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Nursing Feb 28th

Which of the following change processes might include getting rid of your stash of cigarettes?
environmental control
Chewing gum rather than smoking is an example of:
All of the following are essential components of spiritual health EXCEPT:
attending religious service on a weekly basis
All of the following are true statements concerning the health of Americans EXCEPT:
the gender gap between male and female life expectancy has increased.
A true assessment of health risks involving ethnicity would be all of the following EXCEPT:
Infant mortality is higher for white babies than for African-American babies
Which of the following does not describe “wellness”?
the absence of disease or infirmity
Health barriers for minorities are most significant because of:
All of the following are examples of activities that can increase illness and mortality among people in the States Except:
wearing seatbelts
Encouragement and recognition for meeting a goal describes
Reinforcing Factors
viewed as points on a continuum
physical health
prevention agenda for the nation
Healthy People 2010
picks up where prevention leaves off
lifestyle choice
average 9 breaths per minute
effective interaction with others
social health
average 12 breaths per minute
efforts made to increase support to reduce problems in healthy people
world impact on health
environmental health
Which of the following would not describe a dimension of health?
economic financial management
working wiht a personal trainer is an example of:
helping relationships
To change a negative behavior, the first step you should take would be:
to become aware of the behavior
All of the following are examples of reinforcing factors EXCEPT:

1. your family yells at you when you drink alcohol
2. parent offers you money to earn good grades
3. you buy yourself a new dress for quitting smoking
4. After losing 10 lbs your friends tell you that you look great

Your family yells at you when you drink alcohol
The ability to develop satisfying interpersonal relationships is an example of which component of health?
All of the following would be considered positive reinforcements for behavior change EXCEPT:
doing an extra ten minutes of exercise because you skipped the day before
When a person is now practicing his/her new behavioral change, the person is said to be in which stage..
When one is using enabling factors, it is said that the person is using

1. skills and resources
2. acessible facilities
3. physical and mental capacities
4. all of these

all of these
Which of following would be an example of primary prevention?
immunizing a child against Hepatitis B
African Americans have higher rates than whites for all the following EXCEPT
life expectancy
A teenager decides to wait until he is married to have sex because he believes it is the right thing to do. This is an example of which type of influencing factor?
Looking at health and the individual as a whole rather than part by part describes
holistic health
having a membership to a health club is an example of which type of influencing factor?
When comparing factors that define, health, which one does not actually promote health?

1. the absence of disease or infirmity
2. being sound in body, mind and spirit
3. having regular medical checkups
4. a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being

having regular medical checkups
All of the following are common health problems reported by students EXCEPT:
sexually transmitted infections
What matters most on the wellness-illness continuum?
the direction you are moving
All of the following are essential steps toward maintaining optimal physical health EXCEPT:
taking an aspirin everyday
Limiting exposure to the sun and wearing sunscreen to avoid skin damage is an example of:
primary prevention
Which of the following would be considered to be a predisposing factor to changing behavior?
attitudes, values and perceptions
All of the following are key components of the transtheoretical model of change EXCEPT:

1. self-efficacy
2. processes of change
3. reinforcements
4. stages of change

Which statement does not represent a typical health issue with women?

1. Women metabolize alcohol faster than men
2. Women are more likely to suffer depression than men.
3. Women have a higher body temperature than men.
4. Women have faster heart rates than men

