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Organizational barrier Finances Essay

Decision making in my organization depends on the urgency of the matter at hand. If the matter is an urgent one such that an immediate critical action is required, the general manager tends to make the decision on his own and announces it to the employees. During this period, the general manager consults no party. However, if the matter does not require an urgent response, the manager holds up a meeting with the employees, listens to their ideas then finally decides on the best option which favors the majority.

Upon controversial matters, voting is used as the best method to make decisions. Therefore, the manager calls upon the team leaders or the employees, explains to them the issue at hand then ask them to vote. Majority of the votes with the same ideas then are taken as the decision for the majority. • What are the organizational barriers and environmental barriers in the organization that impact the decision-making process? Organizational barrier Finances: The amount of finances in the organization determines whether certain decisions should be made or not. (Marquisn 2008).

The finance managers are the ones faced with challenges, prospects and alternatives of whether to endorse investment and the financing activities or

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the intrinsic risks and conditions of the choices to be made. Thus, the financial manager is expected to survey the available alternatives, take advantage of the opportunities while at the same time being careful in ensuring risks do not occur. Work relationships If the employees do not relate well with each other or with their leader, decision making might prove to be a problem since the decisions to be achieved would be based on ones self-satisfaction.

Therefore all members of the organization should be able to relate well with each other for decision making process to be effective and also for the smooth running of the organizations. Environmental barriers Language This mostly takes place in organizations with staff members who tend to speak different languages or even have little knowledge of the common language being used at the work place. Hence engaging in communication might be a stressful experience which results in the derailment of decision making process and also at times results into undesirable outcomes.

Ethics Not all staff members maintain the same values, thus upon the decision making process the majority with similar values affect the decisions process neglecting the minority. • What actions might be taken to address organizational and environmental constraints on decision-making? Finances: the organizations should keep audits of the expenses that it undertakes. This will aid in eliminating expenses that are not important and thus save money for urgent issues which may arise in future.

The organization should also engage in international business ventures from where the organization will get clues of how different organizations make decisions. This will make the organization use the same tactics or better ones during decision-making. Language The organization should allocate time to teach the employees the language to be used in the organization so as to enhance communication (Marquis 2008). The manager should hold meeting with the employees and keenly explain the issue to be decided upon to the employees.

This will create a sense of belonging to the employees since they are involved in giving suggestions before the final decision is made. Ethics Organizations should establish common ethics which favor everybody regardless of the cultural background. This will breed harmony within the organization, no grudges amid the employees and the employers, no conflict or chaos resulting in harmonious working relationships. • What techniques can be used for improving the decision making process? For coming up with more creative solutions?

Three strategies can be implemented so as to come up with creative solutions. Optimizing techniques is one of them whereby linear programming, decision analysis and forecasting techniques are implemented. This technique aids the individual to determine the anticipated cost together with the advantages of the results linked with all the elucidations. The cost scrutiny would then fabricate the optimal resolution though this process consumes a lot of time since it engrosses a lot of technology (Marquis 2008).

Satisfying technique can also be implemented whereby, the individual in-charge of decision making derives various solutions up to a point where he or she will generate a solution gratify minimum set of criterion. With this technique, there is no comparison of the alternative solutions as the reasonable solution is the one executed. Heuristic technique can also be implemented in decision making. The individual in-charge of decision making selects alternative solutions and uses them to simplify complicated problems by enhancing the probability that a solution will be found in due time.

This decision making process is slow as better solutions are always anticipated before making the decision. PART 2 Prepare a brief summary of your organization (or an organization with which you are familiar) by answering the following questions. • Is my organization a learning organization? yes • What are the characteristics that define it as a learning organization? The staff members are allowed to interact with each other and share ideas regarding certain principles enhancing the innovation process.

This results in an atmosphere that facilitates co-evolutionally sustainability. Ashtkins allows self-independence among the employee’s and thus the employees are free to share their decisions though the financial manager is the one who evaluates them and selects the best and effective solution. • What characteristics would have to change in order for it to become a learning organization? Reforming organization’s culture- The decision on risk taking is basically based on the financial manger whom at time may not be able to admit perils caused by decision implemented.

Thus by reshaping the organization’s culture, the managers would demonstrate that taking risks and admitting to failures is a desirable trait. Having mental model-individuals- this will provide the employees with the capability to evaluate veracity with discernment and linking both into a logical understanding. This will ensure there is less implementation of defense at work as well as less evasion of complex circumstances. • Would your organization be able to incorporate these practices? Why or Why not? Yes, I think Ashtkins Enterprises will be able to incorporate these practices so as to become a better learning organization.

This is because in reforming of one’s culture, the manager needs to explain to the employees that their solutions no matter the outcome are appreciated. Since the employees at Ashtkins are business oriented, the encouragement form the manager would boost their morale relieving the burden from the financial manager. This will also enhance interaction among the employees who are naturally sociable. Reference Huston, C. & Marquis, B. (2008). Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing: Theory and Application. Chicago: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers.

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