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Organizational ethics issue resolution

Ethics of an organization is termed as the organizational ethics. This describes how a specific organization responds ethically to external and/or internal stimulus. The ethics of an organization testifies the organizational values to its employees together with other several entities with no particular regards to the laws of the government. Organizational ethics and organizational culture are mutually dependent. Ethics of an organization can also be defined as those written and unwritten principles and values that are used in governing the actions and decisions in a particular organization.

The standards that are used to distinguish between good and bad are normally set by the culture of the organization. These are individual’s actions in an organization (McDaniel, 2004, p. 124). The practices involved in organizational ethics together with the principles influences the general behavior of the employees in an organization. Ethics of an organization is a tool that is used in shaping organizations and it gives a particular attention to the past and the present of an organization. These ethics views an organization as a reflection of a community and it should be explored and valued.

The ethics works towards seeing that the conflicts in an organization are harmonized and also increases the capabilities of individuals by mobilizing the energies of employees. The following are steps that are used in decision making of an organization. Identification of the ethical issue The ethical issue of discussion is rape and as we all know, rape is that act of a man having sexual intercourse with a woman by using force. Most of the times this takes place without the consent of the woman.

There are many kinds of rape that exist as listed; there is the stranger rape whereby the woman who has been raped does not know the person who has raped her, there is the acquaintance rape whereby the woman who has been raped knows the person who has raped her, date rape is whereby the victim of rape and the attacker are dating or rather they are in a relationship, gang or multiple rape is whereby the victim of rape has been raped by a gang of people and lastly the marital rape whereby the victim of rape has been raped by the husband (Michael, 2000, p.

231). Cases of rape do occur in organizations and more often than not the cases go unresolved. The persons who are involved in solving the rape issue in an organization are; the entire employee community, the managing director and the board of governors of the organization. With the concerned authorities in place together with the entire employee community, the ethical issue should be solved successfully. These are people who interact in the search of a better solution to the problem. Identification of the alternatives that are available in decision making

Here possible methods of solving the rape issue in an organization are identified so that the decision making on that particular issue may be easier. The following alternatives were identified; the accused employee who is the rapist in this case be fired and taken to court so that legal action may be taken against him. This seems to be the best possible method so that such a person may serve as an example to other people who may have the same behaviors. The second alternative is to force the rapist into a rehabilitation center so that he may correct on his behaviors. These alternatives were put in place for discussion.