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Organizational culture

Empowerment can be described as a social process that gives the people power to control their own live, taking decisions and acting on issues that they considered important. It can also be defined as the re-establishment of people’s sense of values and self-reliance to handle some situation and life problems. It is sometimes misunderstood as an act of giving power, whereas it is not. It is multi-dimensional cutting across all discipline like philosophy, sciences and many more. It is can also be viewed at a various level –individual, groups or community.

Empowerment is one of the fundamental ways of getting into the root of most of the societal problems, since the community can not be change if the individuals in the community are not changed. 2. Organizational culture It can be defined as the shared values and norms and opinion of an individual member of an organization. These norms include what they value, how to define success, ways of doing things, language and leadership style, which control the way they interact with one another, customers and their stakeholders.

The culture also deals with the type of goals and aspiration that each member of the company should have and how to go about achieving those goals. The concept of organizational culture has helped in the understanding of human beliefs since it focus more on the organizational life of an individual, the way to help groups of individual to work together to achieve a desired goals, it facilitate the understanding of the leaders on how their behavior affects the organization culture. The concept of organizational culture is so important to the extent that it can determine the proficiency, professionalism and longevity of the company.

It projects the brand image of such company. 3. Explain cognitive dissonance in an application toward your organization. Cognitive dissonance is a type of unwholesome feeling when you contradict their belief, i. e. an unpleasant state of internal tension which is experienced when you act in such a way that it negates your attitude. For instance, some teachers hold to the belief that children need to be talked to and advised instead of beating most times, but in some instances that the teacher continually beat the child up due to some grievous offence that the child had committed.

This can make the teacher to have a bad feeling within him or herself each time he or she sees the child. This is because of the fact that she is holding on to two conflicting thought. Some student that smokes despite the fact that they believed that smoking has some bad effect on their health, so each time they smoke, they might develop cognitive dissonance. 4. Explain a stereotype and when you might like to use a stereotype for your own benefit. Stereotype is generalized beliefs that associate some certain group of people with a certain trait or behavior.

For instance, it is a stereotypic belief that old people are weak and dependent, that African Americans are athletics, that Liberians are reserved. They are usually over-generalization that may arise from a constant reference to such individuals or groups. Since a stereotype might sometime have some iota of truth, it can be used for research purposes in which one can research into the history of such groups and why they are tagged and to know the present stand of such pronouncement. Also, if a particular location is know for an unethical behavior, you will need to be extra careful when you have an assignment in such area..