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Organizational process

The research problem demands a set of questions that are intended to incite active identification with ethical characteristics that are appropriately apt to varying respondents. These questions do appear to appropriately pursue this goal, predisposed as each statement is to an affirmation of some positive trait relating to business ethicality or associating business ethicality to some positive outcome within the course of organizational process.

The subject of the statements utilized should be seen as appropriate as well, touching on such crucial issues as a discussion on the proper stimulation of personnel awareness as to internal ethical standards and as to the punitive outcomes for failure to comply with ethical standards. Also, in the interval questioning section of the survey, there is an appropriate appeal to several subject of extreme relevance to modern day challenges in ethicality.

These include the need for accounting transparency, for effectively ethical leadership and for the construction of a clear and consistent organizational presence within communities and other contexts of operation where social responsibility is valued. The level of measurement in the first six questions is based on the nominal approach to survey questioning. The second six questions are based on interval style inquiry. These differing levels of measurement have helped to diversify the possibility of analysis and of findings.

Ethical considerations relating to the development of survey questions are most based on the fact of this studies primary subject of interest. That corporate leaders are considered prime candidates for assessment is of some concern to the value and validity of findings, which may be marred by the threat of respondent dishonesty. As there is the underlying premise that there is a shortness of ethical business orientation within the population selected for survey, it may be seen as a conflict for interest that this is the category from which we must draw our respondents.

The risk to the validity of findings is great. Therefore, an ethical consideration entering into the design of the survey here below is the presentation of questions which will not compromise the difficult position in which business leaders often find themselves. Particularly, the questions regarding ethical behavior and its meaning and or value for prioritization are of a general nature and yet can serve to reveal much on the subject from a general popular standpoint.