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New employee orientation

After successful selection of the employee and acceptance by him/her your job offer, the next most important this is his/her first working day, that will be employee orientation day. Welcome your new employee. Smile, and tell them you are glad that they have come to work in your establishment. You can make a big difference at this point. Show them around the facility, pointing out any important features along the way like emergency exits and hazardous areas, for example. Pretend you are showing a guest through your home. You want to make them feel comfortable and for them to relax as much as possible.

Introduce them to people you meet along the way. Chances are your new worker won’t be able to remember everyone’s name when they are through with your tour, but you will at least have given other people the chance to learn who the new person is. As you introduce your new employee, explain what job they will be assigned and who they will be reporting to. This will help existing employees mentally fit the new person into what they know of your organization. Further, following script will be helpful for the orientation of your new employees.

“Hello Mr. _____, Welcome to our company, it’s nice to meet you. My name is Michael John, and I am Human Resource Manager in the most valuable organization for me and obviously for you onward i. e. “Organization Name”. “We, in HR, feel that it is important to address some sensitive issues during your early employment with our company. ” (New focus on following points and explain according you company’ strategy, policies and goals). a. Specify in detail the company’s history, specific past goals achieved, and future strategy and goals. b.

Emphasize on employee personal development by encouraging him/her towards his job responsibilities and expected return of work and performance. E. g. you can say “At our company, we take failure as a challenge not a defeat”. c. Specify the environmental and behavioral policy of the company. d. Give him/her some examples of existing employees, from their start to success factors, and their current position. e. Give him/her brief and good details of “Job Description” in an easy and comprehensive way. f. Ask him/her regarding any question, feed back or suggestion. At the end, close with a positive and courteous attitude with a warm shake hand.