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Networking Administration

Which of the following roles implement what can be classified as infrastructure services?
Which of the following is a valid upgrade path to windows server 2012?
Windows server 2008 standard to windows server 2012 standard
Which feature must you add to a window server 2012 server core installation to convert it to the minimal server interface?
Graphical management tools and infrastructure
What is the name of the directory where windows stores all of the operating system modules it might need to install at a later time?
Which of the following are valid reason why administrators might want to install their windows server 2012 servers using the server core option?
The new server manager in windows server 2012 makes it far easier to administer servers remotely. A window server 2012 server core license costs significantly less than a full GUI license.
Windows server 2012 requires what processer architecture?
64-bit processor only
What are the minimum system memory requirements to run all editions of windows server 2012?
512 MB RAM
What is the default installation of installing windows server 2012?
Server core
What windows server 2012 role would you install to provied network resources to remote users?
Remote Access
What windows server 2012 role enforces security policies for network users?
Network policy and Access Services
You are deciding which windows server 2012 edition is right for your needs: a remote access server. You are eager to create a virtual machine (VM) on which you can install a virtual operating system enviroment (VOSE). You foresee needing only one VOSE..
Windows server 2012 essentials edition
Your company wants to upgrade to windows server 2012. Considering the present environment of mostly windows server 2008 R2 serves, what is the best path to upgrade to windows server 2012?
Perform a clean installation of windows server 2012.
You are tempted by the advantages of server core, but you do not want to give up ceratian traditional server administration tools. What is the best option made available by windows server 2012 as a comprise?
Use the minimal server interface.
What is the purpose of microsoft releasing multiple editions of windows server 2012 ?
To offer various feature sets and at different price points
Active directory rights management services (AD RMS) are avaiable on which windows server 2012 editions?
All windows server 2012 editions
Which features must you remove from a full GUI installation of windows server 2012 to convert in to a sever core installation?
Graphical management tools and infrastructure, Server graphical shell
Which of the follwing NIC teaming modes provides fault tolerance and bandwidth aggregation?
Switch independent mode
Which of the following command-line tools do you use to join a computer to a domain?
Which of the following statements about server manager is not true?
Server manager can deploy roles to multiple servers at the same time.
Which of the following operations can you not perform on a service using server Manager?
Disable a service and Configure a service to start when the computer starts
Name the two methods to assign a static IP address to a computer using server core.
The netsh.exe command and windows management instrumentation (W M I) acess provided by windows powershell.
Before you can deploy roles to multiple remote serves, what must be done?
Add the remote serves to the server manager interface.
What utility allows you to install components to multiple servers at once?
Windows powershell only
What method is avaliable to install roles and features on another windows server 2012 computer using windows powershell?
Use the install-windows feature command and an exported configuration file
What is the key principle to delegating server adminastrative tasks?
Granting indivuals only the permisions needed to do the delegated job
On a windows server 2012 server, you decide to change the interface. Select the best answer to convert a GUI server to server core.
Use server manager to start the remove roles and features wizard
Windows server 2012 provides hardware-independent NIC teaming or bonding to enable better network performance and adapter fault-tolerance. However, in what scenario is the NIC teaming limited?
When network traffic consists of large TCP sequences
As an adminsatior of a windows server 2012 network, you want to add a role to a few servers on the network. What is your best available option?
Using powershell, install the desired role to all target serves at once
What is the advantage of deploying roles to virtual hard disk (VHD) file?
An administrator can modify server roles to offline virtual machines (VMs) without starting the VM
What is the key benefit behind delegating server administration?
In larger network, delegation uses permissions to restrict accessq
Which of the following is the primary method for transmitting IPv6 traffic over an IPv4 network?
Which of the following is the IPv6 equivalent to a private IPv4 address?
Unique local unicast address
Which of the follwing is an automatic tunneling protocol used by windows operating system that are located behind NAT routers?
What subnet mask would you use when configuuring a TCO/IP cleint with an IPv4 address on the network?
What are the classes of IPv4 addresses used to provide support for networks?
Classes A,B and C
How the classless inter-domain routing (CIDR) help reduce waste of IP adresses?
Uses a subnetting method that divides between network bits and host bits and host bits anywhere, not just between octets
There are three alternatives to assigning an IPv4 address. Two are manual configuration and DHCP. What is the third?
Automatic private IP addressing (APIPA)
Instead of the four 8-bit decimal numbers separatred by periods that IPv4 address use a notation called.
colon-hexadecimal format
What does a double-colon in an IPv6 address signify?
Two consecutive 8-bit blocks of zeros
What is the stateless autoconfiguration process, during a windows computer start?
The computer assigns itself a link-local unicast address.
What is the primary reason IPv6 has not completely replaced IPv4?
Administration are hesitant and reluctant to change.
What is the primary difference between a NAT server and a proxy server?
Proxy servers offer additional functions such as they can scan, cache, and filter certain types of data.
Your company enviorment includes windows servier version 2003, 2008, qnd 2012. Desktops range from windows XP and vista. Transition to IPv6, what versions have IPv6 support running by default?
Windows server 2008, windows 2012, and vista have IPv6 running by default.
What windows server 2012 services and application offer IPv6 support ?
Remote access support IPv6 routing and advertising, and the DHCP server role can allocate IPv6 address.
What is Intra-site automatic tunnel addressing protocol (ISATAP)?
ISATAP emulates an IPV6 link for use on an IPv4 network.

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