, such as a T1 (Terminal Carrier 1) to a LAN?
Which of the following are defined as being software based while still providing similar functionality of its physical counterpart?
Virtual switch/ NIDS
Which option is a standard for PNAC?
IEEE 802.1X (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
VoIP and video applications are examples of which option?
High bandwidth applications
A network technician has been informed that the serial connection between two recently installed routers is not working. They use a protocol analyzer and determine that the TCP/IP connection handshake is not occurring. What is the most probable cause of this issue?
Mismatched MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)
Users in your department can share files directly with one another; however, they also need to access resources from a shared location on a server. What type of network would this represent?
Your wireless network policies state that the strongest level of encryption must be used. Which of the following security methods would be used in your office?
WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2)
You want to manually adjust the port speed on each port of a switch. Which port speed setting only supports operation in full-duplex mode when communicating with another device?
1,000 Mbps
Your company’s network consists of 255 client computers. Each client needs a persistent connection to the Internet; however, you only have one public IP address available. Which of the following will accommodate this requirement?
PAT (Port address translation) & NAT (Network address translation) Overload
You recently added three new computers to your Active Directory domain. You want to ensure that these computers use a specific DNS domain name for name resolution and this information should be administered from a central location. Which setting will take priority?
Add a DHCP reserved client option
Which of the following is a protocol variant of the PPP remote networking protocol?
PPPoE (Point-to Point Protocol over Ethernet)
A hacker has configured a laptop as a Wireless access point and made it appear to be from a legitimate provider. What is this known as?
Evil twin
What type of fiber optic connector is box-shaped and snaps into a receptacle?
Subscriber connector
You need to run wires in the ventilation system at your office. Which type of cable is required for this job?
What device is used to connect the telephone company’s wires to the building’s wires?
Smart jack
Which of the following options correctly describe SONET?
It is a standard for transmitting data over a fiber optic cable/ It consists of both the OC and STS specification
Which Layer 2 device can be used when connecting two or more network segments?
Which OSI model layer does a router operate on?
Which tool is used to place a media connector on the end of a cable?
Which of the following allows devices to send and receive data in only one direction at a time?
Half duplex
You manage small network. A user contacts you and informs you that he is having problems connecting the network. You start troubleshooting the issue by asking the user if the Ethernet network cable is properly connected to his computer. He informs you that the cable is connected; however, the connector at the end of the cable is damaged. In an effort fix the issue, what type of connector would you replace the damaged one with?
You are the network administrator of a company that moved into a new building. Since there was no network documentation for the previous network, this is the perfect opportunity to create the necessary network documentation. What documentation would serial numbers and software license keys be located in?
Device information
You have been tasked with selecting and installing a WAP in an office building to provide connectivity to the organization’s network. The WAP should provide the highest throughput possible. You performed a site survey and noted high levels of signal across the 2.4 GHz band. Which type of WAP should you select to install?
All clients on the network receive their IP addresses dynamically from a DHCP server. Address leases are set to expire after one week. After each week, client computers are no longer able to contact each other using their FQDNs. What should you do to resolve this using the least amount of administrative effort?
Configure DDNS
Which protocol types describe BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)?
EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol/ Path-vector protocol
Which tool can be used to examine protocol traffic transmitted throughout a network?
Protocol analyzer
You are the network administrator for a company. You are in the process of creating a network wiring diagram. Which of the following would you include in this type of document?
Cable runs/ Remote Access equipment
Which network topology needs to be terminated at both ends?
Which TCP/IP protocol can be used to secure communication between devices on a network, and ensure communication is only received between the intend devices?
TLS (Transport Layer Security)
Which remote access authentication protocol uses a shared secret, not sent in plain text, between a client and a server?
CHAP (Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol)
Your organization uses a Windows Server 2008 R2 DHCP server to automatically configure IP addresses to clients. Assuming that a client still has a valid lease upon system startup, which of the following is true?
It will try to renew its lease unless it cannot locate a DHCP server, but can contact the default gateway
You are the network administrator for a small network. All of the servers have been assigned static IP configurations. Users are reporting that sometimes they can access FileSrv1 and other times they cannot. While seated at a user’s workstation, you were able to successfully ping the IP address of FileSrv1. You believe there may be a duplicate IP address conflict between two of the servers. Which command would you execute next to troubleshoot this issue?
You need to convert fiber signals to an RG6 cable. Which type of converter should you use?
Install a fiber to coaxial converter
You have installed an application that collects information from the server for monitoring. Which protocol does this service MOST LIKELY use?
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
You are managing a network for a company. Part of your task is to configure a web proxy to grant access to the Web. What web proxy feature evaluates the content of web sites based on words or word combinations?
Content filtering
You are planning the design of a wireless SOHO network. Which of the following devices are essential for a wireless SOHO topology?
Access point
You are configuring a SOHO network. The network will primarily consist of five computers. Which type of firewall is BEST used within a SOHO network and is cost efficient to protect all hosts?
A junior administrator brought a new Windows 2008 R2 server online and configured it to use static IP configuration settings. You have received reports that users on the network cannot access resources located on this server. You want to verify the IP settings that were configured on this server. While at the command prompt, what command will allow you to verify this information?
