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Organizational Communication

The working conditions of workers in many organizations have been compromised since ancient time. Due to the harsh conditions which the employees were being exposed, it raised a lot of struggle for the draconian habits to be abolished. Many companies experienced strikes organized by employees to genuinely fight for the restoration of their rights. This followed after much considerations that employers recklessly misused their employees through unfavorable work conditions. Many employers practiced the inhumane management style which was highly marked with dictatorships characteristics.

Undoubtedly, many workers who labored under such environment from different organizations lost their precious lives while others remained physically disabled as well being affected mentally due tyranny which they experienced. (Watkins, 2002) However, past experiences are said to be learning activities for a new era of modernity. As many organizations consider bygones as bygones, the dawn of this era has many changes which have been brought in the organizations’ management. The organization management has prioritized the relationship of employees and their employers as a key to the success of organization operation.

Good relations of employees and their employers are attained through different ways. One way in which organizations have created an amicable working environment for the employees is through

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offering them salaries and wages which are reasonable in respect to their agreed work outputs. Other ways which encourages the labor force to show interest and enthusiasm is through the motivations by rewards as well as the freedom to join unions as a way of encouraging building of team environment for their personal and company matters. (Drucker, 1977)

As companies endeavors to create these good relationships with their employers, rapid conflicts and other problems which do affect the organizations have not ceased. Problems of poor work conditions and salaries are still evident that they are rising up. This has made many employees to use their unions as the channels of solving such problems. Thus, the role played by such unions is well appreciated as a body resourceful for building strong cohesive relations in the finding of everlasting solutions for the companies as well as for the individual members.

The labor unions are thus bodies endowed with much responsibility that determines much of the business operations. Due to the core part which they take part in, the representatives of union as body of great responsibility require individuals full of leadership qualities. Despite the lack of sight of leadership abilities by unions’ representatives, score of workers have found themselves losing their jobs. As leaders, representatives in the unions should demonstrate integrity neither to compromise the representation on neither the employees nor the employers’ environment. (Campbell, 985)

The employment of such unions can thus make the two parties involved in conflicts to gain or lose directions of reaching an appreciable solution. Like in any kind of conflict resolution activities, the employers and the unions representatives are bound to adhere to negotiation spirited process. This is a process which eminently has created a lot of success for good relationships of employers and employees allovers the world. The achievement of the process is attributed to a major liberation to employees and employers’ needs. The final result of holding negotiation is the mutual benefits realized by both paralleled parties.

In lie of this, the fruits of negations are realized when the unions representatives remains impartial through understanding of each others situations and by the use of unequivocal undisputed communications technique. . (Watkins, 2002) Despite the unprecedented achievement of the negation process, some union representatives have pervasively used the opportunity for their own benefits rather than for the prosperity of the organizations. For instances, the tactics of the local 999 of the international brotherhood of good guys union were void of negation process spirit.

Instead of the union representatives uniting the community of the organization, they led the forefront of causing chaotic environment within the organization. While peace, harmony and understanding prevailed before the intervention of the union, this fountain of such paramount virtues were drying up after they step in. This not only brought pressure on the managing director, but it also served as away of defamation of his dignity to the serving employees. The unexpected disrespect of the union representative leading to the employees to belittle the managers also was a major factor for the future relationships.

The abuses and the lies flooded over the director due to incitation bleached the relationships which existed before. (Bron, and Wiig, 2002) This practice of the unions was not only an unethical approach of negotiations, but it involved uncouth manners of communication. Besides the corruption of the minds of the works from facing the reality conditions of the business environment, the union fuelled the workers not to accept the reality of worse economic and business operations. This mapped the employees as misunderstanding in the face of their boss.

In so doing, this perpetuation of strong relationship of the employer’s and the employees had strongly rooted was likely to fade away. According to Campbell and dales analysis on communications and negations, this kind of conduct diminished the relationships and the high trust which the director had vested in the employees. (Campbell, 985) Although the director was under pressure, a solution had to be reached that portrayed as the most appropriate to business. This could only be based on considerations of the goals of business; hence, there was great need to defend his side to perpetuate business operation.

Disrespects and dishonest are some of the major vices which are highly addressed in the code of ethics of any business organizations. It thus appeared that the individuals had become more than political, but the director has to continue the use of negation in attaining business resolution. According to the organization communications theory, despites the environment becoming much political, the management has to persistently employ the possible mechanisms of negotiation in convincing the employees to reach the most reliable resolutions.

(Bron, and Wiig, 2002) As the negotiations and communication theory has practically been used in the day to day resolutions approach by individual in many conflicts, similarly, many organizations have also ethically used this approach. However, the proper achievement of this approach would require the re-examination of the cause of the conflict through the application of critical theory. This would empower him to the tackle the problem with thorough probations to the central issues.

(Watkins, 2002) Finally, the issue of managers serving as dictators is no longer applicable to organizations’ solution. However, the ability of the managers to communicate and approach the employees in the wisest ways is only purpose of management. The persuasiveness of negotiation has the ability to changes unimaginable paralleled conflicting partners, and thus the likely of diverting to other ideas of resolution has higher likelihood of having setback in the futures business operations.

Despites this conflicting interest which are inherent in this managers situations, diplomacy coupled with courtesy are main techniques useful for ending the conflicts. Moreover, persistence of conflicting environment may be diverted leading to the solving the problem with determination and authority.


Bron, P. and Wiig, R. (2002): A Strategic Approach to Building Reputation: Gyldendal Akademisk Campbell, D. (1985): A Black Box Model of Communication: Drucker, P. (1977): People and Performance: Harper’s College Press Watkins, M. (2002): Breakthrough business negotiation: Jossey-Bass

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