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Nutrition chapters 9, 10

Excess body fatness is associated with an increased risk of:
some cancers
Excess fat___ represents a greater risk to health than excess fat elsewhere on the body.
deep within the abdomen
Waist circumference reflects the degree of ___in proportion to body fatness
visceral fatness
a body mass index of 25.0 to 29.9 in an adult indicates:
A rule of thumb that has been used in the past but does not apply equally to everyone is that one pound of body fat is equal to ___ calories
Which of the following statements about basal metabolism is true?
supports the work that goes on and it’s directly controlled by the hormone thyroxine
About___ percent of a meal’s energy value is used up in stepped up metabolism i the five or so hours following that meal.
All the following factors are associated with a higher basal metabolic rate except:
Older people generally need less energy than younger people due to:
slowed basal metabolic rate and declines in lean body mass
A woman of normal weight may have, on the average, __percent of her body weight as fat.
Hunger makes itself known roughly __ hours after eating.
The hormone produced by adipose tissue in response to a gain in body fatness that helps to control obesity is:
The psychological desire to eat is referred to as:
All of the following are involved in signaling satiation except:
the heart
Which of the following types of foods sustain satiety longer than other foods?
high in protein
A healthy person starting with average body fat can live totally deprived of food for as long as six to eight weeks due to:
Energy nutrients can be stored in the body as:
glycogen and fat
A very low carbohydrate diet may be accompanied by:
The foods emphasized by high protein, low carbohydrate diets clearly raise the risk for:
heart and artery disease
Fad diets are successful in the short term because they:
induce a calorie deficit
An eating pattern of foods high in__is associated with being overweight.
energy density
One of the major benefits of physical activity for weight management is:
an increase in lean muscle tissue, which burns more energy
Successful weight maintainers:
exercise regularly and limit overall food energy
The accumulation of excess visceral fat in the body may lead to health complications because:
it can lead to chronic inflammation, which has been linked to heart disease
The thermic effect of foods eaten can contribute to total energy expended in a day because:
metabolism is stepped up several hours after a meal in the metabolic response to food
You are weighing a team of football players and according to the BMI values they appear to be obese. Which of the following would you most likely conclude?
their muscle weight is probably responsible for the elevated scale weights and their bones may be well mineralized, which contributes to their weights
You decide to skip lunch for several weeks to lose weight and fit into a favorite outfit for a special occasion. Which of the following will probably be the greatest obstacle to the success of this plan?
The major role that the hormone ghrelin plays in eating is to:
signal hunger when the stomach is empty (GSH)
You go to the movie theater after eating dinner and smell the popcorn in the concession stand. Although you are full, you start salivating and your stomach grumbles, so you buy a bag to eat during the show. This is an example of what signal for eating?
How has physical activity played a role in weight trends in the US recently?
sedentary activities have replaced outdoor play (SAO)
The best way to use physical activity to assist with weight control is to:
exercise daily in conjunction with a substantial calorie reduction
Characteristics of victims of anorexia nervosa include:
they tend to be perfectionists & come from middle/upper class families
Central to the diagnosis of anorexia nervosa is:
a distorted body image
You suspect that your new college roommate may have an eating disorder because, although she seem to have a normal body size, you have heard her frequently vomiting after a meal, and her tooth enamel is becoming corroded. She also will frequently eat 3 boxes of crackers at one time to relieve stress and will then feel guilty afterwards. These are most likely symptoms of:
bulimia nervosa
The 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend:
accumulating activities in weekly totals of at least 10 minute sessions
Muscles respond to the overload of exercise by gaining:
strength and size
Active people often have resting pulse rates of __ beats per minute or lower.
Characteristics of cardiorespiratory endurance include:
increased cardiac output and oxygen delivery; reduced blood pressure
In the early minutes of activity, ___provides the majority of energy the muscles use to go into action.
muscle glycogen
A person who continues exercising moderately for longer than__ minutes begins to use less glucose and more fat for fuel.
Sports nutrition experts recommend that endurance athletes consume__percent of their energy from fat.
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends__ grams protein per kilogram of body weight each day for an endurance athlete.
Which of the following nutrients is important for athletes because it is needed for the formation of collagen? (CC)
vitamin C
The first symptom of dehydration(besides thirst) is:
The body’s need for__ far surpasses that for any other nutrient.
An endurance athlete can lose__of fluid an hour during activity.
1.5 quarts
Sports drinks offer some advantages over water for athletes who:
need to replenish electrolytes
During non endurance exercise the optimal beverage for replacing fluids is:
a beverage that supplies glucose
Moderate use of caffeine by athletes:
may assist performance
Any meal should be finished at least__hours before an athletic competition.
3 or 4
The Physical Activity Guideline for Americans recommended that adults:
include at least 150 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week
Which statement about the best way to schedule daily physical activity is accurate?
Moderate intensity activity can be divided into smaller sessions throughout the day
When designing a fitness routine that is intended to help muscles gain strength and size, what must you consider?
muscles need a day or two of rest to refuel and repair
Type 2 diabetes is believed to be an autoimmune disease.
Approximately 20 million Americans have diabetes.
If not controlled diabetes can lead to amputation of extremities.
Inactivity, aging, and excess weight are major factors in Type 2 diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes is considered hereditary.
Artificial sweeteners pose moderate risk to the health of the diabetic using them.
The normally functioning pancreas responds to an increased blood glucose level.
Hispanic/Latino, Native Americans, and Asian Americans, Eskimos have a higher incidence of diabetes than Caucasian.
Type 1 diabetes is typically treated with Islet cell transplants today.
A benefit of resistance training is that:
high resistance and few repetitions build strength without bulk
A woman wants to begin a weight training program. What advice would you give her?
it would be a good way to strengthen and firm her muscles
What is recommended for replacing fuels that have been used during exercise?
eat a high carb meal within 2 hours after exercise
Protein is needed by the body to support an exercise program because of its role in:
repairing muscle tissue after exercise
The term ergogenic:
implies that product has special work enhancing powers & is associated with supplements claimed to benefit athletes
Which of the following is among the most dangerous and illegal ergogenic aids?
anabolic steroid hormones
Why would you tell someone not to drink alcohol before engaging in an athletic event?
because its a diuretic, & impairs temperature regulation
Muscle growth is stimulated by:
physically demanding activity
An athlete takes vitamin and mineral supplements prior to competition because he believes they can enhance performance. You will explain to him that taking these supplements:
does not improve performance because there’s not enough time for the nutrients to be combined with other appropriate parts so they can do their work
Carbonated beverages are not a good choice for meeting an athlete’s fluid needs because they:
make a person full quickly and may limit fluid intake
A female athlete weighs 120 lbs before a race and 115 lbs after the race. How much fluid should she consume?
10 cups
What would you tell a female long distance runner who is considering whether or not to begin taking an iron supplement?
she needs to have medical testing of her blood iron values first to see if she needs it.

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