A coworker told you that instead of paying for Internet, he just locates open networks in his neighborhood to use the Internet. What is this known as?
War driving
There are a number of different data transfer methods, such as unicast, broadcast, and multicast transmission. Which is a characteristic of multicast transmissions?
Transmission method in which data is transferred from one server to nodes in a predefined group
Which email protocol is used to send email messages?
SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
Which DNS record type is used to map an IP address to a FQDN?
PTR (Pointer)
What type of network attack does an attacker attempt to disrupt or disable systems that provide network services?
DoS ( Denial of Service attack)
Which of the following protocols is an extension of PPP?
As a network administrator, you are familiar with the seven recommended steps for troubleshooting and the order they follow. Which option would be part of the work involved in completing the first step in this process?
Identify symptoms
Which high-speed wireless communication standard offers speeds of up to 300 Mbps downstream and 75 Mbps upstream?
You have finished implementing a wireless network in your office. You send out an email, while connected to the wireless network, informing users that the network is now available along with the login information. Shortly after, users begin to complain that they are unable to see the network in their list of available wireless networks. What is the MOST likely reason for this?
The SSID is not broadcasting
What is known as the point where the cables in a building end and the telephone company’s cables begin?
Which option can be used within a network to provide a faster response time to frequent client data requests?
Caching engine
Which routing protocol is classified as a hybrid protocol?
EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)
You are designing a SOHO network. Which of the following are true concerning SOHO environment limitations?
Devices should be placed relatively close together
A network has been configured for routing. As new routes are required, which of the following will require manual configuration?
What can be included within an ACL for a wireless router to deny a specific computer access to a network?
MAC address filtering
A company should implement which type of policy to preserve the safety and integrity of data from an attack?
Security policy
Which remote control protocol is the backbone of Microsoft remote desktop systems, and can function over any TCP/IP network connection to allow Windows-based clients to communicate?
EUI (Extended Unique Identifier)-64 is defined by IEEE and works at which layer of the OSI mode?
Data link
A wireless router in your office is installed on top of an empty workstation. The row that the wireless router is facing is lined with several metal filing cabinets and bookcases on each side. Users are complaining of intermittent connection issues. You test this by monitoring the signal by walking down the row while connected to the wireless router. You notice that the signal strength is very sporadic. Which of the following is most likely happening to the wireless signal due to the rows of metal filing cabinets and bookcases?
Signal bounce and Scattering
You are installing several network switches in a new network deployment. The switches will be used to connect end workstations and IP phones. Which of the following features is the most important the switches should support?
Which of the following would mobile phone service providers be an example of?
Which authentication method allows you to use your credentials once to access multiple systems?
SSO (Single sign-on)
What type of attack involves capturing and analyzing data on a wireless network?
Packet Sniffing
A network technician is troubleshooting a Cisco router installed at a client site. He suspects a misconfigured route was added to the routing table. Which command can he sue to review the entries in the routing table?
show ip route
Which of the following is a DNS record type specified by RFC 1034 that maps multiple to a single A record?
CNAME (Canonical name record)
You have noted that your network is experiencing a much higher than normal bandwidth usage on several links. You would like to determine the type and, if possible, the source of this traffic. Which of the following diagnostic tools would allow you to BEST accomplish this task?
Protocol analyzer
Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for sending and receiving data, as well as specifying a network’s transmission medium?
Which layer of the OSI model is used to provide a means of transferring data packets throughout a networks transmission medium?
Which options are examples of networks that use packet switching?
The Internet & Frame Relay
Which device is used to create separate broadcast domains?
A Router
You are the network administrator for a small company. You have enabled routing on Window Server 2008 R2 and routing is managed statically. After various configuration changes, you would like to erase the entire routing table and configure it from scratch. Which command will allow you to easily remove all entries from the routing table?
Route -f
You are the network administrator for a company. You want to implement a network management protocol that will allow you to monitor network devices to assist you with managing network performance and diagnosing network problems. Which of the following protocols would provide the most secure solution?
SNMPv3 (Simple Network Management Protocol)
You have been assigned the task of configuring VLANs to separate users by department. Which device will allow for the creation of VLANs?
Managed switch
Which type of network would transfer data based upon labels instead of network addresses?
Which wireless standard offers transmission speeds of 54 Mbps, a frequency of 2.4 GHz, and geographic range of 100 meters?
What is the final step in the network troubleshooting methodology?
Documenting the solution and the entire process
You are planning a wired SOHO network for a network for a small department. What is the recommended maximum number of devices that can be added to the network?
You are constructing a new wireless network for a company. The company has indicated they would like to use a wireless encryption type that provides data confidentiality services for data submitted between two wireless network devices. They would also like to have the flexibility of using 64-bit, 128-bit, or 256-bit encryption. Which wireless encryption protocol should be implemented?
WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy)
The server administrator team implemented a new DNS server on the company network over the weekend. Users working on your network are complaining that they are now having problems accessing web sites on the Internet. Which port should you verify is open on the firewall?

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