Women metabolize alcohol faster than men.
Joining Alcoholics Anonymous for help with a drinking problem is an example of:
A recent survey found that __ percent of college students never drink alcohol
Individuals are more likely to change a health behavior if they hold all of the following beliefs EXCEPT:
they believe that a higher power controls their behavior
All of the following are associated with intellectual health EXCEPT:
your mental stability
Psychological health gives individuals the ability to do all of following EXCEPT:
1. express emotions
2. function independently
3. diagnose emotional problems
4. cope with daily stressors.
diagnose emotional problems
To enable college students to be in tune with appropriate health issues, all of the following would be most useful to learn about EXCEPT:
smoking cessation
psychological health refers to
your emotional and mental states
Which of the following translates into a capacity to sense, understand, and tap into the highest parts of ourselves, others, and the world around us?
spiritual intelligence
When comparing the following choices, which one would translate into the most basic needs according to Maslow?
food and shelter
An autonomous individual has a locus of control that is:
Self-esteem is based upon which factors to feel confident and satisfied?
what you truly believe and feel about yourself
An individual who feels the need to check and recheck repeatedly whether or not the stove was turned off is probably suffering from:
an obsessive-compulsive disorder
When determining risk factors for suicide, which of the following would not be considered
compulsive disorders
To banish bad feelings, one of the most effective strategies is to
exercise through aerobic workouts.
According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, which of the following would be achieved by individuals who function at the highest possible level?
When comparing treatments for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which of the following would not be an option?
systematic desensitization
All of the following are characteristic symptoms of a phobia EXCEPT:
the ability to function normally despite fear
Which of the following best describes an obsession?
a recurring thought, idea or image that is senseless
When determining risk factors for suicide which of the following would not be considered?
compulsive behaviors
All of the following are characteristics of mental health EXCEPT:
being suspicious of the motivations of others
all of the following are benefits of alturism EXCEPT:
higher intelligence
When comparing physical symptoms of a panic attack, which of the following would not be a factor?
increased appetite
Another name for bipolar disorder is:
manic depression
a key difference between ‘spirituality’ and ‘spiritual intelligence’ is that:
spiritual intelligence does not focus on a God above
Claustrophobia is the fear of:
closed spaces
fullest potential
best predictor of college adjustment
self esteem
feelings and moods
emotional health
anticipating positive outcomes
feeling of unconnectedness with others
social isolation
represents what’s most important
spiritual practices
giving to others
sustained emotional state
An emotionally healthy person may exhibit all of the following characteristics EXCEPT:
understands that the self should be center of the universe
An irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain objects is Known as
a phobia
When a person is said to be socially isolated, he or she is:
feeling unconnected with others
When comparing treatments for GAD which of the following is not be an option?
systematic desentization
a ‘helpers high’ is likely to result from having which type of attitude
Spirituality is:
identifying with the basic purpose in life and experiencing one’s full potential
Which is more likely to occur with sleep deprivation
weight gain through altered metabolism
A fear of heights is known as
An effective way to manage a bad mood you are experiencing is to:
change what caused the bad mood.
Having feelings of emptiness, hoplessness and sadness that does not end is a distinguishing characteristic of which of the following?
major depression
All of the following are true of self-esteem EXCEPT:
Self-esteem is based on external factors.
Individuals who are true to themselves and develop independence demonstrate which of the following characterisitcs?
Perceiving reality as it is, responding to its challenges, and developing rational strategies demonstrate which of the following?
mental health
Which of the following best describes a compulsion?
a repetitive behavior performed according to certain rules
Which of the following distinguishes emotional health?
feelings and moods.
All of the following may be useful techniques for managing time more efficiently EXCEPT:
Make a “to do” list and complete every task
All of the following are true statements concerning burnout EXCEPT:
individuals with an external locus of control have lower burnout rates
The body attempts to restore homeostasis by means of a(n)
adaptive response
stress is a(n)
nonspecific response of the body to any demand that is made
Those things that upset or excite us are known as:
People who become obsessed by their work and careers are known as:
All of the following may be warning signs of stress overload EXCEPT:
committing violent crimes
All of the following are telltale symptoms of poor time management EXCEPT:
feeling in control
Homeostasis means that our body is a(n):
stable and consistent physiological state
Violent agressive driving is also known as:
road rage
Stress is an
nonspecific response of the body to any demand that is made
all fo the following are early signs out of burnout EXCEPT:
increased alertness
All of the following events would most likely cause eustress EXCEPT:
a death
To overcome procrastination all of the following might be usefull techniques EXCEPT:
Do what you like most first
Acculturation is defined as:
a psychological change by a minority ethnic group due to contact with the ethnic majority
All of the following are strategies for defusing test stress EXCEPT:
Never talk with other students because they may confuse you
The biological theory of stress developed by Hans Selye is known as the:
general adaptation syndrome
During which stage of the general adaptation syndrome does the body mobilize internal resources to try to sustain homeostasis?
All of the following may be effective therapies that can help an individual suffering from a posttraumatic stress disorder EXCEPT:
systematic desensitization
A psychological response to an out-of-the ordinary stress defines:
posttraumatic stress disorder
Thomas woke up in the middle of the night because he smelled something burning. This is most likely caused
a flight or fight response
All of the following are common student stressors EXCEPT:
choosing an major
Cortisol can cause which of the following?

