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Offshore outsourcing Essay

The people who work for the organization for long time is quite rare that the just want to drag their feet and show less insincerity towards the success and efficiency of the firm. Outsourcing everything not only topples the image of the company but even distracts and deviates the current employees of the firm . the feel doubtful of them as to how well they are serving the firm. It’s not about getting the fresh blood which the CEO feels would bring wonders to the current functioning of the company but infact motivating and retaining the current employees.

A sudden wave of idea may should an interesting idea but not always a practical idea. Certain changes which might seem meager to the CEO may have a weighty impression on the employees working in the company since age’s . The place which had been the office of the CEO since the inception not being used by Cheryl and opting for another office in the centre might not make others feel good about it. Showing the constant impression that I am always on the move and have a vigilant eye on your doings discourages an individual working in the organization a great deal.

He or she might feel a constant pressure on him or herself. While making any decision its not always that we start by saying that I think this is the best option and we should start right away. It’s always that while any discussion is going on in the conference room suggestions are taken from every individual and analyzed thoroughly to see to the pros and corns of the new venture or the line of action This is to be adopted. Just by getting the views by the marketing person does not justify the fact that the new venture would be a success in totality .

No matter the chain Stores like Bulls –Eye might be doing great in the market and generating hefty profits but in which way confirm Lakeland Wonder’s success? They might be doing well in the midmarket but Lakeland Wonder’s has to devise a complete strategy to get that market segment. Momentum is not built only to get a positive response towards our visions infact what would benefit the company . Just by saying that the existing employees would work with outsiders and be happy doing so. All this requires consensus and peace of mind among both the parties.

The existing designer might have his way of doing things whereas the outsider might force him to have things done his way . hence it is important to get things done in the best way which suits and facilitates everyone. Working in the best interest of the company does not necessarily mean that expand it every possible horizon. Hurriedly landing into making decisions might sound interesting but need a lot of efforts to execute it and make it possible . When the sales representative highlighted some issues they were not given that much priority and drifted from that fact to other factors.

Virtually always shipping on time does not give good and efficient impression overall. Other factors have to be equally cared for. When unions are neglected and not given importance then they retaliate and show their wrath . It is very importance that all people should be taken into consideration and given equal respect in the company. People are what should be taken as resource and resources are the most vital element of any organization. Unions should be always given the first priority and let things revolve around them.

The finance representative would give a goody goody picture of the decisions which the CEO felt were in the best interest of the firm. It’s always that whenever a new opportunity is undertaken it has a lot of revenues attached to it but the point in whether it would be feasible in the long run or not. When any person has retired from the firm then he is no more to be taken liable of any issues. Whatever issues pop up have to be sorted out by the current management. Growth is not the only factor which contributes to the success of the organization but there are other things as well which can equally bring in success.

Cheryl was even rude while talking to the previous Ceo by saying that he hampered the growth opportunity of the firm by selling away a block of shares to Hastings and Curtiss. Cheryl was very casual in reflecting the fact that when she came in she had thoughts of only bringing in change no matter whichever way she adopts. Cheryl thought that only she was the one who could work best in the interest of the company and no one else. Others were taken to be not optimistic and enthusiastic in any way by Cheryl.

It’s not always good to have a preconceived notion about everyone and believe that person would be the same way he is thought to be . Its not always the first impression which should be taken as universal. Jolting the heads of every individual would not always churn out positive response from everyone every time. The suggestion which Wally Swensen gave was very right that we need to have the minds and hearts of the people to make it a success. For successful outcomes it’s very essential that everyone is taken collectively and made happy.

Whenever any person in the organization is annoyed or distressed that reflects from his conduct and affects the efficiency of the company. It’s very important for the Ceo who is made the head of all to make everyone happy and see to the fact that he does not make anyone in the organization feel he is not cared for. In the successful organizations of today all employees are taken into consideration and they all have their say in the matters. We might always stereotype the fact that Only the CEO can have the best of ideas and can think best of the firm.

Even an ordinary employee can give best of the ideas which may take the firm from the scratch to the sky. When all the people working under him are feeling intimated and forced to work the way she wants them to. Its not always force and coercion that matters and affects the best way but communicating well and in the most polite manner is what would be required the best way. By keeping a good incentive system, appraisals and other things which entice and encourage the workers should be made an apart and parcel of the working of the firm.

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