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Organization Behaviors

Emirates Airline is an airline company owned by the Dubai government through the Emirates Group Companies. It was establish in 1985, and has since grown to an award wining company owning a fleet of more than 80 Airbuses and Boeings. Emirates have expanded operations to about 100 worldwide destinations, and are still reaching into new markets. Organization Structure The Emirates has a simple organization structure.

The group is headed by a chief executive who doubles as the chairman. He is assisted at the board by Executive Vice Chairman, a position currently held by Mr. Maurice Flanagan. He is assisted by three Executive Vice presidents who double up as heads of the Engineering and Operations, Human Resources, and service departments. The structure is also comprised of divisional heads that are termed as Divisional Senior Vice Presidents.

The divisional senior vice presidents carry out operations in major divisions such as: Human Resource Developments and Service, Dubai Airports Services, Cargo, Media Relations Sponsorships and Events, Information Technology, Service Delivery, Network Operations, Commercial Operations, Emirates Air Operations, revenue Optimization and Distribution, Flight Operations, Security, Destination and Leisure Management, and Planning and Research. These are the persons in the management structure who work very closely with the other lower level management and other senior employees.

(Zawya, 2009) Divisional Senior Vice Presidents are assisted by six Senior Vice Presidents who are assigned the tasks of: Performance Development, Procurements and Logistics, Legal, Customer Affairs and Service Audit, Internal Audit, and Safety and Standards. These are very important posts and liaise with the junior level managers. The company has a position of one Vice President who is the head of Commercial Operations. (Organizational structure. , 2008)