1. excessive abdominal fat
2. metabolic syndrome
3. precursor to diabetes
4. all of these

all of these
The body undergoes many physiological changes during the flight-or-fight response EXCEPT:
the digestive system speeds up
When you use relaxation technique that involves creating mental pictures that can focus your mind, you are using:
A modern form of an ancient Asian technique called mindfulness uses the principle of
maintaining an awareness of the present moment
All of the following are factors that enable individuals to thrive in the face of adversity of EXCEPT:
a “so what” attitude
The basic framework for muscles, bones, blood, hair and fingernails is:
Which of the following is true about calories
everyone’s calorie needs are different
Vitamins ADEK that are absorbed through intestinal membrane and stored in the body are also called:
fat soluble
Each gram of carbohydrate supplies how many calories?
4 calories
One of the essential nutrients that may be difficult to find in a vegetarian diet is:
Vitamins that are absorbed directly into the blood and then used up or washed out of the body are known as:
The bacterium found mainly in undercooked meat, poultry and eggs is:
identify which of the folloiwng does not cause you to lose water more rapidly
living in a cool climate
a source of energy that also serves as a carrier for a certain vitamin is:
Identify which is not a key theme of MyPyramid
Which of the following is not considered to ban essential nutrient?
Grains would be classified as what type of nutrient?
complex carbohydrate
to obtain all necessary nutrients:
eat a variety of foods
What is meant by the amount of energy that can be derived from food?
The recommended daily value (DV) for sugar is:
there is no daily value for sugar
Antioxidants help prevent damage to our cells caused by O2 molecules that are normal metabolic processes. Those molecules are also known as
free radicals
Water makes up what percentage of the body?
Proteins that provide nine essential amino acids are called:
improper home canning is the most common cause of:
the basic fuel that our body needs is found in sugar known as:
Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are purportedly good in our diet to help with
lowering blood pressure
Foods produced without the use of chemicals at any stage are called:
identify which of the following is not a good example of complementary proteins
peas and carrots.
Trans fats are:
a dangerous type of dietary fat
The number of calories needed to sustain the body at rest
The number of calories per gram of protein
grains, cerals, vegetables, beans and nuts
complex carbohydrates
animal fat
number of calories per gram of fat
B and C vitamins
water soluble
helps maintain proper fluid balance
helps prevent osteporosis
fish oils
vitamins ADEK
fat soluble
Antioxidnats do which of the following
reduce harmful effects caused by oxidation
Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are purportedly good in our diet to help with:
lowering blood pressure
Which of the following is considered a type of fiber than can be added to foods to benifit humans?
functional fiber
A high fiber diet can help decrease the risk of all of the following EXCEPT
When a person has their glycemic load measured, this is used to determine the:
amount of a serving of food that can raise blood glucose
An example of a carbohydrate that provides the brain with fuel is:
in men and women, bone mass peaks between the ages of:
25 and 35.
According to MyPyramid, how many cups of fruit are needed daily?
which of the following is not considered to be an essential nutreint?
Which of the following is considered a type of fiber that is naturally occuring in plant foods?
Each gram of fat supplies how many calories?
Pure vegetarians who only eat plant foods are known as:
Vegetarians who eat dairy products as well as grains, fruits and vegetables are called:
Distinguish the compound that helps put carbohydrates, fats and proteins to use and helps in manufacturing blood cells and hormones

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